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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pilot season has warped my brain

I've been attempting to write again, and finding it more difficult than usual. Having immersed myself in nothing but pilot/movie scripts for the past 4 months, I am now having trouble thinking in terms of an actual story.

I still get the ideas, the vivid characters, but it all comes in clip form. I can SEE the story like watching a movie or tv show. Details get focused in on like they would in a shot, and joining together all the bits is a bit fuzzy, which I find highly obnoxious. Writing a story no longer flows effortlessly and that not only saddens, but worries me.

I am attempting to correct the problem by reading an actually book. I'm really hoping this will help. Seeing as I have just accepted a novel writing contest with my best friend from college. Though I do think he has the unfair advantages of a) being unemployed, b) having unlimited internet access and c) lack of family distractions. Meh, I still plan on attempting to beat him at this. And the idea of celebratory Maggie Moo's (my idea b/c I'm brill like that) make this challenge all the sweeter....

I already have the characters in my head. I can almost see's just a matter of what to do with them...currently taking suggestions btws....