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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hart Of Dixe: AKA: Time To Choose A Team

It is inevitable, in today's culture where ever a love triangle exists teams will develop. Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob? Team Stefan or Team Damon? Team Matty or Team Jake? Team Daniel or Team Jack? We can't help it, we love taking sides. And Hart of Dixie provides us with love quagmire to bog through.

Today let's focus on Zoe's triangle, the hot, dirty, sexy, bad boy Wade or the hot, clean cut, sexy, good boy George. If only we all had such problems, but I digress.

First, it must be made clear that I adore Scott Porter, and his George is the sweet, caring kind of man that any girl would be lucky to have in their life. He is one of the few people to show Zoe any kind of friendliness when she arrives in Bluebell, and has come to her aid/rescue on several occasions. He is the perfect southern gentleman and even wanted to stand up to Brick, his soon to be father-in-law, in front of the whole town so that Zoe would get the credit she deserved for saving the farmer's life.

Then we have Wade, who,while a bit brash and adorably annoying at times, is actually really good for Zoe. He's the bad boy with a heart of gold. Which, honesty Ladies, isn't that what deep down, we all secretly pine for. He doesn't like admitting it, even to Lavon, but he does care for Zoe. Case in point, he made the Gumbo for her, then refused to admit to it. He didn't do it for the gratitude, he did it to help her fit in, which is what she wants more than anything.

With George its safe, and comfortable. He is able to talk about New York with her, to understand both of the worlds she's lived in. While Wade pushes her buttons, and makes her challenge herself. Which seems to be exactly what she needs.

If George is the guy every girl wants to marry, well then Wade is the guy ever girl wants to sleep with.

So I am taking a stand, and officially announcing my membership to Team Wade. Not that I don't love George, but Zoe really needs someone who's going to challenge her, and who better to do that then Bluebell's resident bad boy?

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