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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ringer "A Whole New Kind of Bitch" :AKA: Seriously?!?!

Ok, so I admit to Ringer being on my low know the list of show's that I'm watching because of the actors more so than the actual show? I'm still watching, just not as invested as I am in other shows this season.

WARNING: If you have not seen last night's episode, watch it NOW! Spoilers are ahead, you Have been warned...

Last night's episode was the usual fare, Bridget is struggling with her addiction and her decision to tell Gemma her real identity. Juliet is causing trouble for Brobhan (Bridget as Siobhan) and her father. Henry's being dropped by his publisher, and looks to be hitting the bottle quite a bit. Let us also not forget Malcolm, being drugged up by Bodaway Macawi out in Wyoming. The show is shaping up to have all the sudsy elements of a night-time soap, not a bad thing by any means, but not my favorite genre.

Then in the last five minutes of the episode, BAM! Henry refused to let Andrew into the house, where there's broken glass, bloody walls and no sign of Gemma. All of a sudden I'm left staring at my tv, mouth agape, mission accomplished Eric Charmelo and Nicole Snyder.

So this leads to several questions, is Gemma dead? We've yet to see a body, and if Ringer has taught us anything so far it's they're not officially dead til there's a body. Was Henry the one who harmed her? Is that ever her blood?

Here's my theory, I guessing Gemma's not dead, I'm also guessing it wasn't Henry, remember Brobhan pissed the men who are after Soibhan when she didn't leave them the phone. What better way to get at her than abducting her best friend? As far as they know she's Soibhan and Gemma is her best friend, so begins their torture of her loved ones.

Why is Henry cleaning up the blood? Clearly, he thinks Brobhan killed Gemma to cover up the affair and he is covering up the evidence to either protect, or blackmail her, depending on how dark they want Henry to be.

Looks like soapy or not, I'll be tuning in to Ringer, for awhile longer to figure all this out.


  1. I don't know, man. It would make perfect sense for Henry to kill Gemma. He said he wasn't going to let her take his kids and he sounded desperate enough to murder her. As soon as he opened the door for Andrew I figured he killed her. If Gemma had been in trouble and Henry was trying to save her, why wouldn't he let Andrew in on that?

    I also like the idea of him killing her. Gemma was totally fucking annoying (and hard to look at besides) and she ratcheted it up to unbearable in this episode with the shitty way she treated Bridget. On paper, I see why Gemma was so pissed with Bridget, but since she was already so unlikable she just came off looking like a cunt. Bridget needed her gone so in a way her death would clean up a lot of messes and the goal of a TV show is to create more drama, but I am NOT ready for Andrew to find out that Siobhan is really Bridget (although I sort of think Gemma was just going to tell him about Henry and Siobhan's affair). I guess it's less dramatic if Henry is just a wife-killing psychopath.

    Oh man, what an awesome sentence: It's LESS dramatic if Henry is a wife-killing psychopath. But I still really want him to be one.

  2. Thanks for commenting Amanda.

    I don't think that Gemma was in real trouble when she called, I think that was just her way to get Andrew over there. She pretty much had her whole world shattered in the last 48 hrs, and now wanted to take everything away from Bridget. I think the actual trouble, and cause of all the blood happened later. Then, when Henry came home he saw the signs of a struggle and all the blood and assumed Brobhan did it and decided to cover for her.

    I agree I would love to see that Henry is a wife-killing psychopath, but I just think that answer is far too simple for this show. AND we haven't seen a body....