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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Revenge "Suspicion": AKA: When the Shit Begins to Hit the Fan...

I've said it a thousand times, I am not a soapy show fan, but Revenge just too good to leave. The holidays put a bit of a delay on my tv watching and I finally got around to watching my favorite guilty pleasure. By the way, I've come to the sad conclusion that all the shows I have adored in the past few months are classified as "guilty pleasures".

So Kira, or Fauxmanda, as our darling Nolan so fittingly called her, has decided that she not only doesn't want to leave, she wants to BE Amanda Clarke, and get all the handsome, bartender perks that come with the identity, namely Jack Porter. Oh Jack, I understand why you may have fallen for Fauxmanda's lies, but please snap out of it. Sorry to Margarita Levieva, but I have formed a deep seeded hatred for Fauxmanda. I know, I know the poor, troubled girl just wants to settle down and have a life, but seriously, there are far better lives to have than that of a wrongfully accused, terrorist's daughter. Sure, Jack is definitely a catch, but he's meant to be with Emily. So back off bitch. Plus she is mean to Nolan, and I am not a fan of anyone who is mean to Nolan.

Speaking of people being not so nice to Nolan, the monstrosity that is Tyler once again rears his twisted little head to cause trouble. Honestly, I can not stand Tyler, he makes me want to punch things. Which is just a testament to the awesome acting ability of Ashton Holmes. Remember when he was Mark on the Rent tour and we all wanted to cuddle him?

Tyler has apparently stolen our sweet Nolan's credit card, which he is rationing as payment for services rendered. I guess this means he fancies himself a hooker then? On the heterosexual side, he did use it to buy Ashley a killer black dress for the future investors party. I'm sorry, as much as dear little Ashton may claim in interviews that Tyler does have feelings for Ashley, I don't buy it. Boy is way to calculated for that, too Dexter-ish, if you ask me.

As things are starting to spin out of control, Emily calls upon her Asian Guru of revenge. Um, how many "mentors" does this girl have? The cops find Frank's phone outside the Grayson house, and decided to build a case against Conrad.

Lydia who is now wise to Victoria's previous feelings of hatred towards her, has Conrad relocate her from the Grayson's summer home to... somewhere else, we never actually do learn where.

Back to Tyler, who Nolan has been ordered by Emily to "take care of". Nolan calls Tyler over, and despite Tyler's coy advances, Nolan say he wants the cash back, instead. Go Nolan! Proof the boy was only using Tyler and not that he had been seduced. [Insert happy dance here]. Tyler tells Nolan to invest in Grayson Global at the party so that he can get the commission, then he'll pay him back. Nolan turns him down and leaves, but not before turning on trusty little shamu.

Side bar, seriously where can I get one of these little whale cameras? How freaking awesome is that thing? Plus it's come in handy more than a few times now. It is because of this handy little device, Nolan learns that Tyler has come into possession of Lydia's banquet speech, which reveals that the Grayson's framed David Clarke.

To put a tighter leash on the boy, Nolan goes to the inverster's party and tells The Talented Mr. Hamptons he'll invest if he gives him a little incentive. Of course, Tyler obliges, reaching a hand to caress Nolan's face and indulge him in a kiss, when a glass shatters on the floor the boys turn to find an understandably horrified Ashley, who then runs out. Tyler runs after her and attempts to explain, saying he was only doing "what was necessary" to get what he needed. He then goes on to tell her she needs to man up and "get in the game".

There is just SO MUCH WRONG here, I can't take it. I know, this is a sudsy drama, so clearly Ashley is going to buy the load of crap Tyler is spoon feeding her, but come on. First off, from the sight she walked on Tyler was clearly the aggressor. Even if you are willing to buy that she couldn't have seen or known that, then fine, how about the fact that your boyfriend was kissing some one else? For those of you saying, yes but for all she knows it was just a kiss, it's not like they are engaged. Ok, but the man admitted he is willing to do ANYTHING to get what he wants. Where's the line? There has to a line! Would he murder someone to get what he wants? There is such a thing as too driven.

Also, despite several times having provided commentary on how cut throat and mean her employers and company seem to be, sweet little  Ashley seems more than willing to throw her friend Emily, who, if I may remind you SHE introduced into this whole Hamptons circle of wickedness and deciete, under the bus in order to gain ground with. Note, how after making plans to discuss Emily with Victoria over brunch the next morning, she addressed her employer by her first name for the first time. Ashley's getting a little ballsy. Unfortunately, in this show, that can't be a good thing.

But lets end on a happy note, Charlotte and Declan. Love them. Just do. Although, side bar, Charlotte's text of "2nite's the nite!" seemed a little cliched. Regardless, they adorable together, hell even their plotting against Victoria, is somehow quite sweet. I mean come on, we all knew Declan wouldn't give her up for any amount, despite lack of funds, the Porter boys are just hopeless romantics. It's nice to see at least one romance going well in this least for now.

Monday, November 28, 2011

American Horror Story "Rubber Man" : AKA: Um, Yuck!


Ok, so one week after professing my love of Tate, I now find myself shrieking in disgust. Um...he's the S&M guy? Eeewww, he impregnated his girlfriend's mother? Ok, that's just too creepy. I figured that S&M guy was probably one of the ghosts we'd seen, and not a separate entity for a while now, since they showed Tate in the costume in the basement, but I have continued to hold out hope that it wasn't him. I was kind of hoping it would be Constance's dead sex crazed hubby, or maybe even Charles Montgomery in a quest to give his grieving wife a new baby. Seriously, anyone else would have been ok with me, just not Tate.

Icky-ness aside, I have to admit I'm starting to loose a little faith in the Murphy/Falchuk ability to deal with a plot this complex. There have been several small details that have bothered me, things that just don't make sense. Not just in a WTF was that sense, but legit, little things that just don't seem to add up.
  • Tate "not knowing" he's dead, but knowing all about the ghosts and how he could only leave the house on Halloween.
  • Why if Constance moved next door, is her deformed son still living in the attic of the murder house when Larry is living there with his family? 
  • Why did the goth chick say that Tate asked her if she believed in God before he shot her, though when we saw his killing spree he was completely wordless? 
  • Why after installing what was supposed to be a top of the line security system is everyone and their mother still able to just waltz in and out of the house as they please? You can go by the theory that Moira let's them in, but I doubt very much she would let Constance in, given how much she despises her. 
  • What ever happened to those voices Ben was hearing? 
  • Why does it matter that Moira's bones are buried on the property, I guarantee Tate's aren't, so why does it make difference?
  • Finally, why if the whole purpose of getting Vivian pregnant was for Nora, and now Haley, to get the babies, do they get her carted of to a psych ward? Seeing as the spirits can't leave the house, isn't that a little counter productive?

The Boy swears there must be good reason for them to want to have Vivian carted off, he clearly has more faith in the creators/writers than I do. I just hate to think that the creatives have merely chosen to go for the scare, than to actually invest in the stories of these characters.  It's a very complicated story to take on, and I have to wonder if they've bitten off just a little more than they can chew.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Muppets: AKA: Childhood Revisited

There are two types of people in this world, those who like The Muppets and those who LOVE The Muppets. I've never met a person who claimed they didn't like and/or hated The Muppets. If you know one of those people, pity them, for they have no soul.

I grew up on the Muppets, not just reruns of The Muppet Show, which aired on Nickelodeon, remember when Nickelodeon had good shows?, but Sesame Street, all the Holiday specials and such. In my house, whenever a Muppet special aired, it was to be tapped, yes that's right taped, to be watched over and over again. I watched through golden years, The Muppet Show, The Muppet Movie, ect., I even watched through the not so golden years, Muppets From Space, Muppet Wizard of Oz ect. I mean, you're talking to the girl who took people down to Goodspeed Opera House two years in a row to see their productions of Emmet Otter's Jug Band Christmas the musical, and would have continued to do so had the theatre continued to bring the show back for a third year and beyond. Seeing the Muppets without fail brings me kind of giddy joy that is so often lacking in my day to day world.

I can not even begin to tell you the pure happiness and excitement I felt at the announcement that they were making a new Muppet movie. Excitement that only heightened when I learned that Jason Segelwas writing/starring in the film. It was no secret that Jason has a tremendous love of the Muppets.

So today, after having a riddic countdown, I dragged a friend to see The Muppets. Seriously, an awesome way to spend a rainy November afternoon. This new movie, hearkened back to what we all love about those furry little creatures, it asked the question, has the world become too cynical for The Muppets to be relevant? The answer, of course not.

Sure, the world may have become far more cynical than back in the 50's when Jim Henson created them, but maybe that is why we need them more than ever. The Muppets have always been about good, clean, wholesome fun. They are a family, able to accomplish just about everything, as long as they are together. In this newest movie, the gang, who have spent many years apart, are brought back together, by Walter (the Newest Muppet), his brother Gary (Jason Segel), and Gary's long time girlfriend; Mary (Amy Adams), in order to save the Muppet theatre from a greedy oil man, Tex Richman (Chris Cooper).

What's so amazing about this new film is that Walter doesn't start off as a Muppet, he starts off as a regular-sh guy who loves the Muppets. They save him, help him feel that despite being different, there is hope. In essence Walter is all of us. All the kids/kids at heart who love and admire the Muppets. I don't know about any of you but I would JUMP at the chance to meet any of the Muppets. In fact it has always been a life long dream of mine to appear on Sesame Street, or let's face it any type of Muppet program where I got to interact with the fuzzy little creatures of  my childhood.

I give major props to Jason Segel for all his work in bringing the Muppets front and center back into our lives. Honestly I can not wait to go back and see this movie again.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Castle "Kill Shot": AKA: Castle's "Emmy Episode"

Every so often an established show does what I like to call "the Emmy Episode", the episode where you just know the writers/director thought, "This is the episode that will get [insert actor here] nominated for their Emmy."

You notice it most in Law & Order: SVU. Next time you are watching one of the inevitable SVU marathons think about that while either a Stabler or Benson-centric episode is on. My personal favorite is the one where Olivia goes undercover in the woman's prison and almost gets raped by one of the guards, but I digress.

Last night was, from what I can remember at least, Castle's first "Emmy Episode." The tone was drastically different from the usually lighthearted flair Castle puts forth. That's not to say that was a bad thing, "Kill Shot" was a powerful, and beautifully done episode.

 Kate was finally forced to deal with the trauma of her shooting when the gang comes up against a sniper. Now, Castle's writers could have taken the easier route and glossed over Kate's trauma in the first episode or two, but thankfully they didn't. Instead they brought Kate back, seemingly fine until she gets knocked off kilter by being up against the same type of killer who attempted to end her life. The result was a powerful and meaningful hour of television.

The entire episode was shot differently than any other episode, and the overall effects of this were gut wrenching and stunning at the same time. The shots showing Beckett's heightened senses and the complete chaos going through her due to her PTSD, were the perfect, terrifying glimpse into what she was experiencing. The scene where she freaked out while home alone in her apartment and ends up accidentally cutting herself and ending up a terrified ball in the corner, gun drawn, was electrifying. In those short moments, we saw Beckett show more fear than in the entire almost four seasons, thus far.

It's important to remember that despite being called Castle, the show is just as much Beckett's story as it is Richard's. So it was nice to, at least for this pivotal episode, get a good hard glimpse at the other half of this great dynamic duo.  It was all about Beckett and Stana Katic definitely rose to the occasion. She played the fear, the madness, the fight for control beautifully. It was almost painful to watch her Kate slowly slipping in to madness, clinging so desperately to the idea that she could do this on her own. Which is probably made her scene with Esposito, where he forces her to confront her fears with the actual gun that shot her, all the more powerful. As a former sniper, Esposito was the perfect choice to be the person to help Beckett deal with her situation. Points to Jon Huertas for playing the scene with a powerful, brotherly tough love.

Last night's episode was a complete 180 from the "normal" feel of Castle, which is not a bad thing. It proved that the show has really come into it's own. Not only can it have the episodes like "Heartbreak Hotel" full of hijinks and shenanigans, but also bring on the hard hitting emotions, and both formats are amazingly well done. It was a great and important episode, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't looking forward to more of the usual banter between this amazing cast...

Monday, November 21, 2011

American Horror Story: AKA: For the Love of Tate

Here we are again, with me starting to fall for another character I really shouldn't love. This time it's American Horror Story's Tate.


Yes, yes, I know, he's dead, and perhaps more importantly he wordlessly mass murdered a bunch of his classmates before becoming so, but bare with me on this. Despite all that he has managed, at least for now, to weasel his way into my heart.

Sure he started off as a creepy psych patient of her father's, but deep wasn't that what Violet wanted? Some as fucked up as she was, to confide in?

Aside from being dead and the whole mass murdering thing, Tate is a pretty awesome boyfriend for Violet. First off he is ALWAYS there for her. Both emotionally and as her protector. He's a sounding board for her to complain about bullies, her parents, really anything that is bothering her. As Ben and Vivian pretty much raise her with a slightly concerned neglect, and having uprooted her from her life and moved her cross country, Tate, at first was exactly what she so desperately needed, a friend. When Violet started to become terrified by the ghostly visions she was having, Tate appeared and told her how to handle them.

Every time Violet has been in harms way, Tate has come through to rescue her. From the very beginning, he helped her put a stop to the bully tormenting her at school. During the first home invasion, it was Tate who appeared to Violet, and told her how to get rid of the intruders, who practically chopped that crazy bitch in half who threatened Violet's life. When the victims of his massacre surfaced on Halloween and threatened his beloved he took off leading them away from her. More importantly, when Violet attempted to O.D. on sleeping pills, he dragged her to the bathroom, pulled her into the tub, turned the water on her, and forced her to throw up. The whole time he is clutching her, begging her to hold on and all and all doing everything in his power to revive her.

What really won me over to the Tate side though was his tearful confession of love to Violet. Telling her he's never felt this way about anyone, but if she wants him to leave her alone he will, because her happiness means more to him then his own feelings.

He just looked so lost and broken, if Tate is playing it's a damn good one.

According to Constance, Tate doesn't know he's dead. Now, I am willing to believe in some sort of paranormal PTSD, as a reason to why he doesn't remember the heinous murders he committed, or how he died, but I don't believe that he doesn't know he's dead. He is far to calm around the other ghosts, clearly he knows Constance, his mother, no longer lives in the house AND more importantly, he KNEW he couldn't leave the house unless it was Halloween. So either Falchuk and Murphy royally suck at continuity, or Tate knows more about his current state of being than Constance let's on.

I'm sure we are in for tons more twists and turns and who knows, in two weeks I may despise him, still, for now, I find myself feeling sorry for Tate, wanting him to get his happy ending.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Revenge: "Treachery" : AKA: The Plot Thickens

 After watching this week's episode I have finally figured out my team situation. We know Daniel is gonna die, which absolutely pains me, but they pretty much showed us that in the pilot, so for now Emily can totally be with him. When he is no longer around then she can be comforted by Jack. Tada problem solved Team Both forever!

But back to the issues at hand, it appears Amanda, or rather Kira now, will not just go quietly into the night. She's gonna be sticking around for a while, and from the look of previews for next week make in the moves on Jack. I am SO not ok with that. She murdered someone! While our Emily is no saint herself, she's never, at least to our knowledge, killed anyone. She's more of a life ruiner than a murder. Plus, Kira seems move than a little obsessed with Emily. It's a little too Talented Mr. Ripley, for my taste. As I mentioned before I HATE that movie, and would appreciate it if the writers would stop drawing from it, ok thanks.

 Jack and Nolan made up, which makes me giddy. Nolan having friends makes me happy, plus I think some of my favorite scenes involve the camaraderie between Nolan, Jack and Declan. They have such great chemistry together. Also, I want to be a part of the Porter family, marrying would be best option, but honestly I would totally settle for being their sister.

Speaking of Declan, I'm still in love with him and Charlotte being together. He's just so sweet to her. The was so adorably nervous about making every thing perfect for their date, assuring her there was no pressure with him when she came in looking upset. Then the way he put his arm around her and kissed the top of her head to comfort her while she was freaking out about her dad moving out warmed my heart. Seriously, I was a bit mushy over that scene.

As for the Grayson family troubles, I found it interesting that when Conrad was comforting Charlotte about him moving out he told her, she could get through this because "You are a Grayson". Seems a strange thing to say, and I am chalking it up as groundwork to make it even more shocking when they reveal the Charlotte is Victoria's love child with David Clarke. I know, I know it may just be me projecting, but come on, you know it would be an awesome kink in the story.

Lydia is awake and Victoria has her recouping in the Grayson summer home, she apparently doesn't remember anything leading up to her fall, which is lucky news for our Emily, and Victoria as well.

Side bar, I am completely OBSESSED with Victoria's red dress in this episode. It was amazing, I want it!

Then of course in classic soap opera style she over hears Victoria and Conrad arguing about their involvements in her accident. Oh Revenge, just when I forget you are a soap, you always find a way to remind me.

Tyler has some what successfully attempted to poison Ashley against Emily. Um, hello where did that come from? Ashley, are you so blinded by a pretty, yet psychopathic, boy that you would agree with nasty remarks about one of your best friends? Forgive me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Ashley the one who introduced Emily to the Graysons? And, at least as far as Ashley knows, hasn't Emily always been a good supportive friend to her? I don't know about any of you, but while I may not dump a guy just because my friend may not like him, I would most certainly not allow him to make nasty remarks about them to me. Chicks before dicks, Ashley, chicks before dicks.

Community: "Documentary Filmmaking: Redux": AKA: It's Not that Easy Being Dean...

The first episode after the benching announcement and the Communies were out in full force. Twitting up a storm attempting to trend such phrases as #savecommunity and #sixseasonsandamovie. They even took to tweeting sponsors as their commercials aired to prove that despite what Neilson may say, we are watching. Take note NBC, "We will not go quietly into the night!" We will not vanish without a fight! We're going to live on! We're going to survive!" That's right, I just quoted Independence Day at you.

The episode itself included all the mad cap craziness we've come to know and love. Opening with a classical cheesy 1980's-esq commercial advertising our beloved Greendale. Turns out the Dean has finally gotten the board to allocate funds for a new commercial. Of course the natural choice to star in this new ad is every one's favorite study group, with the priceless idea to have Jeff play the Dean. Gotta say in his Dean garb Jeff bares a striking resemblance to Damon Lindelof. True to form rather than be in the commercial, Abed decides to film a documentary on it's creation.

Things don't go exactly as planned and when Louis Guzman calls and tells the Dean he would LOVE to be a part of the commercial, it all start to go awry. The episode was full of all the things fans love about the show. From the Dean's epic meltdown to Abed coming through to save the day, it was completely ridiculous, and yet some how completely sincere. It's very rare for a half hour comedy to find a perfect balance of absurd and heartfelt, yet Community seems to have been able to achieve just that.

So come on NBC, get off your ass and tell us when we can expect to see the Greendale gang back in our weekly schedule.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas 3D: AKA: It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Ok, I admit it, I'm a bit of a holiday junkie. I holiday shop throughout the year, decorate like crazy and on for the entire month of December go on a baking bender. Seriously starting December 1st, my kitchen is transformed into a holiday bake shop.

I also have a deep affection for Mr. Neil Patrick Harris. Personally, I think we'd make really awesome Besties. Anyways, I was able to recently witness the culmination of these two loves in A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas 3D. I can not even begin to describe the joy that overcame me when I learned this movie was being made.

A few nights ago, I roped a friend into coming with me to see, to say it would was a blissful experience is putting it mildly. Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle was funny, Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay had it's moments, but A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas 3D was just laugh out loud funny.

They utilize the 3D effects in the perfect, semi-cheesy way in which they were intended. There's flying eggs, traffic cones and of course smoke, what kind of Harold & Kumar adventure would it be without Mary Jane? They even threw in a drug induced hallucination done in Claymation, you really can't get more holiday spirited than that.

What so great about the latest installment of the franchise is that there's more to this film than a madcap night adventure. Harold and Kumar, have grown apart and this movie is the story of them realizing the importance of their friendship. They some how makes a stoner, sexed-up comedy into a feel good movie.  Throw in NPH poking even more fun at his public image and performing a big Radio City Christmas Spectacular-esq musical number and I was in heaven.

Seriously, this movie was the perfect way to kick off my holiday season. Oh and now I really want a Waffle Bot.

Community Benched?: AKA: Why I Have No Reason to watch NBC Now

I'm finally weighing in. This week NBC announced their new mid season line up...and something very important was missing...NBC had decided to "bench" Community. This lead to a rousing chorus of "WTF?" around the fandom.

I feel, Jeffrey Kirkpatrick, of TV Fanatic perhaps put it best when he stated, "Evidently, you are completely unaware of the power of the Communies. They're as crazy as Dan Harmon. They'll cut you." You can read his full article here.

Ok so that may be pretty strong but, still the out pouring of black beards, a reference to the dark timeline in episode, Remedial Chaos Theory, the petitions and just general outcry on the Internet is pretty amazing.

I admit that I got into Community later than most, but I still love this show, in fact with the exception of Grimm, which due to it's awful tome slot of 9pm on Fridays, I record and usually forget to watch for days, Community is the ONLY reason I tune into NBC at all. I remember the days of Must See Tv and making sure that I was home to watch Friends and Will and Grace, but lets face it it's been a LONG time since the glory days of the peacock. Even the Today Show got to annoying for my taste, with the addition of Meredith Vera and I switched over to the Early Show, for my morning needs.

It is a VERY rare occasion these days for any tv in my house to be tuned in to NBC, to be fair I tried returning to the channel this fall but none of their shows excited me all that much. I started off watching Playboy Club, and I, though I think I may be in the minority here, actually liked it. But with that gone, and Grimm stuck on Fridays, and therefore relegated to my DVR, I do have a life folks, Community was the one show NBC had to offer that I couldn't wait to see each week.

The new shows for the mid season unvailings aren't looking so great either. While SMASH sounds like it should be something right up my alley, I'm just not really feeling it, though I had every intention of watching, only because it employs so many people I know and love. However, it is slated for 10pm on Monday nights, which pits it up against CBS's Hawaii 5-0 and ABC's Castle, both well established shows, which, sorry SMASH take my allegiance over you. Also, and I realize that SMASH is NOT Glee, but one would think in order to get ratings up, you might want to at least try to tap into that Glee watching demographic, 10pm is  a little late for that.

I will admit to being IN LOVE with NBC's new series Awake, unfortunately they have stopped production due to some "pressing creative issues". Thus putting them behind and absent for the mid season schedule thus far.

NBC should take the time to realize that although they are not getting the ratings they desire, they are putting out shows that have rabid loyal fan bases, best not to anger the few loyal viewers you have. Until then, if all they have to offer is Whitney  and Are You There, Chelsea?  I think I'll pass.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Queen Victoria: AKA: Revenge's Awsome Matriarch

It would be so be so easy to hate Victoria Grayson. After all the reigning Queen of the Hamptons seems to have it all, the big house, adoration of many, oh and a wardrobe I would KILL for. More importantly though, she is out to foil our dear sweet Emily. Ok, so maybe our little hell bent on revenge Emily isn't so sweet, but still, we love her. Victoria has done everything in her power to protect her beloved son Daniel.

In fact he was the reason she seems to have gone along with the framing of her beloved David Clarke in the first place. In the flashbacks of the time during and around his trial that we are privy to, every time Victoria tries to come clean her son, and her ability to be with him is threatened.

It would be so easy to paint Victoria Grayson, as an evil monarch. Even the imagery in the pilot, where she calls Emily, while watching her from her own balcony seems to recall evil fairy tale queens. She is able to take down her opponents in a single icy comment. At the Memorial day charity party on the yacht, Victoria made it perfectly clear she was not a woman to be trifled with when she banished Lydia upon learning of her affair with Conrad.

Which is why I find it very interesting that, at least thus far the only other person who's flashbacks we are show, are Victoria. The flashbacks make a point of showing how much she truly loved Amanda/Emily's father and her fear and guilt over what they had done to him. In fact it has gotten to the point where now, several episodes in, when it seems her entire family has turned against her, that I actually feel sorry for her.

Did she make the best choices? Hardly, but she did it out of fear, and the love for her child, which are both very powerful emotions, which Madeleine Stowe conveys beautifully. I honestly can't wait to see how her character will continue to develop.

Revenge surprises me each new episode, whether it be a new plot twist, or discovering that I care about a character I never thought I would, which is a testament to both the talented actors and amazing writers. I am so happy that I decided to watch this show despite my initial reaction to the pilot.

Revenge: AKA: Catching Up and Sorting Out

I know I saw this every time I talk about the show, but seriously, this is my new obsession. I'm not really one for soapy shows, and let's be honest, at it's core that is what Revenge is, but somehow the show is done with a fresh twist that doesn't make it feel that way.

A LOT has gone down since I last discussed the goings on out in the Hamptons. First off, let's take a mo-mo to talk about Fourth of July. Jack's confession. It was beautiful, honest and I my heart honestly ached for him when Emily turned him down. It's a really difficult thing to lay your heart on the line like that, terrifying even. We do it because the potential rewards are so amazing. However, the blow back from rejection can be devastating.

Poor Jack. Naturally he gets pissed at Nolan for making him believe he even had a shot with Emily, and once again our poor little Nolan is friendless.

Charlotte and Victoria are still fighting. Which is understandable, I mean if my mother told the world, however inadvertently it was, that she wished I was never born I too would be pissed. There's a mini power struggle between the two, Victoria is willing to do almost anything to have Charlotte forgive her, including doing giving her the ridiculously expensive car Conrad bought for her as an apology for being a bastard. Charlotte is meanwhile, growing closer with Declan and occasionally using that relationship to piss off her mom.

Sidebar, I love that coupling. Mostly because I don't have to think about. I like them together. I don't have to weigh the merits of which boy is better for Charlotte there's just Declan, and he's perfect for her.

I think my biggest problem with Revenge is it is the first show/movie/book where I have not been able to pick a side in a love triangle. I like both Jack and Daniel and feel they both would be good for her. Not at the same time, but both guys have their pros and cons, and both are delicious looking...hell the whole cast is..if you haven't seen the Revenge bloody pillow fight shoot done by Tyler Sheilds yet, then see it here You're welcome.

Emily finally sleeps with Daniel, after by far one of the worst lines I have ever heard, "Right now, all I'm serious about is taking you to the bedroom." Personally I would have laughed in his face, but Emily is more focused then I, or perhaps I too, could have overlooked the cheesiness of it if I were staring into those gorgeous eyes.

Lydia causes quite a stir, threatening to reveal the truth about David Clarke, at a benefit in the Grayson's honor, unless Victoria, welcomes her "back into the fold" with open arms. Does anyone else think its not a good idea to threaten people capable of things such as a major terrorist involvement cover up? Then again, maybe she felt she had nothing to loose.  To keep her quiet on their involvement, Victoria "forgives" Lydia. However after her speech, Victoria draws the line and tells her, "Understand something, Lydia. Every time I smile at you across a room, or we run into each other at a luncheon or I welcome you into my home, let that smile be a reminder of just how much I despise you. And that every time I hug you, the warmth you feel is my hatred burning through you", which is bar far the best "F* You" speech I have ever heard.

Anyway, as all this is going down, Lydia stumbles upon a path to discovering Emily's plans. Which clearly delights her since she has made it her mission to get Emily out of her house.  Lucky for Emily, she's set up accidental surveillance on Lydia and Nolan is able to discover her plan before she can set it into motion. Oh, and in his own protective way Frank throws her off her roof, in perhaps one of the worst shot scenes in the serious. So ridiculously fake looking. No worries though, she's not dead just in a coma, apparently the cab she landed on, "broke her fall".

Frank creeps the hell out of me, that man totally has a way too creepy affection for Victoria. I seriously thought he may try to rape her when he surprised her late night in the kitchen after he'd been "let go". Again no one seems to be thinking clearly, you really shouldn't fire a man who a) can ruin you and b) you know is capable of murder. Frank, of course, discovers it was Nolan who sent to footage of what actually happened in Lydia's apartment that night to Conrad, and beats the crap out of him. I think it should be acknowledged that Nolan took the beating like a champ. His sarcastic retorts, proves as a kid he more than likely had more than his fair share of beat downs.

Understandably, Nolan is freaked, he hires a body guard and tells Emily he'd like a less hands on role in all of this. That is until Emily asks him to "take care of" Tyler, while she deals with Frank.

Oh Tyler. I never liked him, but now he makes my skin crawl. He's storyline has become WAY too Talented Mr. Ripley for my liking. For the record, I HATED that movie, mostly because the guy I watched it with in college, who I was seeing at the time, actually believed that all homosexual men were like Tom Ripley. It was after watching that movie that I knew we'd never work out, though the fact that he was a conservative Republican probably should have tipped me off sooner.

But I digress, Tyler, as we learn is a gay hustler, who, when confronted by Nolan about it, decides his best coarse of action is to seduce our beloved geek. Oh, Nolan hunny, you can do so much better.  To be honest though, I was more disappointed with ABC then Nolan's poor choice of partner. They cut away right before the two men kissed, you know if this were a heterosexual couple we would have gotten to see a kiss, at the very least. Our we really still, as a country, so homophobic that one little same sex kiss would cause an uproar? If the answer is yes, well then I am deeply saddened by the state of our country.

Nolan, being the resourceful little scamp that he is ,videos their "encounter", I'm assuming to save for a rainy day. Which makes me wonder if Nolan just has thousands of mini consoled cameras around his home.

In an attempt to cover her track Emily calls upon "The Warden" of what I can only assume is the Juvie Center where Emanda was when she was younger. The warden complains that she thought she "taught" Emily better. Ok what? So who is this warden and why did/is she helping our lovely lady?

The warden does her best to squash Frank's investigation, however he presses on and discovers a file on the REAL Emily Thorn, who is a stripper who now goes by the name Amanda Clarke...and the plot thickens. However, before Frank is able to tell Victoria, the stripper murders him by tire iron, before showing up on our dear Emily's door step. Uh oh.

So now that we have managed to rehash a fraction of what has been going on in the last three weeks, it is time to theorize.

The Warden
Who is she really? Why is she helping Emily? It is possible that she's someone Emily has payed off? Or is there more to it? Does the warden know the truth about what was done to Amanda/Emily and her father? Did she have a relative on that doomed airplane? Does she have a grudge against the Graysons for another reason? And further more why didn't the warden take more precautions against Frank breaking in?

So basically in all the flash backs the only child of Victoria's ever mentioned is Daniel, which makes sense because of Charlotte's age. While it is clear that Victoria does love her daughter, there is something that holds her back, and why she would ever say that she never should have had her. My theory on that would be that Charlotte is Emily's half sister. It makes sense when you think about it, Victoria was sleeping with David and Charlotte is about the right age for that. Plus what better reason for Victoria's aversion to her daughter than the fact that she is a constant reminder of the man she loved and betrayed?

Who Killed Daniel?
 I am just as sad as anyone, in knowing as it is shown in the pilot episode, Daniel is Shot, and presumably killed, at the engagement party. Right now, my money's on Tyler. I know, I know, it's such the obvious choice, but, let's face it we never saw where he was at the party that night. Frank's dead, otherwise I'd say it could be some sort of twisted revenge against the Graysons on his part. I know they'll set it up to look like it was Jack, but we all know that no matter how jealous he maybe Jack would never do anything that would hurt Emily.

Any thoughts?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I'm Still Here...and I've got Theories

I haven't completely dropped off the face of the earth, however between working on NaNoWriMo and the fact that I was lacking power for almost a FULL WEEK, I'm a little behind on on my television. I am working on catching up but it's a slow process.

But I have a TON of theories on some of my favorite be prepared for the flood gates to open and a wealth of theories and observations to come bursting through....