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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Holiday Preparations Galore!

So I am attempting my first email post...we'll see how that goes...

Anyways I am stuck on yet another train ride from hell brought to you by the lovely NJ Transit. It's honestly a bit more than ridiculous at this point that the can't seem to get their act together, when I spend a little over $400 a month to ride this annoyance.
Today is the day before Christmas eve & my 3rd day on vacay from work. I know what you are thinking, but if you are on vacay then why the hell are you headed into nyc? Easy I have some last min errands to run & tonight I get to have dinner with my Andi!!! Mexican coffee shall abound!!!! Although, & I'm pretty sure she will agree, I would KILL to be at World Cafe Live down in Philly tonight to see Find Vienna play, along with a bunch of other awesome bands that are in the line up. All & all the line up just sounds like an awesome mish mash of great local Philly artists. Never thought I'd wanna live anywhere but NYC but today? Kinda wish I was a native of Philly. Guarantee that statement will come back to haunt me at some point.

Moving on, am now on my 3rd train of the day, headed out to LI. Did my errands in RECORD time thank you very much, & now it is off to kill some time at my parents' house. First I have to drop something off where my mom works, then hopefully it is off to mooch some food so I am not completely ravenous before my dinner date.

We're off to Iguana for dinner tonight & I could not be more excited. Haven't been since my birthday...otherwise know as the time Andi decided to sic the waiters on me with a VERY large black sombrero [insert slight glare here]. Their Mexican coffee is the main reason to go, sure the food & margaritas/mojittos are quite tasty but...the cafe mexicano? To die for. Andi & I sorta adopted it as our place a few years ago, & since then it is our place of celebration, holidays, birthdays or just plain old I missed you terribly & we need to catch up-ness. Tonight is our annual holiday get together, which we've been doing for as far back as I care to remember. It's just a nice way to relax during all the hustle & bustle of the season.

To be fair tho I am mostly done with the craziness. I'm pretty sure all the shopping (at least the shopping I was assigned) is done & most everything is wrapped & ready to go. All I really have left is just a little bit of baking & the bundling up of baked goods as all & all I'm pretty serene on things. Having the time off has been nice too, despite the fact that the boy has had to work late every night this week...figures right?

Meh we'll see how next week goes, since I'm off till the 3rd...
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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Up on the House top....

So it's December, and the holiday season is in full swing...This year has been slightly crazy...since moving into the new house we need just about EVERYTHING and nothing is EVER where I need it to be.

Little Miss Julie Paw-sada is learning how to attack her very first Christmas tree. Our first Christmas tree, purchased with a gift card so Haha free tree. She whacks at it, attempts to eat it...basically anything other than just lay under it quietly. She even has her own ornament, it says kitty's first Christmas and has Swarsky crystals on it...the boy bought the kitty a diamond before me....not sure how I feel about that...

We have yet to decorate the outside of the house, however the inside is pretty decked out...and it is impossible to look anywhere in our kitchen without seeing either some sort of baked good or some sort of baking ingredient. The holiday Kitchen take over has begun. Oh & of course until I can sort them all out to be given away they are all in Tupperware (I have almost used all the Tupperware we own) and on foiled plates labeled "DO NOT EAT!" It's not that I don't trust the boy not to eat it but our home is basically a central gathering place....and I don't trust our drunken friends not to eat them. Trust me there will be plenty to eat, I just need to figure how many are dived out as gifts first....

We are spending Christmas day at my parents house, & Christmas eve with his fam. I was thinking of maybe having them over for Christmas eve dinner...but I'm not entirely sure how domesticated I am feeling....the thought of cooking a dinner, a holiday dinner for his family is mildly terrifying...his dad is a very picky eater...pickier than me if that is possible, so it may be far too stressful an endeavor to embark upon...we shall have to see....

Work is marginally better since getting my new's super speedy which makes editing a far more enjoyable experience. And as it is close to the holidays there are quite a bit of goodies floating about the office. Though most people forget I exist here, the On Cam department makes sure I am well fed. So at the very least this holiday season brings with it sugar highs a plenty. It's not that I NEED anything really, it's more of the thinking that I spend sometimes HOURS with clients working on their auditions and then they come into the office touting thanks and holiday gift for agents & assistants, neglecting to even stop by my desk to say's more of a principle thing really.

Also this year there has been a lack of cupcake...last year I had at least a cupcake a day, often the Banana Cake, Peanut Butter frosting Butterlane cupcake that I am obsessed with. This year...not one has come to the's sad really.This year has been the year of fruit...there are currently 2 pears & a kiwi sitting on my desk, now while I adore fruit, the lack of cupcakery makes me heart saddened.

Basically I am trying to make it through the craziness that is this week to get to vacation. One of the perks of this industry happens to be that my office closes after 1/2 a day this Friday and doesn't reopen til after the new year. Huzzah for winter break! That's right I referred to it as winter break...despite NOT being in college it is a break from work in the winter and there for rightfully called winter break. :op