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Monday, October 31, 2011

The Halloween That Wasn't...AKA: Not Cool NJ

So the snow this weekend was brutal, so brutal that there were no trains running to NYC, basically on the one day I thoroughly enjoy being at work, I was unable to go. I didn't even get to wear my costume this weekend. You better believe I will be bringing it out for SDCC this year.

It's pretty bad out here, trees are down on almost every block, and most people are without power, The Boy & I included. Luckily, The Boy's parents live a mere 10 mins away and have kept their power, so we are currently camping out there. So that's kinda sucky. Hopefully we will have power back by the end of the week.

Since it is so awful out, the town itself, has decided to "postpone" Halloween. I was unaware that that was even an option, but apparently it is. So there are no trick-or-treaters, leaving me to sit and watch Ghost Hunters Live! Which is fine by me, however I am disapointed that this year is so uneventful.

To attempt to make up for it I leave you with ont of the greatest Halloween related videos EVER. Tim Curry in The Worst Witch.

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