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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil: AKA: Hysterical Hysteria

Yes, I know there was A LOT of tv to discuss from last night but let's hold off for a momo to talk about the AWESOMENESS that is this little movie.

I had first heard about this the film from Alan Tudyk's tweets. Having always found him fabulous, and throwing in the fact that his costar was played by Tyler Labine (2-Ge+her anyone?) and my annoyingly overwhelming sense of loyalty to actors I enjoy, I need I HAD to see this film. I had planed to see the film opening night, then became aware that it was in limited release, which meant is was not playing anywhere near where I live and in only one theatre in all of Manhattan. Needless to say plans to go got put on hold.

However last night I was able to make the trek down to City Cinema Village East Cinema on second ave with a friend to check it out. Best. Decision. Ever.

Despite being a horror film the movie is full of wit and humor. The movie is a twist on the classic hill billies vs. college kids horror movies, only in this movie we are presented with a pair of Hill Billies with hearts of gold who are mistaken for psycho killers by a group of college students, who inadvertently end up killing themselves while trying to "get" the hill billies.

I spent almost the entire 90 mins laughing at the hilarity of it all, as did the rest of the audience. Alan's wisecracking, PBR guzzling Tucker, was a perfect match for Tyler's sweet natured, self doubting Dale, and the pair had amazing chemistry. Throw in the deranged asthmatic played brilliantly by Jesse Moss, and the charming innocence of Katrina Bowden and you've assembled a perfect cast.

Seriously, if you are lucky enough to live somewhere where Tucker and Dale vs. Evil you need to get out and go see it.

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