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Friday, January 28, 2011

Pilot Season...

I feel like I have not made any sort of dent in the TONS of pilot scripts littering S.W.A.B. (aka Small White & Beautiful, aka my kindle...) despite the fact that I've already read at least a didn't help that I didn't read any yesterday, or this morning. Seriously need to buckle down this weekend and wade through them. There's the usual mix of this is really good....this isn't bad and who the hell thought this was a good idea?

The snow has been royally ucking up my social life...didn't get to go see JJ play on Wed, didn't make it into work yesterday oh & not able to see Find Vienna tonight...which makes it a mystery as to why I'm so far behind in my's not that I am required to read all the pilot scripts for work...I just feel it makes my job easier if I'm more informed on what the clients are coming in for.  I don't do anything with them either I read them then delete them. I'll admit, it's kinda fun knowing what's coming out. Though there are negative effects too, I still haven't completely gotten over the fact that "Back" was never picked up...I guess I could see how people might not have been ready for it...but damn that was a good one.

Basically I'm going to need to just lock myself away & get some reading done this weekend. Sounds exciting I know, working through the weekend, but I don't know when else I'm going to get the chance. So here's to going home to a glass of wine and some (hopefully) good reading.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Life in a Snow Globe...

SO it's snowing...again...don't get me wrong I actually love snow, & I think that if I lived in Manhattan, at a walkable distance from the office I would enjoy today's weather. However, I do not live in Manhattan & am NO where near walking distance to work, therefore this weather makes my already long commute even longer, & so I am DONE with it. Still, it is pretty to look at. It really does look like a snow globe outside the office windows...

Today is pretty busy at work, but I'm betting the weather will lead to cancellations. Hopefully it won't be too bad, as Andi & I are going to see JJ play tonight at National Underground. I'm actually really excited to go see him since I missed the last gig. Plus getting to spend time with Andi is always nice, & National Underground is one of my fave venues.

Next week I'm heading back to Yoga...& I couldn't be more blissful about it. I am in desperate need, not only to shape up, but to destress & get some of the many toxins out of my body...had to take a break from boxing, since I am sick...& bloodied up my knuckles a bit. ooopsies ;o) I think if I attempt to do boxing twice a week, and yoga once a week for a start, I should be in pretty good shape. This is the new goal...

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Kicking it up a notch....

Happy Thursday, one day closer to the precious weekend....Funny you wouldn't think that I had a day off this week with the way I've been craving the weekend.

Despite having  slipped into pilot season, work, at least for me has been creeping by. For those of you unfamiliar pilot season usually lasts from beginning of January till lat March, early April, it's when networks order new shows for the fall season (and some times beyond). Usually a CRAZY time for me at work, but this year not so much...most likely having to do with the stand off happening between the networks and casting directors which seems to be occurring at the mo mo. So am living in the world where I get A LOT of data entry & filing done...not my favorite world to be in....

However this does provide me with A LOT of time to think and stratigize. Last night the boy & I along with his brother and the Jeep, went to Sports Authority & picked up a stand for our punching bag...huzzah! I then proceeded to attempt to punch the crap out of it...needless to say I still need to learn how to throw a punch correctly, I have the bleeding knuckles to prove it too. It's not as bad as it sounds really...

Tonight's agenda is ROUND TWO. We'll see how that goes, tho aside from the faint sting of the cuts on my knuckles I'm not feeling nearly as bad as I expected too. So that's good. The boy asked last night if I wanted to learn in order to "beat the crap out of people OR for the cardio effects", and I answered with "can't it be both?" And he laughed and noted that for a small girl who travels through out NYC at night on her own, he was surprised I didn't know how to already. Which does raise a good point. However in my younger days I was more occupied with what new show to see than how to get/stay in shape....

Still need to work on the dietary aspect of life...not sure living off soups is such a good idea...I am in no means starving myself and the soups themselves are probably not the healthiest versions (a lot of them involve cheese) but it's gotta be better than drive thru food right?

Any quick, easy, healthy & yummy meal suggestions are welcome.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Gift From Joy...

I've always loved to read...even as a child I was that obnoxious little kid who would surpass everyone on the extra reading charts and actually have read the books she claimed to. I often give books as presents for birthdays or holidays, usually I buy books I've read and loved as gifts, tho sometimes it will be something that I feel just reminds me of them.

So when Joy gave me a book for Christmas this year I didn't think too much of it. Reading the back of the book, it sound pretty intriguing, but nothing too out of the ordinary, then upon her urging I opened it. It was one of those personalized books, you know like the kind your parents sent away for when you were a kid, had you as the star of the story? Except it was a romance novel starring me & the boy, lol. Hysterical, in the story we are both British Secret Agents....& British Secret Agent me kicks SO much ass...not to mention she happens to be quite in my head she naturally has a British Accent, and let's face it I so SHOULD have some kind of accent... essentially she is everything I could hope to be.

This of course only further fuels my resolve to become kick ass this year. If I can achieve the level of fit my British Secret Agent counterpart is...well then i shall be a happy gal! Is that really so odd a thing to strive for? Bought training gloves last night, bringing me one step closer to kicking the crap out of our new punching bag. I'm also gonna attempt some strength training once we can get my weights, which are still living out in LI back to NJ.

Starting next week, I plan on doing some form of exercise everyday, even if it's as small as taking a brisk walk around the block. Gotta start moving to get into lethal shape. That's right the goal is lethal shape. Of course this means I will seriously need to kick it up a notch if I want to continue my love affair with cupcakes... I refuse to give them up, everybody's allowed their own guilty pleasure right? But I may have to savor them a bit more...

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Life Goals

So everyone has them, a list of things they want to do before they die. Call it a bucket list, life goals, whatever you want but we all have it. Some day I will eventually sit my ass down & write mine out. Today however is not that day, today I simply plan on focusing on 2 of those life goals which I will attempt to complete this upcoming year.

Goal 1: Learn to fight
This year one of my primary resolutions is to get in shape, & as the boy & I have installed a punching bag down in the basement, I see this as the perfect opportunity to learn how to throw a few punches & kicks. I watch a lot of action movies/tv shows, & it always drives me crazy when female characters sit back & wait to be rescued. I've always loved The Princess Bride, but let's face it Buttercup is completely useless when it comes to taking care of herself. When I was younger Buffy the Vampire Slayer was one show I watched religiously. I LOVED the fact that Buffy kicked ass & wasn't just some whiny defenseless little female. Even now, the shows I tend to be drawn to feature strong female characters who are more than capable of kicking ass & taking names. Detective Kate Beckett on Castle, Ziva David & Abby Sciuto on NCIS, just to name a few. And in all honesty in my head I see myself as just as strong & capable if ever the need to defend myself should arise. But let's be serious a moment here, the fact of the matter is that that is as far from the truth as one could probably get. I may be thin but I am far from being in shape. I lack muscle definition, upper body strength & stamina, and so it's gonna take some work to become more like the strong female characters I've always admired.

Goal 2: Learn How to Load & Fire a Gun
Ok first off let me start by saying, I don't want to actually own a gun, in fact I don't ever want a gun in my home, however, & again I feel like this stems back to watching too many action movies, I DO want to learn to shoot one. To be honest I can't see any reason why not to have this skill. It always bothered me in action films, when the female would somehow manage to get the gun away from the villain but then it would be rendered useless b/c she didn't know how to use it. I was recently watching Air Force One and was annoyed to no end when the first lady at one point was able to get the terrorists gun, but then held it helplessly. Also was upsetted that William H. Macy's character gets killed off, but that is a whole other issue. And while I never envision myself ever being in a similar situation, I can't see the harm in learning regardless.

It may sound crazy, but I'm really hoping that I'll be able to accomplish these two goals this year. You only get one life better live it to the fullest right?
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Monday, January 10, 2011

Turn Off The Dark...

SO I saw it. The current talk of Broadway...Spiderman:Turn Of The Dark.  And it experience...I'm really not sure how else to describe it, at times it was really exciting and at times just boring. Small things went wrong, but nothing huge...there are some Major plot issues with the second act. It def falls into the well I'm glad I saw that, but don't really have a need to see it again (the one exception being if Matty Cap should ever go on as spidy b/c let's face it I'm nothing if not loyal). I wish I had more to say on the show, but for me it just was.

It's been so long since I've seen a show that has moved me in anyway, having once been such a devoted theatre geek. It doesn't necessarily have to be a theatrical masterpiece, but something that after I experience I walk out of and say "When can we come back?" I mean I've seen some good stuff in the past few years, but nothing that really spoke to me. I find that a little disheartening I guess. I really WANT another experience like that, but I have yet to have one. Maybe working in the industry has made me more cynical, or at the very least expect more from the shows that I see.

Spent most of the past weekend in bed, aside from Friday night, when Beaser came over, which was nice. It was really great to see him, and just chill. I even made the responcible choice to stick to water, despite the allure of some lovely white wine. I admit the next two days of bed rest was probably a bit of over kill, but since I've been sick for over a week, I figured the more rest the better. I have to say too, despite having all the guys over to watch football with, the boy was very good about taking care of me. Making sure I was fed & had plenty of OJ & Ginger ail, & reminding me in general how lucky I am to have such a sweet bf. At least I'm feeling mostly better today, still a bit of a cough, but no longer have a death hack.

The plan is for this week to be pretty low-key, with a few minor exceptions, like my friend Steven's birthday dinner on Thurs. I feel by not packing my weekday evenings, which I DEF have the tendency to do, I'll be able to be a little more relaxed. Not gonna cut out ALL weekday fun, but cutting down may perhaps be the healthy/responsible way to go. Look at me, acting like a grown is this girl?

Monday, January 3, 2011

It's Gonna a be a Happy New Year....

First day back at work...Hopefully the new computer and tapig space will make pilot season run A LOT smoother this year. Fingers crossed.

So it's a new year, a new beginning, time to make all sorts of resolutions and see which ones stick...Which is usually how I roll. They're really more suggestions of change than anything else.

Of course on the top of the list is try to live healthier. I want to try and eat better, limit the crap fast food I've been living on. It's hard b/c I get home so late, so I tipically end up eatting A LOT of drive thru, which is AWFUL for me I know. So I'm gonna have to start getting a little more creative. Even if it means that I have to stay in one day each weekend & cook for the week. Oh, there will be meal plans for the week.  Which is gonna take some effort...I think I'm gonna start on that next week, since this week is loaded with some spill over get togethers from the holidays.

Also more exercise needs to seriously, gotta drag my ass back to Yoga. I really miss it, I always felt so much better afterwards. So now am making more of an effort to get my butt there. It also doesn't help that with my new living situation I walk far less. I no longer have to walk to and from the train station everyday. And I admit I've gotten slightly lazy and don't go out during lunch as much now.  So that is gonna have to change.

The water, and lack of it that I drink, def needs to change. It's no secrect I don't like the taste, or I guess lack there of, of water. How my insides have yet to turn to dust is beyond this year I am finally gonna suck it up (or down I guess) and force myself to drink at least 2 bottles a day. At the very least two bottles a day on work days, when it is more than easy to grab a couple bottles out of the fridge.

This year I'm gonna try to make myself more put together, EVEN if it means getting right up with the alarm in the morning. Easier said than done I know.... I just always feel so rushed. I think that if I take the time to get myself together, take a breather every now and then I'll feel much better about life in general...

So that's the least for now... we'll see how it all turns out...