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Monday, October 3, 2011

Castle "Heroes and Villians": AKA: Be Still My Lil Geeky Heart!

Before tonight's brand new episode, let's catch up on last week's shenanigans. Be still my little geeky heart, Castle has gone and done a super hero episode! Did I mention I adore this show?

This weeks episode had plenty of twists and turns and I have to admit I didn't immediately guess who the killer was, which is a testament to the great writing. They still found away to mention Kate's mother's case, because we are not about to loose sight of that storyline anytime soon. Though I have to admit they did lay the writer/muse parody on a bit thick.

The idea of there being an actual super hero vigilante roaming around the streets of NYC doesn't really bother me. As long as they stick to the "never kill" code, is it really such a bad thing? I've always had a fascination for super heroes, probably stemming from daily viewings of Batman, The Animated Series as a child. I watched The Superman one as well, but was never as impressed by him, I mean after Superman was an alien, he had super powers, Batman was just a man, an incredibly smart and wealthy man, but a man none the less. I mean in theory, if you had enough money, you could actually be Batman. That's pretty bad ass, I totally get why Castle wants to be Batman.

I find it cute that they revealed that Becket is also a comic book geek, and that she preordered a copy of the Derek Storm graphic novel. Note to self, still need to order that. It's interesting that even after all this time together, and knowing his feelings for her, she won't admit to being a fan of his work.

Gate's was just as bitchy as last week, maybe even more so. At least Ryan didn't seem as petrified, and his "Castle-ing" was classic. It was so great have the four of them back together again, and in good spirits.

Alexis, for once, is acting like a "normal" teenager, meaning there's been way more friction between her and her dad lately. It's interesting to see this other side to her, but I supposed she couldn't stay daddy's agreeable little girl forever.

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