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Monday, October 17, 2011

Revenge: AKA: Meddling Friends

So, I can now officially say I'm in love with ABC's Revenge. I realized this while I sat down to watch last week's episode and actually had strong opinions about the characters.

Let's start with Nolan, sweet Nolan, I adore him so. Seriously, I get that Emily is pissed about him meddling in her life, but honestly, he's trying to act in her best interest, and he's lonely. He doesn't have any friends, and I think that's why he is trying to get Emily and Jack together. I think he somewhere deep down believe that they are supposed to be together, and as much as he enjoys her whole plot of revenge, he knows that all her father really wanted was for her to forgive and be happy. I definitely wouldn't put it past him to have read the journal her father left her. Plus, I think he figures that if he gets them together, they will be grateful and become his friends. Maybe I'm giving him too much credit, still I like him.

On to a meddling friend I don't like, Tyler Barrel, Daniel's jerk of a college roommate. Can we say slime bag? Not only does he cause Daniel to stand Emily up, but he also steals his phone, deletes her calls and gets the recovering alcoholic wasty-face. Yeah, that's a great friend right there. Clearly, Tyler has sort of agenda here, as to what that is? Well, your guess is as good as mine.

I feel bad for Daniel, everyone in his life seems out to manipulate him, Emily, Tyler, even his own mother, and we all recall what happens to him at the end of the summer. What makes it even worse, though there is still plenty of time to change, is that in the Hamptons world of deceit and corruption, he actually seems like a decent guy. He's made some bad decisions in life and is trying to turn his life around and make amends. Unfortunately, it appears no one in his life is willing to let him do that. I can get behind Emily torturing those who destroyed her life, but Daniel had nothing to do with it. It just seems cruel and unfair.

I can't wait until this weeks episode to see how much further Tyler will go to keep Emily and Daniel apart, maybe even find out why, and Nolan's next move in his get-Jack-and-Emily-together plan.


  1. Tyler is totally in love with Daniel, don't you think? That's my guess.

  2. Maybe, that's defiantly a possibility, he's so has that slightly creepy "Talented Mr. Ripley" vibe going on. I also toyed with the idea that Tyler is jealous of Daniel and so has made it his mission to take him down, that he too has come to the Hamptons seeking revenge for something. I feel like it's too soon to make a definitive guess...