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Friday, February 25, 2011

Sometimes it's just AWESOME that I get to do what I do...

Ok so I admit it I occasionally will bitch & moan about my job. Doesn't everyone? Sure sometimes inconsiderate people just piss me off. The assistants who have no regard for my schedule & think that they/their jobs are more important/harder than me/mine. The actors who show up late (w/out calling)/unprepared/ drag sessions on yeah I in no way claim my job to be perfect or leave me in a constant state of bliss.
But today? Today was one of those days that just reminds me how awesome my job os & how lucky I am to be in the position I'm in.

I tell the clients the main difference in going on tape with me in the office & going with casting is: Casting wants someone to book this job. I want YOU to book this job. I want them to look their best on tape, b/c if for no other reason when they look good I look good.

Honestly I take pride in the fact that I am good at my job. I have a pretty good list of people who have ended up booking things that started with a session I did.

Years of being/being around actors has served me well. I know how to make them feel comfortable, who's gonna be late, who can bang it out, who needs to work through things. What questions to ask, when they're stressed, tired or hungry. Sometimes it means just listening.

I've even tried being more proactive. This year particularly I've started (and am pretty far into) reading ALL the pilot scripts. Am I being paid more for it? Definitely not. Why then?b/c when the clients end up coming in I KNOW the characters, the story lines. I can answer questions work through scenes better.

Today I had two people come in for pilots that I kept the full 1/2 hour time slots...simply b/c I WANTED them to book so badly that made sure we had several takes I could go back through & make sure there was the perfect clips for editing. Don't get me wrong I it's an audition NOT a workshop...I don't run a coaching session (don't get paid nearly enough for that) but if I have the time to play around a bit then why not? I'm not a director I won't tell you HOW to do things or change your portrayal, but I often ask how they see the character & will make suggestions on how that can better come across, which is always followed by the disclaimer that they can always tell me to fuck off & not take it.

Despite missing my train today was just felt really good. My sessions we're just fun. I'm pretty sure Jon may have found me borderline crazy for my gushing enthusiasm over the pilot he was audition for, but coped to loving the fact that I call him out & his shit & push for him to doing the best he can.
I don't know I just figure I write about being pissed off/annoyed at work all the time, it might be nice to have an entry about how good it is I can go back & read it on the NOT so good days, lol.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

82 and counting....

I have been MIA for a bit, I know. been buried deep in the land of Pilot season. I have read, 83 pilot scripts thus far, and to be honest there isn't much that is all that exciting. Most of the stuff that I'll attempt to watch will be because of who's cast and not the actual writing...

Life is pogressing, the boy & I are actually attempting to get into more of a rutine, food shopping on sundays, actually getting laundry & cleaning done in a timely manner. We are even attempting to cook more, which is far easier when there is food to cook in the house. I've even started making & taking my own lunches to's all oddly domestic. Not in a bad way.

I've been thinking a lot about what I want to do in life. It's odd, b/c I love my job, it's pretty kick ass, but I feel like there is got to be something I can do, for me, to give me some sort of fufillment maybe? Ok the word fufillment sounds weird, but something to be passionate about...I feel like there are some many projects started where I think "This is IT" that just never pan's all a little disheartening.

So any suggestions are greatly appreciated.