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Monday, October 31, 2011

The Halloween That Wasn't...AKA: Not Cool NJ

So the snow this weekend was brutal, so brutal that there were no trains running to NYC, basically on the one day I thoroughly enjoy being at work, I was unable to go. I didn't even get to wear my costume this weekend. You better believe I will be bringing it out for SDCC this year.

It's pretty bad out here, trees are down on almost every block, and most people are without power, The Boy & I included. Luckily, The Boy's parents live a mere 10 mins away and have kept their power, so we are currently camping out there. So that's kinda sucky. Hopefully we will have power back by the end of the week.

Since it is so awful out, the town itself, has decided to "postpone" Halloween. I was unaware that that was even an option, but apparently it is. So there are no trick-or-treaters, leaving me to sit and watch Ghost Hunters Live! Which is fine by me, however I am disapointed that this year is so uneventful.

To attempt to make up for it I leave you with ont of the greatest Halloween related videos EVER. Tim Curry in The Worst Witch.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

American Horror Story: AKA: Sucked Into The Super Natural

So I just finished catching up on FX's American Horror Story, and as per usual am left in a perpetual state of WTF, that has come to traditionally follow each viewing.It's pretty smart on the parts of Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, seeing as I still don't know if I like the show but I am sucked into continuing to watch.

 After viewing this past weeks episode in preparation for tomorrow, The Boy raised an interesting theory, that Denis O'Hare's character, Larry, "definitely does not exist.", claiming him to be some sort of psychotic split personality of Ben's.  I call this theory interesting, because Larry was the only character who's alive-ness I never questioned. From the very first episode, I pegged Tate and Moira as ghosts, I've even raised doubts about Constance's existence, but Larry?  It was never a question in my mind. Props must be given to Denis O'Hare for some how making a physically disturbing man, humane enough to NOT haunt my nightmares. I suppose The Boy's theory is just as valid as any others out there. Let's hash this out for a mo-mo.
  • Larry was a former owner of the house. 
  • The only person to ever see him is Ben.
  • He seems to be acting only in Ben's best interest
  • How did Larry know that Hayden was there?
  • How did he dig the hole so quickly/well with only one good arm?
 So, The Boy is claiming "The Fight Club" defense in support of his Larry/Ben theory. I'm now very interested to see if it plays out.

I have to admit, I have never been a fan of Moira's, she annoys me, but for the first time ever, I actually feel bad for Moira. She just wants to go "home", or wherever one goes once they leave this world. She was drugging Ben so that he would find her body, which I suppose would set her spirit free. Now that Larry has buried Hayden's body on top of her, and Ben has sealed off the foundation and built a gazebo over the spot, she is forced to remain in this world. It's quite sad, really.

Three episodes in, and I'm beginning to feel the need for a Ghost type thing score sheet. So far these are the "Things" we have seen that dwell in the house:
  1. The Infantada (which is what the American Horror Story Wiki seems to calling that creepy nightmare inducing "thing" in the basement)
  2. Young/Old Moira
  3. Maria
  4. Gladys 
  5. Tate
  6. Troy
  7. Troy's Twin
  8. Nora Montgomery
  9. The S&M Suit Dweller
And that's only the things we know for sure are there and non living. While I'm not entirely sure how I feel about the show as a whole, it is definitely causing me to sit here and think, theorize and want to discuss, which is what "good" television should do.

Hart Of Dixe: AKA: Time To Choose A Team

It is inevitable, in today's culture where ever a love triangle exists teams will develop. Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob? Team Stefan or Team Damon? Team Matty or Team Jake? Team Daniel or Team Jack? We can't help it, we love taking sides. And Hart of Dixie provides us with love quagmire to bog through.

Today let's focus on Zoe's triangle, the hot, dirty, sexy, bad boy Wade or the hot, clean cut, sexy, good boy George. If only we all had such problems, but I digress.

First, it must be made clear that I adore Scott Porter, and his George is the sweet, caring kind of man that any girl would be lucky to have in their life. He is one of the few people to show Zoe any kind of friendliness when she arrives in Bluebell, and has come to her aid/rescue on several occasions. He is the perfect southern gentleman and even wanted to stand up to Brick, his soon to be father-in-law, in front of the whole town so that Zoe would get the credit she deserved for saving the farmer's life.

Then we have Wade, who,while a bit brash and adorably annoying at times, is actually really good for Zoe. He's the bad boy with a heart of gold. Which, honesty Ladies, isn't that what deep down, we all secretly pine for. He doesn't like admitting it, even to Lavon, but he does care for Zoe. Case in point, he made the Gumbo for her, then refused to admit to it. He didn't do it for the gratitude, he did it to help her fit in, which is what she wants more than anything.

With George its safe, and comfortable. He is able to talk about New York with her, to understand both of the worlds she's lived in. While Wade pushes her buttons, and makes her challenge herself. Which seems to be exactly what she needs.

If George is the guy every girl wants to marry, well then Wade is the guy ever girl wants to sleep with.

So I am taking a stand, and officially announcing my membership to Team Wade. Not that I don't love George, but Zoe really needs someone who's going to challenge her, and who better to do that then Bluebell's resident bad boy?

Monday, October 24, 2011

Once Upon A Time: AKA: A Fairy Enchanted World

Confession: I am a fairy tale junkie, always have been, always will be. One look at my literature collection and you'll notice several versions of the classics, not mention the various fairy tale variant movies I own. From the evil dark Brothers Grimm versions, to the happy Disney-ified tales, to everything in between, I love it all. I've even started working on a novel featuring a twist on the classic Little Red Ridding Hood story. There's a reason these stories are classics, that we all know them, and this year's fall line up goes to show, the classics can still hold their own.

Last night ABC premiered their new fairy tale based show, Once Upon A Time, written by Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis. Yes that's right, Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis of Lost. Suddenly the clock being stopped at 8:15 make so much more sense.

The pilot was jam packed with action and exposition, it had to be with a storyline as big as the one they are trying to mount. The Wicked Queen has won, at least for now, and banished all the fairy tale characters we know and love, to the town of Storybrooke, Maine, where time stands still and they have no idea/memory of who they truly are. Their only hope in breaking the curse, lies in Emma Swan, a bail bonds person, who unbeknownst to her is the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming, who is brought back to Storybrook, by her estranged ten year old son Henry. At first unwilling to believe all this fairy tale nonsense, something eventually takes hold of Emma and she decides, at the urging of Henry to stay, "for just a week".

I have been in love with this pilot since I first heard they were casting it, and I am so happy that so far, it was so greatly received. I can't wait to see what is in store for the denizens of Storybrooke, this show has defiantly clinched a spot in my must watch TV line up.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

NANOWRIMO: AKA: It's That Time Of Year Again....

As November fast approaches, which can only mean one thing, Nanowrimo is fast approaching.  For those of you unfamiliar with the event, NaNoWriMo (AKA: National Novel Writing Month ) is an annual creative writing project coordinated by the non-profit organization The Office of Letters and Light, which spans the month of November. The idea is for participants to write 50,000 words of a new novel in one month.

My first attempt at Nanowrimo was last year, and while I got further along in a story than I ever had before, I sadly didn't finish. So now I have an even fiercer determination to finish this year. At the moment, however, I am lacking on story ideas. I have plenty of characters running amok inside my head, but as of yet no use for them...So I am making my official declaration of participation, right here right now! Here's hoping I get an idea soon...

For those of you who also wish to participate, you can find more info here. It's actually a lot of fun and a great creative challenge. Come on you know you need/want so more creativity in your life.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Revenge: AKA: Meddling Friends

So, I can now officially say I'm in love with ABC's Revenge. I realized this while I sat down to watch last week's episode and actually had strong opinions about the characters.

Let's start with Nolan, sweet Nolan, I adore him so. Seriously, I get that Emily is pissed about him meddling in her life, but honestly, he's trying to act in her best interest, and he's lonely. He doesn't have any friends, and I think that's why he is trying to get Emily and Jack together. I think he somewhere deep down believe that they are supposed to be together, and as much as he enjoys her whole plot of revenge, he knows that all her father really wanted was for her to forgive and be happy. I definitely wouldn't put it past him to have read the journal her father left her. Plus, I think he figures that if he gets them together, they will be grateful and become his friends. Maybe I'm giving him too much credit, still I like him.

On to a meddling friend I don't like, Tyler Barrel, Daniel's jerk of a college roommate. Can we say slime bag? Not only does he cause Daniel to stand Emily up, but he also steals his phone, deletes her calls and gets the recovering alcoholic wasty-face. Yeah, that's a great friend right there. Clearly, Tyler has sort of agenda here, as to what that is? Well, your guess is as good as mine.

I feel bad for Daniel, everyone in his life seems out to manipulate him, Emily, Tyler, even his own mother, and we all recall what happens to him at the end of the summer. What makes it even worse, though there is still plenty of time to change, is that in the Hamptons world of deceit and corruption, he actually seems like a decent guy. He's made some bad decisions in life and is trying to turn his life around and make amends. Unfortunately, it appears no one in his life is willing to let him do that. I can get behind Emily torturing those who destroyed her life, but Daniel had nothing to do with it. It just seems cruel and unfair.

I can't wait until this weeks episode to see how much further Tyler will go to keep Emily and Daniel apart, maybe even find out why, and Nolan's next move in his get-Jack-and-Emily-together plan.

Newsies: AKA: Extra, Extra, Newsies FINALLY Get's a Stage Production...Sort Of...

 I first want to state, I didn't hate the show, which if you know me & my aversion to change, that's a big deal. That being said I kin of feel the show had so many changes that maybe they should have renamed it.

I mean I get that some lines, most specifically, "He'll be covering, Brooklyn to Trenton, our man Denton", seeing as the replaced Bryan Denton, ace war corespondent, with Katherine Pulitzer, however did they half to change like 90% of the lyrics? Most of the lines they changed didn't need to be, and the changes also made them sound more violent. It may sound weird but half the time, the lyrics were changed to something about being out for blood, or "making them pay" really Disney? It was as if I was listening to parodies of the songs, the music was the same, but the lyrics were almost completely different. Aside from the music, "Seize the Day" was almost unrecognizable and to be honest I found it really distracting. That being said, if you have never seen the movie, or only seen it once or twice I don't suppose it will really bother you.

While I was not happy with the axing of our beloved Denton, played by the insanely awesome Bill Pullman in the film, they needed a love interest for Jack, because let's face it Sarah, played by Ele Keats, was just awful. And for the most part I liked Katherine, in fact I thought her solo in act one, "Write it Good" was great, however I did have a couple of issues with her role. The major one being, although they do not specifically say it in play so I'm basing this the movie prologue/history, the newsies strike occurred in 1899, and I don't care who's daughter she is, there WOULD NOT be a female reporter. I know they tried explaining it away by saying she wrote for the society pages, but no. I just don't buy that any newspaper would hire her.  Also she kept calling the newsies, Jack included, "kids". How old is she then? And if she's really that much older then them, it's a bit creepy that she's ends up with Jack then.

I also feel like, aside from Crutchy and Les, who's roles definitely grow from the film, the rest of the newsies were reduced to kick ass background dancers. The dancing was amazing, but I had no idea who anyone, aside from Specs, was. Spot Conlon, one of my fave characters from the film, was reduced to a bit part really. Even Davey's part was drastically slashed, there was almost nothing left to the friendship between him and Jack.

Jack's role was turned into a tortured artist loner. Was I the only one thinking that in a few years he was going to grow up and end up on the Titanic when they started that whole, "Jack's a fabulous artist" plot line? Seriously, the timeline could work...and I find that extremely funny considering Christian Bale was in strong contention to play Jack Dawson in James Cameron's 1997 film.

I guess they need something to replace the whole "Francis Sullivan" storyline from the movie, though I'm not sure why they took that out. After all it makes a pretty powerful moment when Davey stands up to Jack for turning against them. I also didn't like that Jake never seemed to be part of the group. Jack is their leader, he rallies them, lifts their spirits, he is the face of the strike, however in the show he's always off on his own, he's not even their to celebrate in Jacob's Deli (what replaced Tibby's in the stage version), during "King of New York". It almost doesn't make sense that the newsies are asking for him at the rally. I also didn't really care for the fact that he kept waltzing into Pulitzer's office, it took away the power of having Pulitzer ask for him in the end.

I'm not sure why they decided to start the show off with "Santa Fe". I read some one comparing beginning Newsies with "Santa Fe" like beginning West Side Story with "Tonight", which I agree with. Then again the song was once again almost unrecognizable so I guess it shouldn't matter then.

I HATE the set. It was boring, well to me anyways. It was just a bunch of metal platforms which move about, which is fine, but ever since Next to Normal did it, I feel I've seen it done a hundred times over. It's not that I'm a huge traditionalist when it comes to sets, um hello there were a few years in the past where I practically lived at RENT, but I am just sick of this metal platform phase.

Over all it was a good show, full of campy Disney fun...but it wasn't Newsies...

Friday, October 14, 2011

Psych "Shawn Rescues Darth Vader": AKA: The Boys Are Back!!

No secret, I adore this show, always have always will. The cast is insanely talented, and just always seem to be having so much fun. Also, the fact that the show makes all sorts of random references, like the fact that Shawn cited the grandfather on Phineas & Ferb as one of the places he  learned his British accent from that make Psych one of my favorite shows.

There were so many AMAZING moments in the sixth season premiere of Psych, that it would be hard to list them all. The show has always gotten great guest stars and this year seems to be no different, they kicked it off with Malcolm McDowell as a British embassador, which made me seriously miss Franklin & Bash, btw.

Sean gets himself into more trouble than usual, but that's to be expected as we are in season six after all. It was actually really sweet to see Henry step it up and take a more active role in helping in Shawn's deception. It was nice to see some growth in the relationship between the two, and interesting to see how far their relationship has come from season one.

A little disappointed we didn't get to see a little more of the Shawn /Juliette romance, but the fact that Lassie was so protective of her was brilliant/adorable. I also appreciated the throw back reference to Lassie's former partner Lucinda.  

All and all it was a great start to another great season, and I can not wait to see more.

Community "Remedial Chaos Therapy": AKA: Creating Six Alternate Time Lines

Tonight's episode of Community is a perfect example of just awesome this show is. It takes a random event such as a house warming for our beloved Troy and Abed, and turn it into something that resembled the ending of Clue.

Let's take a quick moment to discuss just how awesome Troy and Abed apartment really is, the Andy Warhol-esq painting of them, the pictures of their various shenanigans hanging upon the wall, the freakin replica of the Indiana Jones bolder scene? It's truly a place you'd want to hang out. I totally echo Annie's sentiment of loving their apartment, does that mean I can come live there too, Abed? Please?

I found it really interesting that there are some things that remain the same in all time lines. Jeff always hits his head on the fan, and Pierce always mentions his airplane bathroom hook up.

Every possible role of the die creates a different timeline, some darker than others. The "correct time" line  however occurs when Abed stops the rolling of the die and it is Jeff goes to get the pizza. It seems that this is also the time that the group is happiest, goofing off and dancing. Once again we are reminded that these people have come together as a family, who need each other.

Last night's episode proves that even in its third season Community is still as fresh as ever. Dan Harmon proves time and time again that a half hour comedy can still be smart and funny.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil: AKA: Hysterical Hysteria

Yes, I know there was A LOT of tv to discuss from last night but let's hold off for a momo to talk about the AWESOMENESS that is this little movie.

I had first heard about this the film from Alan Tudyk's tweets. Having always found him fabulous, and throwing in the fact that his costar was played by Tyler Labine (2-Ge+her anyone?) and my annoyingly overwhelming sense of loyalty to actors I enjoy, I need I HAD to see this film. I had planed to see the film opening night, then became aware that it was in limited release, which meant is was not playing anywhere near where I live and in only one theatre in all of Manhattan. Needless to say plans to go got put on hold.

However last night I was able to make the trek down to City Cinema Village East Cinema on second ave with a friend to check it out. Best. Decision. Ever.

Despite being a horror film the movie is full of wit and humor. The movie is a twist on the classic hill billies vs. college kids horror movies, only in this movie we are presented with a pair of Hill Billies with hearts of gold who are mistaken for psycho killers by a group of college students, who inadvertently end up killing themselves while trying to "get" the hill billies.

I spent almost the entire 90 mins laughing at the hilarity of it all, as did the rest of the audience. Alan's wisecracking, PBR guzzling Tucker, was a perfect match for Tyler's sweet natured, self doubting Dale, and the pair had amazing chemistry. Throw in the deranged asthmatic played brilliantly by Jesse Moss, and the charming innocence of Katrina Bowden and you've assembled a perfect cast.

Seriously, if you are lucky enough to live somewhere where Tucker and Dale vs. Evil you need to get out and go see it.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ringer "A Whole New Kind of Bitch" :AKA: Seriously?!?!

Ok, so I admit to Ringer being on my low know the list of show's that I'm watching because of the actors more so than the actual show? I'm still watching, just not as invested as I am in other shows this season.

WARNING: If you have not seen last night's episode, watch it NOW! Spoilers are ahead, you Have been warned...

Last night's episode was the usual fare, Bridget is struggling with her addiction and her decision to tell Gemma her real identity. Juliet is causing trouble for Brobhan (Bridget as Siobhan) and her father. Henry's being dropped by his publisher, and looks to be hitting the bottle quite a bit. Let us also not forget Malcolm, being drugged up by Bodaway Macawi out in Wyoming. The show is shaping up to have all the sudsy elements of a night-time soap, not a bad thing by any means, but not my favorite genre.

Then in the last five minutes of the episode, BAM! Henry refused to let Andrew into the house, where there's broken glass, bloody walls and no sign of Gemma. All of a sudden I'm left staring at my tv, mouth agape, mission accomplished Eric Charmelo and Nicole Snyder.

So this leads to several questions, is Gemma dead? We've yet to see a body, and if Ringer has taught us anything so far it's they're not officially dead til there's a body. Was Henry the one who harmed her? Is that ever her blood?

Here's my theory, I guessing Gemma's not dead, I'm also guessing it wasn't Henry, remember Brobhan pissed the men who are after Soibhan when she didn't leave them the phone. What better way to get at her than abducting her best friend? As far as they know she's Soibhan and Gemma is her best friend, so begins their torture of her loved ones.

Why is Henry cleaning up the blood? Clearly, he thinks Brobhan killed Gemma to cover up the affair and he is covering up the evidence to either protect, or blackmail her, depending on how dark they want Henry to be.

Looks like soapy or not, I'll be tuning in to Ringer, for awhile longer to figure all this out.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Castle "Kick the Ballistics": AKA: Yeay for a Detective Ryan Episode!

As an avid Castle fan, I will be one of the first to tell you that although I love Castle and Beckett, I ADORE the often lesser featured Ryan and Esposito. Over the years, we've gotten to see a bit more of the two secondary characters, Ryan's proposal to Jenny O'Mally, Esposito's relationship with Lanie, but more often than not all juiciest scenes have are fave duo on the sidelines.

Last night, we got to really see Ryan in action. Remember way back in season three, almost a year ago actually, when the 3XK killer disarmed Ryan and took his weapon? Well that gun has finally resurfaced, used in a murder that has Chinese Mob connections. Really though, the case isn't why I feel the need to write about this episode, the reason is the the ridiculously amazing performance put out by Seamus Dever.

If you haven't yet seen the episode, you need to go check it out now. It's crazy to think that, his character was a late addition to the show as the original presentation pilot was only 37 minutes long.

He was able to give us a dizzying array of emotions, anger, frustration, compassion and cunning. He and Esposito going "undercover" at the library? Priceless. The lengths that those two will go to for each other and that's what makes them so endearing.

I adore Castle and Beckett, I do, but getting to see more of Ryan, now that is something I welcome whole-heartedly.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Week Four: AKA: Making Decisions

So we're into week four of the fall tv season, and decisions are being made. I've gone through several weeks of new shows and am starting to make my decisions onto which shows I am going to make the commitment to. So far here are my updated verdicts:


Homeland (10pm Showtime)
Ok, so I've only gotten my hands on the pilot, but as I've said before I ADORE Mandy Patinkin and as I think the concept an amazing new take on a familiar fear. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing more.

Pan Am (10pm ABC)
I wasn't sure I was going to continue watching this show after the pilot, but three episodes later and I find myself looking forward to each new episode. I adore Captain Dean (AKA: Mike Vogal, who will always be Dean from Grounded For Life to me), and Kate Jennings Grant has a recurring as role as Judith Cameron, Laura and Kate's mother. She just flat out rocks, and she is way prettier then they make her up to be.


Terra Nova (8pm Fox)
I am well aware I need to be watching this show, and fully admit to it being my fault that I have yet to catch up. However due to my due to my commute anything airing before 10pm is a gamble on whether or not I make it home to watch.

Hart of Dixie (9pm CW)
It's a cute show, and three weeks in and I am still entertained. Is it a thought provoking master piece? Hardly, but it's sweet and a good way to the hour before Castle.

Playboy Club (10pm NBC)
Well the decision was made FOR me here. It wasn't the best show I had ever seen, but it was interesting enough. I was really looking forward to seeing where the storyline between Sean and Bunny Alice was headed. Homosexuality in the 1960's is not something we, the viewers, have been readily exposed to, I was really interested to see how they handled it. Unfortunately we may never know.


Ringer (9pm CW)
This is one of the saddest hings I've typed. I was psyched for the premiere and raced home for the second episode, I was beyond excited to have Buffy Summers and Richard Alpert once again gracing my screen. Yet now after three episodes, I've realized I don't really care about the story. It's not a bad show, it just seems to be moving fairly slowly, and I don't really care about the characters themselves.I'm going to stick with it or awhile but sad to say when the mid season replacements start up, I'll probably end up watching something else instead.


Revenge (10pm ABC)
This show was honestly a pleasant surprise. I wasn't sure how they were going to sustain this as a tv show, as opposed to a movie, but, at least for now, it seems to be working quite nicely. More importantly, I actually "care" about the characters. I want to befriend Nolan, console Jack about his father, and while I'm not 100% sure how I feel about Victoria, I know that I want to know more about her.

American Horror Story (10pm FX)
We're only one episode in and honestly I am still in WTF mode. I'm not giving up on it just yet, but honestly the jury is still out on whether or not it's being added to my regular schedule. 


Person of Interest (9pm CBS)
I still need to catch up but I'm gonna stick with it, because let's face it Ben Linus always has a plan.

Homeland: AKA: Mandy's Back!

 So it may have taken me a little while to get to it, but this weekend I finally sat down to watch the pilot episode of Showtime's Homeland.  I have to admit that I was really looking forward to having Mandy Patinkin, back on my tv. The series is an interesting twist on post 9/11 America security. A solider comes home, after being kept as a P.O.W. for eight years. Claire Danes, who plays our flawed heroine, Carrie Anderson, has reason to believe that he has been turned, and begins on an obsessive quest to prove it. Mandy Patinkin plays her mentor/only friend.

Of course being on Showtime, there are a few moments of random "Look Nakedness!", but as long as that doesn't bother you, it's really is a great show. The characters are complex and interesting, and let's face it, the idea that one of our own can be turned is a very disconcerting one.

I'll defiantly be tuning into Homeland again, so far it's off to a very promising start.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Community "Competitive Ecology": AKA: Poor Todd

Its official Chang has gone completely bonkers. We opened to find him living in the boiler room with his "girlfriend" a mannequin leg he has named Veronica. I'll admit to plenty of giggles over the film noir style of his storyline, because I'm a sucker for that kinda stuff, add in Dean Pelton's own inner monologue about firefighters and dalmatians and it was by far my favorite moments in the episode.

 Last night was one of those episodes that reminds us, that even though we have grown to love them, are favorite study group is made up of some pretty awful people. "The Mean Clique" as Professor Kane called them. Poor newbie Todd, had to deal with the brunt of their awfulness. But as always the discourse brings the group together, clearly the problem wasn't with them, it was with Todd.

To be honest, I think it would have been a bit more interesting of an episode if the group HAD to pair up with their original "nobody" partners. Not exactly sure how that would have gone down, but it would have been interesting to see them having to relate to someone other than each other.

So "Competitive Ecology" may not have been my favorite episode, but there was still plenty of laughter, which is why Community is still one of my favorite shows.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

American Horror Story: AKA: WTF?

Full disclosure, I was both pumped and terrified for last night's premiere of American Horror Story on FX. I'd heard it was all sorts of creepy and the fact that it was one of the only scripts I couldn't get my hands on during pilot season had me intrigued. Not to mention the most INTENSE/best session I've ever had was some one who came in for the role of Ben.

I scarfed down dinner, grabbed my big, oh so soft purple blanket and curled up on the couch prepared to have the beejesus scared out of me. I even coerced The Boy's brother to watch it with me so I wouldn't have to watch on my own.

I have to say, while I am completely willing to give the show another shot, last night's episode wasn't as gripping as I expected.

First off I love Dylan McDermott, I really do, his dreamy presence was the only decent thing about that abomination of a remake of Miracle on 34th Street from the 90's, but honestly, I didn't need to see that much of his naked body. I started wondering if Ben have something against clothes? And watching him finish himself off and then collapse into tears after catching his version of Moira the maid playing with herself? We get it he's sexually frustrated. This also leads to the question of why does he see a different version of Moira then both his wife and daughter? Are Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk implying that men are more susceptible to whatever the evil in the house is?

Also, why is the evil entity so sexual? Between the multiple attempts of Ben's version of Moira to seduce him, and the creepy black vinyl suit man who Vivian has sex with, while assuming it's Ben, itseems to be driving a message, perhaps unintentional message, that sexuality/sexual desires are linked to evil. I'll admit I'm having a little trouble buy that after not sleeping with her husband for almost a year, Vivian would be so gungho to go for round two a few hours later with her "husband" completely silent and dressed in full S&M regalia.

I have to say, I'm a little surprised they jumped right into the demon baby storyline so quickly. I mean clearly sex with rubber man was going to lead to evil spawning, but how much time passed between the sexcapade and when she told her husband she was craving Indian food? It felt like it was the next day, seriously is it even possible to know that quickly? Do demon spawn has a shorter gestation period?

Can we also touch upon the complete lack of responsibility of Ben treating possible sociopaths out of his HOME office? I fully understand that there are therapists, especially on tv, who work out of home offices, Jason Seaver (Growing Pains), Dani Santino (Necessary Roughness) to name a few, but they don't treat patients there who have a high probability of harming their families.

Speaking of lack of responsibility, do the Harmon's ever lock their doors? I mean ok, I can buy the first time that Addy and her mother Constance got in, the back door was unlocked, but after that unnerving encounter, you would think that they would be a little more neurotic about locking up. Apparently not though, because there seems to always be people randomly wandering about the house.

Dennis O'Hare is absolute perfection as the creepy, mutilating-ly burned former house occupant with an inoperable brain tumor. Alright, I realize how weird that sounds typed out like that but it's the truth.

To be honest, maybe because it was over hyped, I didn't find the first episode all that freaky. I was more freaked/intrigued by the preview at the end of the show than the actual show itself.  I plan on tuning in for the next couple of weeks before deciding if I'm going to stick with it.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

NBC Cancel's Playboy Club: AKA: Bye-Bye Bunnies

So yesterday the first official new show to get the axe was NBC's Playboy Club. They also announced a full season order for both Whitney and Up All Night.

The decision was made after three low rated episodes, to cancel the nostalgic series and not show any further episodes. Ironically I was watching this week's episode when the news of it's demise broke.

I admit to waiting till Tuesday mornings to watch the show, also the fact that I was mostly watching for Sean Maher, but axing it after only three episodes seems way too premature. I will never understand how a network can cancel a show after only three episodes. Personally it takes me a minimum of three episodes to decide whether or not I'm gonna fully commit to a show. Playboy Club was given a tough time slot to begin with, going up against already established shows,  like CBS' Hawaii 5-0, and ABC's Castle. Perhaps the network should have tried to move the show before giving up.

It is especially sad news as just last week actor Sean Maher, who plays a closeted homosexual character, also named Sean, who is married the also closeted, Bunny Alice, came out to EW.  After fourteen years in the business, afraid that his sexuality would limit the roles he would be offered, he admitted that this role aided in his decision to finally come out. “I was working on other stuff, and then this role came up, which was like a light bulb going off,” Maher remembers. “I was like, This is perfect. I want to do this, and I want to use it as a platform to come out.”  The full article can be found here.

Furthermore since they shot more than three episodes, why not show them? It isn't as though they are losing anymore money in showing them. NBC is planning to fill the Monday night slot with repeats of their new police drama Prime Suspect, which also isn't doing to well in the ratings.

So unfortunately we say Bye-Bye to the Bunnies and hope NBC has more faith in it's mid season shows.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Castle "Heroes and Villians": AKA: Be Still My Lil Geeky Heart!

Before tonight's brand new episode, let's catch up on last week's shenanigans. Be still my little geeky heart, Castle has gone and done a super hero episode! Did I mention I adore this show?

This weeks episode had plenty of twists and turns and I have to admit I didn't immediately guess who the killer was, which is a testament to the great writing. They still found away to mention Kate's mother's case, because we are not about to loose sight of that storyline anytime soon. Though I have to admit they did lay the writer/muse parody on a bit thick.

The idea of there being an actual super hero vigilante roaming around the streets of NYC doesn't really bother me. As long as they stick to the "never kill" code, is it really such a bad thing? I've always had a fascination for super heroes, probably stemming from daily viewings of Batman, The Animated Series as a child. I watched The Superman one as well, but was never as impressed by him, I mean after Superman was an alien, he had super powers, Batman was just a man, an incredibly smart and wealthy man, but a man none the less. I mean in theory, if you had enough money, you could actually be Batman. That's pretty bad ass, I totally get why Castle wants to be Batman.

I find it cute that they revealed that Becket is also a comic book geek, and that she preordered a copy of the Derek Storm graphic novel. Note to self, still need to order that. It's interesting that even after all this time together, and knowing his feelings for her, she won't admit to being a fan of his work.

Gate's was just as bitchy as last week, maybe even more so. At least Ryan didn't seem as petrified, and his "Castle-ing" was classic. It was so great have the four of them back together again, and in good spirits.

Alexis, for once, is acting like a "normal" teenager, meaning there's been way more friction between her and her dad lately. It's interesting to see this other side to her, but I supposed she couldn't stay daddy's agreeable little girl forever.