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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Community "Geography of Global Conflict": AKA: Annie and Jeff Heat Up

For some reason this weeks episode seemed to fly by, it felt even shorter than the already short half hour. Annie Kim was the perfect nemesis for our little Annie, and it'd be great if she sticks around. Annie has gotten so comfortable in the study group that she seems to have lost a lot of her crazy competitive nature, it was fun to see it back in full force.

It was a very Annie/Jeff heavy episode and while I see how that could be semi scandalous with their age difference, she is turning 21 this semester, and honestly once you can get into bars, age  different doesn't really seem to matter much. I know, I know there are people who will vehemently disagree with me and that's fine, but I kinda like Annie and Jeff together. She's so high strung and he's so laid back that they sorta balance each other out. They've played with the idea of this pairing for almost the entire series now, it's interesting to see them really start to go for it. Plus, Jeff seems to genuinely care for her, it's sweet.

Chang/Brita's relationship in this episode was hysterical. The use of Lionel Richie's "Hello" was priceless, I literally laughed out loud. I'm hoping they keep this pairing going in other episodes.

All and all a good episode, but not one of my favorites.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

AWKWARD. "I Am Jenna Hamilton" & "Fateful" AKA: Why Jenna Should Have Choosen Matty...For Now...

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 So last night was the hour long season finale. It has been a really long time since I have been so emotionally invested in a show and so the finale was an emotional roller coaster to say the least.

To his credit, The Boy gave me a kiss goodnight and then left me on the couch to watch the show in peace. Which was probably for the best as I may have had a few spazzy moments. To be fair though A LOT went down last night, so bear with me on this, it's gonna be a long one.

If you haven't watched last night's special one hour finale yet, go do that right now....I'll wait....

Welcome Back!

Okay, let's start with giving props where there due to Lissa, for FINALLY standing up to Sadie! It's about time. It was a nice way to end the season, all though this begs the question as to who is Sadie going to hang out with next year? Clearly her and Lissa are no longer friends, unless for some reason Lissa comes crawling back over the hiatus, and I don't think Jake will put up with her tormenting of Jenna, so who's left? Matty? That should be interesting. Also it was really sweet of her to tell Jenna she looked nice.

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Let's talk Lacey, she had some really great scenes with Jenna last night, particularly the dress scene.  Jenna is frantic over the fact that she HATES the dress she bought and Lacey came to the rescue allowing Jenna to wear "Nana's dress", which we learn is a huge deal. Lacey gets all tearful and tells Jenna, " are the best part of me...because you're not me. You are better." She then hugs Jenna tightly and tells her she's "so sorry", which you just write off as her being sorry for crying, but did it mean something more?

The BIG issue of pretty much the whole season was the Carefrontation Letter, and just as promised last night we discovered the the author really was. After she and Jake accidentally set off the security alarm, Jenna goes looking for the shutoff code, which she has conveniently forgotten in the kitchen junk draw. Silly Jenna, every girl knows to keep the code in your cell phone for quick access. However the search through it leads to a VERY disturbing discovery. The stationary that the Carefrontation Letter was written on. Jenna's first thought, Mom.  I will admit to toying with the idea that it was Lacey who wrote the scathing letter, but I'm not 100% sure I buy it. After all didn't Tamara confess to writing the letter? If that wasn't true, why should we believe this discovery? I'm not fully accepting Lacey as "A Friend" until she admits to it and/or there is concrete proof.

Okay, onto what we all really want to discuss. We're gonna end with every body's favorite love triangle. Let's face it the past couple of episodes they've totally been trying to build the Team Matty camp, and although I've been on Team Jake from the beginning, I'll admit they've done a pretty good job of it. As I've said before, Matty's not a bad guy, Jake is just better for Jenna. So while I was ecstatic that it ended up being Jake that Jenna picked, I'm a bit worried that she picked him too soon.

Seriously, they have now made Jake into the obstacle keeping Jenna and Matty apart, and he is far better than that. Let's be honest, Matty is not going to be able to handle "loosing" Jenna, there is a 95% chance he's gonna start avoiding her and/or Jake, and most likely gonna get a little bitter/snippy in the process. Whereas Jake would have definitely been hurt, but being the adorable puppy he is, would have stuck by her, been a good friend and waited patiently for her to come around.
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A perfect example of his tendency to do this was when she was in total turmoil over the Carefrontation letter being printed on the ballots. Who came to make sure she was ok and try to cheer her up? Not Matty. It was Jake and that was even after she turned down his winter formal invite. And when Jenna ended up asking him to go with her, after her whole blow up at Matty, he could not have been more adorable.

Jake doesn't even hesitate to having Tamara come with them, because, despite personally wanting it to be a more romantic evening, he knows it'll make Jenna happy. He's not afraid to be a dork, especially if it'll make her smile and trust me that's a big deal, especially in high school.

He likes Jenna because of who she is and how everything feels so easy with her. When she asked him if he believed in fate and he told her, "I don't know, but considering you're here...with me...right now...means that the universe is working in my favor", my heart melted a little. Hell, I would have kissed him too!

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 Oh and can we talk about that kiss for a min? I'm so happy it wasn't one of those "kiss moments" you see in every tv show/film, the sweet/tender/too perfect/this when we kiss kiss. No, it is a full on teenager make out kiss! I may have actually cheered. Then the scene outside her house after the dance was adorable. When she says she wants to take it slow, he takes her hand and tells her, "Look, there's no rush, I'm not going anywhere", which is something Matty never would have done. Jake wants an actual relationship with her, as a person, and while it's clear he's attracted to her, especially by the speed in which he answered yes to her inviting him in, it's not just about the physical.

He's actually proud to be with her, he's excited to bring her over Matty when he sees that he is at the dance. I mean he's practically beaming. Of course, his happiness is what actually clouds him from seeing what's happening between Matty and Jenna.

I HATE that Jenna refers to him as her head's choice by the way. It makes it sounds like she's just using him. Clearly she must have some feelings for him, or she wouldn't have kissed him at the dance. It was only after the kiss, when she saw Matty that she started to once again feel conflicted.

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While part of me feels bad for Matty, he brought this upon himself. If he had just said something to Jake, months ago, when he started this whole affair with Jenna, this wouldn't have happened. Hell, even if he had something when Jake told him about the accidental kiss, I'm pretty sure Jake would have put thoughts of perusing Jenna out of his mind, but no. In fact, Matty didn't even really start seriously perusing Jenna, booty calling aside, until AFTER Jake confessed to thinking he had feelings for Jenna. So while his feelings, could very well be real, and I'm not saying they're not, I can't help but feel that they are bolstered by competition with Jake.

The first season of Awkward is being released on DVD November 7th. You can preorder it at, no word yet on when season 2 premiers. I honestly have no idea what I am going to do til then...

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hart of Dixie: AKA: The CW Finally Gets a Feel Good Show

It's been a long time since the WB/CW had a real feel good hit. In fact although the WB thrived on them, 7th Heaven, Everwood, Gilmore Girls, to name a few, I'm not entirely sure the CW has had any.

Hart of Dixie seems to be the CW's attempt to remedy this travesty, and so far they're off to a good start. The show, which premiered last night, is the story of a young doctor, Zoe Hart, who's life suddenly isn't headed where it was supposed to anymore, she hits rock bottom & through a series of events ends up moving to Bluebell, Alabama.

It's pretty much your typical "fish out of water" story, but it's done with such charm and witt that you find yourself wishing you lived in a small southern town. Especially if the men all look like Scott Porter and Wilson Bethel. Side bar, how awesome is it to still have Scott Porter on tv? Of course my love of Mr. Porter dates back to his musical theatre days, Altar Boys anyone?

I also enjoyed that, Rachel Billson aside, everyone on the show looked like real people, not the still overly pretty versions of real people that tv seems to thrive on. It's nice to see a town where not everyone could be/is a model.

The pilot was cute and uplifting, definitely something I want to tune in for next week.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Pan Am: AKA: Flying High with the 60's

Not sure when all the '60's nostalgia decided to overtake the airwaves but this fall in addition to AMC's long running hit Mad Men, we were given both NBC's Playboy Club and last night's Pan Am on ABC.

Pan Am centers around a group of Pan Am stewardesses in the 1960's, the highlight of the jet age. I'll admit the fashions, aside from the ever present girdle, almost make me run off to become a stewardess. Seriously how cute are those uniforms?

There are definitely several reminders that we are in a different time, the weigh in scene, the mentioning that women can only be a Pan Am stewardess till they turn 32 or get engaged.

There are a few interesting plot twists thrown in to make the show interesting, a spy element, a sibling rivalry. Plus once again we are treated to a cast of very attractive people, Mike Vogel, can we say yum? Also was pleased to see Will Chase's pretty little mug on my screen. Add in some very lovely ladies, including Christina Ricci, who will always be Kat Harvey to me, and it's a smorgasbord of pretty.

If nothing else Pan Am made me long for a simpler time, where flying the "friendly skies" was a luxurious experience, as opposed to the pain we go through now.  I'm curious to see where we're off to next.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Revenge: AKA: Shouldn't This be a Movie?

 So it took me a little while to get to it, but I finally sat down to watch ABC's new show Revenge. I'll admit when I first heard about the show's premise I couldn't help but think that maybe this would make a better movie than a tv show, especially since the show opened with the death of what looks to be a major character's death.

The show opens with a voice over clearly telling us that this is NOT a show about forgiveness. Emily/Amanda has returned to the Hamptons to enact revenge upon the people who ruined her father, causing him to be convicted of treason. 

I didn't quite understand the whole her coming out of jail scene, seemed to be laying it on a bit thick. I do find it interesting that her father asked her to forgive. Emily tells us that she is doing this for her father, that everything she has become is to avenge her father's disgrace, and yet she is knowingly going against his dying wishes. So really, isn't she only doing this for herself, and using her father as a justification to her actions?

The scenery is quite beautiful, and I'll admit, being that I grew up on Long Island, I'm sort of a sucker for stories set there. The costumes were beautiful, really showcasing the wealth and elegance that is the Hamptons' elite. Let's also not forget to mention that the cast is made up of several gorgeous people.

I'm willing to give Revenge another shot, to see how/if they can carry this premise out for more than a few episodes before it gets stale, not to mention how they carry it out beyond a season.

Person of Interest "Pilot": AKA: Some People were just Born to Play Creepy

So when CBS announced they were doing a new show created by JJ Abrams and Jonathon Nolan, which would star Michael Emerson, I couldn't be happier. Seriously the amount of genius in that sentence is just crazy.
Person of Interest debut last Thursday on CBS at 9pm. Michael Emerson, better known as Ben Linus of Lost, plays a mysterious billionaire who hires Jim Caviezel, better known as Jesus of The Passion of the Christ, a down on his luck ex-CIA man, whom everyone, government included, believes is dead to help him on a mysterious mission. It seems that mysterious billionaire has created a machine that can predict violent crimes. However all he has to go on is a social security number. He doesn't know if the person who's SS# he has is the victim or the perpetrator, all he knows is that they are involved.

Perhaps the most unnerving thing about this premiere/show is the use technology as surveillance. The grainy black and white surveillance footage, from cameras all over the city, add in the pairing of her cell phone which allows Reese, aka Jesus, to listen in on her conversations, and it's enough  to make anyone paranoid. Big Brother is definitely watching, and the scene of Resse discovering about September 11th while in Mexico with his girlfriend, is a subtle reminder of why.

We live in a post September 11th world, where so many freedoms have given away to constant surveillance in the name of safety. As Emerson's, Finch explains, "The public wanted to be protected, they just didn't want to know how they were being protected." It has become something we are so used to that most of us don't even notice/realize it anymore.

All and all Person of Interest is a very interesting premise, and with JJ Abrams and Johnathan Nolan at the helm, I'm very excited to see where they go with it.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Community "Biology 101": AKA: Returning to Greendale

I'll admit got into Community late, I had every intention of watching during the first season, I even DVR-ed some of it, since I have loved Joel McHale ever since he started on The Soup. Somehow it never really worked out though and Community never made it into my TV rotation, until my best friend received her season two DVDs the weekend I happened to be staying with her. I have since eagerly devoured both seasons of the show and have been eagerly been awaiting season three.

Last night was back to school, of course I was in transit home while it aired because on top of long hours I have a crazy commute and for some reason NBC decided to move the show to 8pm. Naturally, the first thing I did when I got home was rush to couch and start it up.

Once again, Community didn't disappoint, opening with a musical day dream sequence, in which they all promise to be more normal. Troy and Abed announce that they have moved in together, please, please, please let us get to see some at home capers.

Pierce is back, wanting to reenter the study group and everyone seems ok with that, except Jeff. It's only when Jeff gets kicked out of Biology that he realizes the "magic of the table". Kudos to Pierce for falsely confessing to bribing the new professor, to make Jeff feel better about his freak out.

Chang, who was outed about his vent living situation, was hired as a school security guard in exchange for room and board. The thought of Chang back in a position of authority, makes me gleeful, there's just so much potential in that.

I just want to point out that the name of the "monkey knockout gas" was Chimpan-zzzs, brilliant. Also Annie and Jeff sang that they were "Going to sleep together", I'm really curious to see how that will play out, given that we know Jeff and Annie will become more romantically involved this season.

 I've always love the insanely awesome guest stars Community manages to get. John Oliver (The Daily Show), Kevin Corrigan (Grounded for Life), Jack Black (School of Rock), Betty White (The Golden Girls), Josh Holloway (Lost) among many other lesser known who I recognize and sqwee giddily over. Last night we were given, Michael K. Williams (The Wire) as Professor Kane, the gang's new former inmate turned biology teacher and John Goodman (Rosanne) as Vice Dean Laybourne, head of the school of air conditioning repair. Side bar confession, I have watched a lot of Rosanne and secretly love it, so see John Goodman back on my tv made me happy.

The introduction of these two characters, who are far less zany, but no less interesting than are usual Greendale faculty should provide a really interesting new dynamic. I can't wait to see the interactions between Dean vs. Vice Dean. It's definitely going to be an interesting year.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Awkward "No Doubt" : AKA: Matty is Finally Starting to Win Me Over...Just Not Completely

Seriously MTV, enough of this 11:30pm crap, don't you realize some of your Awkward Addicts have to get up for work in the morning?

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Last night was the last episode before the one hour season finale of Awkward, and honestly, I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to do without my Tuesday night entertainment.

 Thankfully, Jenna and Tamara made up, because I just couldn't take it anymore. Even better, Ming got to help patch them up, yeay Ming! I will admit I'm kinda disappointment that T's "I wrote the letter" confession was a total misdirect, having Tamara as the author was an interesting twist.

Jake finally told Lissa about The Kiss. Personally, I think the fact that he told her, when he clearly didn't have to, show just what a sweetheart he is. I know, it sounds weird calling a guy a sweetheart when he's admitting the fact that he cheated, but you get what I mean. He stepped up and took responsibility for his actions. Of course this wasn't taken well and culminated in Lissa publicly slapping Jenna across the face, but what made this moment so great is that she crossed herself and muttered a prayer before doing it, which perfectly illustrates how Awkward is able to walk the fine line between being pure comedy and pure drama.

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I have to admit, I actually feel a little bad for her. She's not really a bad person, just too easily lead by Saddie. She was basically willing to forgive Jake and in a truly Christian move wanted to turn the other cheek. It is only because of Saddie's pushing that she goes along with "testing" Jake and ultimately giving him the letter to read to Jenna. If not for Saddie, Jake and Lissa would probably still be together, at least for a little while longer.

This further illustrates just how much of a bitch Saddie is. Not only is she cruel and manipulative to others, but also to her "friends". Lissa seems to be Saddie's only "real" friend, given as she the only person we ever see her hang out with, aside from Jake and Matty, but I doubt she's really confiding in either of them.

Speaking of Matty, how adorable was he last night? Still all about Team Jake, but so feeling the Matty love lately. Seriously couldn't stop smiling when he actually asked her out. It was perhaps the most adorable interaction they ever had, the kinda moment that makes you wish you were, if only for that moment, Jenna Hamilton.

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 You really get the sense that family is really important to Matty, first with by how embarrassed he was by his brother, then by the fact that of all places to take Jenna to dinner he chose his Uncle's restaurant. His confession about how he never ever took a girl on a real date, coupled with how great he was with Ming & Tamara totally score him major points. It's nice to see Matty being more comfortable with who he is. And seriously Jenna needs to STOP over analyzing his every word/action. Ok, no she doesn't, because that's what you actually do when you have a crush, and  what makes the show so perfect is that it's so real.

But back to Jake, because it just wouldn't be right if I didn't throw in some Rosati love. He scored major points this week for not reading Jenna the letter, which was just another example of how he is to confident to be manipulated into doing something he feels is wrong. While he felt awful about cheating on Lissa, and was going above and beyond to make it up to her in an effort to not hurt her further, there were just somethings he refused to do. Unfortunately, under the guidance of Saddie, Lissa had found the one line she shouldn't cross.

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His impromptu apology was adorablely awkward and at the same time completely sincere. Making his breakup with Lissa all the more perfect. He really let her have it, poor thing didn't even realize what was happening. Grabbing his keys and leaving her and Saddie sitting in that beautiful car as he stormed off was just awesome.

I would like to point out the fact that Jenna didn't tell Matty that it was Jake at the door gives my little Jake/Jenna heart hope. If he really meant nothing more to her than a friend, then why wouldn't she tell Matty he had stopped by? It's not as though anything happened, and as they are friends there's no reason why he shouldn't stop by. Am I over analyzing? Probably, but I am refusing to give up the Jake/Jenna dream.

Next week we get the special one hour season finale, in which, unless Lauren Iungerich was lying to TV Line, we find out who wrote the letter AND who Jenna chooses. Words can not truly do justice to how giddy with anticipation I am!

Ringer "She's Ruining Everything": AKA: My Reflections on Buffy's New Life

So this week, I returned to give Ringer another shot and I was more or less pleased with the result. The show seems to be keeping momentum, which is a good.


I'm happy that we are getting a deeper look into Bridget, the parallel between herself and Juliet was a nice touch. The flashbacks seem less forced since she is watching Juliet make the same mistakes she did, making the decision to stay with Juliet, despite having more pressing concerns, you know, like a dead body in a trunk, a purse full of cash and a sexy hunk waiting to run away with her, shows a great growth in her character. Even though we have only caught a few glimpses of pre-recovery Bridget, the flashbacks and what she has told us, proves that she has grown as a person. The shot of Andrew watching Bridget comforting Juliet was almost heartwarming.

He really did care about Siobhan at some point, and whatever has happened to change their relationship doesn't seem to be his doing.

You have to wonder what kind of person Siobhan was. Clearly, cold and calculating, but why? What lead her down a path where she would want to kill her own sister? Because let's face it, at this point we're all thinking, Siobhan set Bridget up to be killed so she could run away to Paris for something. Does it have anything to do with Sean and whatever Bridget caused to happen to him?

The cell phone trick by the other hit man was pretty genius, and I have to admit I didn't really see the no body in the trunk coming, however once it had happened I had an, of course moment. Clearly Bridget isn't going to get caught this soon in the series.

Can we just take a moment, to discuss Bridget/Siobhan fashion this week? While last week I was coveting everything in Siobhan's closet, this week not so much. I was not feeling the black and gold number Bridget was wearing to the charity event. And although cute, who wears white to clean up a dead body? Especially when considering chopping it up with a circular saw....oh Bridget, you have so much to learn about getting away with things.. 

To be honest, I don't really care about the Gemma/Henry/Bridget triangle. I kinda wish Gemma would just find out so we can all move on, granted it isn't going to pretty, but she finds out, as we know she will from last week's preview, and so the sooner the better as far as I'm concerned.

I think we can all agree that Malcolm lucked out. I realize that the Native American Crime Boss out to kill him, is a connection to Bridget's past, but honestly I could do without that storyline. I do think he was right to tell Bridget to go to the police as Siobhan. I know, I know the gun was connected to her, but still, somewhere in my head I feel like it would have been a whole lot less stressful.

Speaking of stress, Bridget has GOT to learn to cover better. If I were Agent Machado I would definitely think she was up to something. Words can not express how adorable I found his rambling about the history of the loft by the way. It was a little thing, but it was the first clue we've gotten to anything about who he is.

And so Ringer has earned another week of viewing, I don't generally like soapy type shows, which Ringer definitely has the potential to become, but until then it looks as though I'm gonna keep tuning in.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Playboy Club: AKA: I Wanted to See What All the Fuss was About

I'll admit to the fact that I really didn't have an interest in NBC's The Playboy Club when I was first introduced to it during pilot season, despite an admitted fascination with Heff and the Playboy brand. I mean love it or hate it, you gotta admire a man who built up that large an empire. I mean it's not the life for everyone, but hey it's not so the life of a bunny is not such a bad existence, and let's face it, my theory is that everyone woman, whether she would actually do it or not, wants to be asked to pose for Playboy. Side bar Laura Bennanti definitely scored big with this show, she gets the cover and a spread in the month's Playboy, while clothed.

Anyway I didn't have any strong opinions on the show either way, until I found our Sean Maher was going to be on it. The thought of seeing Simon Tam on my tv screen was enough to make me check it out, even though I knew his role, at least in the pilot, was a small on.

So the show is set in the 1960's in Chicago, centered around The Playboy Club. Hugh Heffner does a voice over appearance for the episode which and coupled with the gorgeous sets and costumes, brings a sweet nostalgia for a "simpler time". Though as the show very quickly bring to reality there is no such thing as a "simpler time". There's sex, murder, the mob and even semi closeted homosexuality. Yes, The Playboy Club pacts a whole lot of "Look at me" in it's first episode.  Where it is gonna go from that, remains to be seen.

There were a few seller moments, most specifically when Nick is talking to Bunny Maureen in the alley and tells her he should kiss her to keep up their cover story. She reminds him that the new rule is that Bunnies can't date keyholders and his responds with "I don't recall asking you on a date," before laying one on her. I'm not entirely sure why that moment, of all the moments in the pilot, hooked me so much but it did. It was just so BAMF, with a little swoon worthy peppered in for good measure. I'm all for strong women, but sometimes a girl just wants the man to take them.

 Speaking of strong women, the show seemed to be lacking them, which is funny considering the amount of women featured on the show. The strongest female character seems to come in the form of Bunny Mummy Carolynn, who mostly just comes off as a bitch, who is constantly reminding people she is getting too old to be a Bunny, and it is just a bit sad. Almost like seeing a gymnast who has entered her early 20's lamenting she's too old, because her competition are younger.

There are plenty of secrets, Bunny Alice and her husband's double life, Bunny Maureen and Nick Dalton's cover up, whatever reason Bunny Jainie has for turning down her bar tender boyfriend, Max's proposal. All of which I assume will be further explored in future episodes but in all honesty, the pilot as a whole left me feeling lukewarm. Maybe I'll give the show another try, see how Sean's character flushes out if at all, but I highly doubt it's gonna be something I eagerly await to see the next episode.

Castle "Rise": AKA: My Most Anticipated Series Return

So I know this years big thing on Monday nights is supposed to be The Playboy Club, which is happily living on my DVR at the moment waiting for me to take a peek & see what all the fuss is about, and to be giddy over Sean Maher, of course.

Loyalties run deep though and prevented me from watching last night as it was also the season premiere of Castle. I remember watching the series premiere with my father four years ago. He told me I had to stay up and  watch this new series on ABC that was, as he put it, supposed to be "like Murder She Wrote, but with a guy". Of course the min. Nathan Fillion appeared on my screen I squeaked something about Captain Reynolds, and after that first episode, I was hooked. When eventually The Boy and I moved in together I got him hooked as well. Before our lovely DVR, we had a standing Monday night date to, no matter what, at 10pm be snuggled up on the couch watching Castle.

Needless to say, the season finale had us in shock, first with the involvement of the Captain in Kate's mother's murder and then his ultimate sacrifice while trying to protect her. Throw in Kate being shot at his funeral, I mean we all knew she wouldn't die but still it didn't look good for our beloved Kate, and it was a LONG four months.

So with the countdown finally over The Boy and I, armed with drinks & snacks & my laptop where we gathered in an I'm chat with four of my fave ladies, who had also been eagerly awaiting the premiere, to see what this season had is store for us.

They opened, after a quick refresher, where we'd left off, with Kate being rushed to the hospital, Laney frantically trying to keep her alive and getting pushed aside by the hospital staff. I think the most telling scene was in the those first few moments, seeing how everyone reacted to the situation, and how important Beckett was/is to them. Laney, usually so calm and collected was beside herself. Ryan and Esposito began almost immediately to focus on the only thing they knew they could do in the situation, which was to hunt the bastard down. Castle blamed himself, even Martha and Alexis seemed distraught. Then you have Josh, who had to start the procedure on her, which, um awful, who also blamed Castle for what had occurred. Anyone else really wanted Alexis to slug him for that?

After all that, and nice little fake out, a doctor comes out to let them all know, Kate has survived, shocker I know. When she is well enough for visitors, Castle, flowers in hand, rushes to see her. Of course Kate claims to not remember anything, including his declaration of love, which he after seeing her with Josh, doesn't remind her of. She tells him she needs a few days and will call him.

Meanwhile a mysterious man, who's mailbox goes by the name Smith, receives the package went out by Captain Montgomery before his finally stand off. We learn the package consists of information on Kate's mother's murder & the conspiracy behind it, it was the Captain's insurance envelope.

Cut to three months later, Kate's return to the precinct. Ryan and Esposito greet her like two happy puppies. Have I mentioned how much I love those two? I also find it beyond endearing that although she clearly hadn't contacted either of them while she was out, they both assumed she'd be in close contact with Castle, and were genuinely surprised when she said she hadn't spoken to him.

They fill her in about the new Captain, who has Ryan all paranoid, which is somehow beyond adorable. Captain Victoria "Iron" Gates, seems to have been terrorizing the precinct in Kate's absence. Having coming with a background that includes IA, she runs "her precinct" by the book, and demands to be addressed as "Sir" or "Captain". Ok, the whole sir thing, kinda bothers me. It is as if she is saying that a woman can't be strong and authoritative. I wouldn't call myself a feminist, and I understand that it is often hard for a woman in a traditionally male dominated job, but that really irks me, she should be proud to be a powerful female, not attempt to squash it. Plus she kicked Castle out of the precinct, and although from a "cop" point of view it makes sense, don't mess with my Castle lady! You just know when Kate handed her the target to reapply for her gun that the whole time she was shooting she was picturing Gates.

Ryan and Esposito go off on a fresh homicide case, which gives us our second storyline, and we learn Kate hasn't been in contact with Laney either. Ok, so I understand why she'd be afraid to call Castle, but Laney? Come on, Beckett!

Meanwhile, Kate shows up at Castle's book signing, where our usually plucky leading man seems more and more depressed with each signature. Naturally, he's hurt and more than a little  pissed she hasn't called, and she all but flat out tells I'm just not ready to be in a relationship yet, so please wait. I have to say I was impressed that Castle told her off, rather than just pretend the lack of communication was no big deal. Ironically, it was he who was out of contact after the first season, though admittedly circumstances were different then.

Once things are patched up for the time being, Castle much to the annoyance of Gates, gets himself reassigned to the precinct. Not as if there was any doubt, I mean if he didn't there wouldn't really be a show, would there. Mystery man calls up Castle, telling him that for her safety Kate needs to back off of her mother's case, and naturally the crew solve our B-storyline case.

Really this episode wasn't about what was happening, but rather how the characters were handling the situations. It's rare that Kate allows her venerability to show through, but last night we were able to see that the Captain's death, her shooting and even Castle's confession have really thrown her for a loop. She froze a bit when faced with a gun, by the way how cute was Castle's pep-talk to her during the final gun scene?, and she broke down to Castle about her need to see her mother's case through.

Castle also isn't dealing with the whole Kate's-near-death-situation very well either, it was revealed at the end of the show that he has his very own, high-tech, murder board in his home office. I am praying that they don't decide to make him go all obsessive.

Ryan and Esposito both really stepped it up in this week's episode, they were really given the chance to shine in Beckett's absence, stepping up and doing everything possible to find the shooter. Despite the threat of loosing their jobs, they still have been working tirelessly for Beckett. 

Even Alexis was deeply affected, practically begging her father not to go back to the precinct, as he was standing right next to Beckett, it could have been him.

I have to admit I would have liked to have seen Josh have more of an exit than Kate merely telling Castle that they were no longer together, I get that it wasn't really a necessary scene, but after all he did save her life, not once but twice. Remember in "Countdown" when he is responsible for saving both her and Castle from Hypothermia?

I found it really interesting that they didn't wrap everything up this episode, really we are no further along in Beckett's mother's case than we were four months ago, and while that is slightly frustrating, it's what makes the show so good. Wrapping everything that has been building for three years in two episodes would have been hollow, a quick fix. Once again we are left to wonder what exactly is going on, and I, for one, can not wait until next week.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Spiderman Turn Off the Dark: AKA: Spider-Matt

Spider-Matt (Photo Credit:
There is some thing that makes me positively giddy when very talented people get to showcase their awesomeness. It's partially why I was/am a bit of a theatre junkie, an understudy junkie. Back in the day the gals and I would drop everything at a moments notice to attempt to make it in and see an understudy in our fave shows.

Where as most people would get upset over seeing the understudy, and I admit to occasionally have been among those people, when Tim Curry was out when I saw Spamalot, I was genuinely heartbroken, but a majority of the time, we rejoiced. Understudies mean getting to see a whole new take on a familiar character, or in some cases an old favorite. I'm pretty sure the staff at The Nederlander Theatre thought we were all insane when we flocked to the lotto on Halloween 2002, because we all knew that Joey Fatone had taken the night off to go trick-or-treating with his daughter, and that meant Matt Caplan would be going on as Mark in RENT. The announcement of Joey's absence was meet with a rousing chorus of "YES!".
Photo Credit:
Over the years, lack of time and disposable income has severely lessened my one almost weekly theatre trips. I still try to go to as much theatre as possible, but now I have to REALLY want to go, or know someone in it.

Back in March, I went to see Spiderman: Turn Off The Dark to experience the train wreck for myself. The cast included several familiar faces including Jennifer Damiano, Joshua Kobak, but more importantly Matt Caplan. I have been in awe of Matt's talent since way back in the day. I realize that sounds ridiculously corny when written out like that, but that is the best way I can think to explain it. I've seen the man play nearly every male track in RENT as well as seeing him in several other shows, and a multitude of gigs. Whether at The Wreck Room, which was literally a hole in the ground or swankified Joe's pub if Cappy was playing, the gals and I were there.

For the record we are/never were stalkers. Never followed anyone home, got mad/upset about their love lives, imposed ourselves on an actor or anything of that. We did take a lot of pictures...but it was also a different time, and I know I'm dating myself here, but twitter did not exist and facebook was only for colleges. We didn't need to know their every moves, but I'd be lying if I said when they mentioned something "personal" you didn't get the giddy feeling of being "special" for them feeling comfortable enough around you to talk anything other work. We're not crazy, just insanely loyal and supportive.

Despite the fact that I constantly preached it, for a long time I had a hard time remembering that actors, Broadway, TV, Movie and so on, are just regular people. Something about their talent and my adoration of their dedication, and perseverance. I do a pretty good job faking it though.

Photo Credit:
Some things you never grow out of. There are still certain people who's success make me giddy, and I am often loyal to a fault. Which is why the past two Saturdays have found me sitting in the Foxwoods Theatre on 42nd street, seeing Spiderman: Turn Off The Dark, for a second and third time. Which was two more times then I ever intended to. As I said back in March,"It def falls into the well I'm glad I saw that, but don't really have a need to see it again (the one exception being if Matty Cap should ever go on as spidy because let's face it I'm nothing if not loyal)." To be honest I thought the show would be closed WAY before he ever had a chance to put on the iconic blue and red spidy suit, a lot of people did. But about a month ago he made an announcement, via facebook, that he would be going on at four separate matinees. So I was now going to have to eat my words.
I do believe I may have been giddy with glee, swept over with a weird sense of pride for his accomplishments. Do I really have a reason to be "proud"? I mean, it's not as though I really had anything to do with his career accomplishments, and yet when you have supported someone for so long it comes with the territory. Believe it or not Mr. Caplan, be it his performances, gigs, of simple his music, has been present in my life for the better part of almost a decade, which is why in the past two weekends, I have shelled out way more than I intended too, woken up far to early and found myself seated in the Foxwoods theatre viewing the theatrical event that is Spiderman: Turn Off The Dark.

There have been significant changes to the show. Poor T.V. Carpio's role of Arachni has been chopped down to nothing. There are more/better fight scenes, and the scenery and special effects are really breathtaking. But while the show is 100 times better than what it once was, as a shown not so great. The songs really aren't that memorable and the plot is thin. Also I was a little annoyed at the change to Peter Parker's decision to turn to crime fighting. I won't spoil it for those who haven't seen it, but removing the small detail that they did took aways something.
Photo Credit:
Still, sitting there in the audiance looking up at the vast stage full of scenery, at someone I had know for many years soaring out across the audiance, I couldn't stop smiling. Sure the show, still, needs plenty of work, and unless it was to see someone/something specific I will not be seeing that show ever again, but I just couldn't help myself. Matt's voice sounded beautiful, and his acting was spot on.

I guess part of me will always be a theatre-geek, part of me will always rush off to see the actors I admire taking the stage, because watching Matt up on that stage, beaming during the curtain calls, there was nowhere else I wanted to be.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Awkward "My Super Bittersweet Sixteen": AKA: Way to Go Matty

So this week, Jenna is stuck dealing with the aftermath of last week's party. Tamara is still not speaking to her, and Ming is just not speaking, a online comment at the beginning of the episode informs us that she has mono, so no Ming in this episode.

Could someone please explain to me what the writers have against  Ming? She was set up in the first episode to be one of Jenna's two best friends, yet we're in episode nine now and we've hardly seen her. I know they mentioned that Ming felt left out in The Scarlet Eye, but at the end of the episode even though Jenna said she needed to include Ming more, and seemed to be mending the bridge, that was the end of it.
Photo Credit:

But back to last nights episode, for a moment, I thought that Tamara was coming around when she went to talk to Ricky after the game. Clearly even she could see that Ricky was a dog, and how ridiculous it was for her to be ice queening Jenna, while totally forgiving him. However that didn't exactly work out as planned and basically proved that when it comes to boys and relationships, T is just a dumb girl.

I'm actually a little surprised that Jenna didn't seem all that mad at T. I mean sure Jenna messed up, tho in an altered state, but Tamara wrote the letter. Jenna was all about reconciliation, and while I realize that Tamara is/was her best friend, that letter was WAY harsh. Would a real friend really write that and send it anonymously? She said it was shock, but personally I don't know that I would be so ready to forgive someone for that.

So not only is Jenna dealing with the lack of friends in her life, but guess what, it's her birthday!! Happy Sweet Sixteen Jenna!

Photo Credit:
Of course things don't go well, where would the fun in that be? She starts the day off by failing her driver's test, due to the discretion of an instructor with hook hands. I swear to you I can't make this shit up, but luckily for us their writers can. Things seem to be going from bad to worse for Jenna, she's humiliated by an over eager Valerie, gotten her "monthly gift", thus ruining her pants and forcing her to wear her gym shorts for the rest of the day, her mother is refusing to come get her, Sadie is back and bitchier than ever this week, oh and Matty? Well, he's acting all weird since Jenna ripped him a new one at the party. Not even her lucky socks, rainbow striped knee highs, which I LOVED by the way, could make things better.

In fact the only person, Val aside, who seems to be nice to her is our beloved Jake. He invites her to sit with him, and consequently Matty and Sadie, at lunch. He invites her to the "big game" after school and actually looks excited when she shows up. Not to mention that he invites her to come with to the after party and then when Sadie throws a mini bitchy hissy fit that Jenna isn't invited, he goads Matty into giving Jenna a ride so she's no longer stuck waiting to be picked up. Seriously, even after this supposed lecture, Jake is still a total sweetheart. What's more, he doesn't seem to be acting like that because he has ulterior motives. Sure he has feelings for her, and really they SHOULD be together, but it seems, at least in last night's episode anyway. That he respects her "wishes" to just be friends, and is treating her no differently than any of his other friends.

Side bar, Brett Davern, who plays Jake, tweeted that during the episode: "for the record there used to be a line at the game where jake simply compliments jenna on her socks, matty just chucks 'em"...further illustrating my point that Jake likes Jenna for who she is and not afraid to be different, thus clearly making him the superior choice for her. Just saying.

Photo Credit:
Jenna gets home and sees her mother has surprised her by redoing her room. Lacey is beyond excited and it's actually quite endearing. Sure it may not be what Jenna wanted, but it is exactly what Lacey wanted at that age and so naturally, since in many ways she's still a kid herself, she thinks that there can be no greater gift for a sixteen year old girl. Although the mirror over the bed is totally in appropriate, it's almost sweet in how innocent Lacey is about it, claiming the best part about a mirror on the ceiling is that you can do your make-up in bed.

Ok, first things first I am still a full blown card carrying member of Team Jake, that being said, credit must be given this week to Mr. Matty McKibben for stepping it up. As I said last week, basically everything Jenna said was true. I mean, maybe he didn't think he was too good for her, but he certainly acted like it. So it was a great scene in the car where he admitted that she was right and that it had hurt so much more coming from her because of how much he admired her.

Photo Credit:
 I love the fact that all the characters on the show actually have some growth to them. It would be so easy with a show like this to just have a bunch of stereo typical characters, the loser, the jock, the self absorbed mom, the bitch cheerleader, but not once while watching the show do I ever feel that way. Sure, some of the characters do things we don't like, but we are always given little glimpse as to why they are what they are, Sadie is a raging bitch, but it's mostly because she doesn't like herself. Matty can be kind a jerk, but it's b/c he's so insecure.

Despite being all about a Jake/Jenna relationship, even I found it endearing when Matty showed up at Jenna's confessing he wanted to be more than friends, giving Jenna the one thing she's always wanted.

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Ringer: AKA: Buffy is BACK!

Photo Credit: Art Streiber CW ©2011 The CW Network, LLC.

So as I sat on my bed, the couch having been commandeered by the boy and his brother who had gotten home before me (curses!!!) I couldn't help but notice all the small details that really seem to make this a more sophisticated show. Well, more sophisticated then other CW shows, which is not surprising as it was originally made for CBS.

They are really playing up the "mirror image" aspect of the show. From the very beginning when Bridget is asking Siobhan for forgiveness, the two are standing in front of what appears to be a hall of mirrors, which creates a really cool effect of further multiplying them. From there on, it's like every other scene seems to feature a shot showing a mirror, eventually ending with Siobhan in Paris touching a mirror next to her and creating the duel image of herself, which we've seen in all the promo ads. It definitely makes for some interesting/beautiful shots. It's finally happened, I've gone all film geek...le sigh.

So, I knew the pilot going in, one of the perks/curses of working in my industry...auditioning people, often creates giant spoilers. I have to say though, visually the show was beautiful. The costumes, sets and even the framing of the show is just breath taking. On a completely unrelated note, if anyone can tell me who the artist who did the cover of Chicago's "25 or 6 to 4" that played while Bridget was telling Malcolm how she took over her sister's life, will get my undying love and appreciation.

Props to Sarah Michelle Gellar for being able to create two clearly different character with the twins, not an easy task, but she makes it appear almost effortless. Also, I found it oddly fascinating watching her, a woman who I grew up with playing such a bad ass, playing roles where she ran from people. Siobhan, for reasons still unknown, picked up and ran away to Paris. Bridget ran away from Wyoming, then from her attacker in the loft. She definitely did a good job in picking an entirely new vehicle to return to the small screen in. These two women, while strong in their own rights, are no Buffy Summers.

As for the plot, I'm curious to see where they are going to go with this. Now that they've revealed that Siobhan wasn't as sweet and innocent as Bridget perceived her to be. There are several different paths they could go down. After all, we were introduced to a whole slew of characters tonight, not just Bridget and Siobhan but also her best friend Gemma, step-daughter Juliet and more importantly, the all the yummy men gracing the screen with them. Seriously if you ladies like eye candy, this show's a good one. Oh, Nestor your eyes are still divine, and I have missed them. Each and every person has there own stories and secrets waiting to be told.While the story is truly about Bridget and Siobhan, it would be foolish not to delve a bit deeper into the lives of the other characters.

While I'm still not entirely sure of whether or not this will be added to my permanent tv line up, I'll  definitely be tuning in next week for more. One things for sure, Ringer is starting out as a thrill ride, that promises twists and turns every step of the way.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fall Television: AKA: It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

CW Ringer Promo Photo

While I love that summer brings cute outfits unburdened by coats, and winter brings the holidays, my favorite season by far is Fall. Fall bring a lot of my favorite things, Halloween (probably my favorite holiday), yummy pumpkin flavored treats (lattes, muffins, beer and more), Hoodie weather, and the opportunity to start wearing knee high socks and skirts (one of my fave combos...I own far more knee socks than anyone my age probably should) and boots (my foot wear of choice).

Most importantly though, the fall signals the beginning of NEW tv shows, and new episodes of returning favorites. Huzzah! My view schedule kicks off tonight with CW's  Ringer, starting Sarah Michelle Gellar and Nester Carbonell at 9pm....Wait..Tuesdays at 9pm? Anyone else having Buffy flashbacks here?

TV Guide describes the show as:

Ringer (CW) 
Premieres: Tuesday, Sept. 13 at 9/8c
Sarah Michelle Gellar's back! And this time, there's two of her! Gellar plays twins Bridget and Siobhan — both decidedly un-Buffy-like — in this mystery thriller that was originally developed for CBS. Bridget, a recovering alcoholic, is on the run from some baddies and decides to hide out by taking the identity of her wealthy twin sis, who is thought to be dead. Turns out taking on Siobhan's persona puts Bridget in a very different kind of danger. Lost alum Nestor Carbonell co-stars, but don't expect any sci-fi stuff, à la Lost and Buffy, on Ringer. "No hatch! No island!" Gellar says. 
I have to admit I am excited to have SMG back on my television screen each week. I'm even more excited to see her taking on a more grown up/non campy role. Don't get me wrong I LOVED Buffy the Vampire Slayer, still do and always will, but let's be honest here, she can't play high school forever. Since the show ended, and I get that she took time "off" to travel and be with family, which isn't a bad thing at all, but there hasn't been much that she has done that made me really excited, TMNT being the exception, because I am a huge dork.  So I am excited to see her take on new more complex character. Also, seeing Nestor Carbonell's gorgeous lashes grace my tv screen again, is a welcome addition to my fall line up.

There are plenty of other shows I'm eagerly anticipating. I'm sure after a few episodes some of the newer shows may fall to the wayside, but as of now, here's how my nights are looking:

Once Upon a Time (10/23)

Pan Am (9/25)
Homeland (10/2)

Terra Nova

Heart of Dixie

Playboy Club (9/19)


Ringer (9/13)
The New Girl (9/20)


American Horror Story (10/5)
Psych (10/2)


Person of Interest
Bones (11/3)


Winter Premieres I'm eagerly awaiting:
Apt 23
The Finder
Good Christian Belles
The River
Like I said I'm sure I'll fizzle out on  some of these, as every year I start off with and overly ambitious schedule, which inevitably gets trimmed down, but I am so glad that this year is offering a ton of new shows that I'm actually excited to see.

For a full calendar of fall premiers, you can download you're copy of the "Official JOpinionated 2009 Fall TV Calendar" here, created by the amazing Jo Garfein.
Tonight you will find me curled up on the couch with a bowl of popcorn kicking off the new fall season.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

10 Year Anniversary of 9-11: AKA: Never Forget

Photo Credit: Tweeted by @cjHANKE

With it being the 10th anniversary of September 11th, and being as I have either worked, or lived in New York all my life, I felt I should write something.  It almost goes without saying that if you were old enough to remember anything that day, you remember exactly where you were and what you were doing when it happened.

I was 17, a senior in high school and in Physics class, which translates to I was zoning, while my  teacher droned on about something I neither understood or cared to. I had been forced to take the class since I had wanted to give up taking Spanish.  It was a lab day and so I was being forced to spend two periods learning things, that to this day, I have never had a need for in my adult life. At some point during the first portion of the class, an announcement was made over the PA asking for members of "the crises team" to come down to the auditorium. I remembered we all sort of paused, but as none of us really knew what the hell that was, class went on as usual. It was during the break, when I fled the classroom to meet my best friend, at the time, in the hallway that I even knew what had happened.  Her social studies teacher had gotten a call while in class, his brother worked at the towers and so he had immediately turned on the tv, despite the ban that administration had placed.

Where as the live news was broadcasting on every tv in the neighboring school where my mother worked, my school cut our cable, and wasn't giving us any information. I guess they were trying to protect us, for even just a little while longer, from an event that would forever change our lives. The seniors though had, off campus privileges and so most kids were out in their cars listening to the radio, or up the block at Dunkin Doughnuts on their free periods, and information was passed through the school by word of mouth. I remember when someone reported in 5th period, I was in Math, yet another of my not so favorite subjects, that the first tower fell, that we all thought they'd were wrong, surely they had misheard something. I  went to school on LI, so not all that far from the city, a lot of people, myself included, had one or both parents who worked in the city. I remember very clearly the the feelings of dread as a hazy smoke settled across the field behind our school, told you we were close. The whole day was fuzzy, school still held classes as if things were "normal" but no one, teachers included felt like doing much. Since no one's cell phone worked kids periodically disappeared from classes to use the office phones and see if they could get a hold of a relative to make sure everyone was ok.  At the end of the day, there was an assembly in the auditorium, our principal gave an abridged version of what had happened, at least to the best of his knowledge at the time, and told us that the school would be open late for anyone who couldn't go home.

I went home with my best friend at the time, we met up with her guy she was dating who went to the catholic all boys school in our town, and went back to her house. When we got there we turned on the tv in her living room. That was the first time I saw the images, the images that would repeat numerous times through out the next few weeks, and be shown for years to come.

Being as it is the 10th anniversary, people have been on edge, especially with the terror threat reported earlier this week. I, of course had plans to be in the city this weekend, and since I am the type of person who believes in what is supposed to happen will, I found myself both on the LIRR from Queens and the  NJ Transit from Penn today. I must admit, although there were tons of security and  far less people then on a "normal" late morning early Sunday afternoon, NY Penn station was still bustling with activity, and people going about there lives. It made me smile, and reminded me that we are strong, we will not cower in fear.

Will will carry on and be the better for it. What happened a decade ago was a terrible tragedy, today my heart and thoughts go out to those who were lost and those they left behind. It is important we honor those lost, as well as those overseas, and at home, fighting for our continued freedom. We must always remember.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Awkward "The Aventures of Aunt Ally and the Lil' Bitch" AKA: The Bomb Gets Dropped

So I'll admit I wasn't 100% in love with last night's episode till the big reveal.

I am warning you now if you haven't yet watched last night's episode, GO DO IT NOW, spoilers ahead.

Photo Credit:
So Jenna's dad goes out of town and her mother's best friend, and possibly the world's worst influence, Ally comes to visit. In order to spice things up, Lacey and Ally decide to help Jenna throw an EPIC party, which she initially resists, even after Tamara's urging, that is until Matty calls asking what time he should be there.

Pre-party, Ally and Lacey give a make-over, and Ally slips Jenna a "beta-blocker" to loosen her up. A little wary at first as she'd already started drinking, Jenna is quickly convinced to just take the pill. I'm sure you all know this is not gonna end well.

The party seems to be in full swing, when Jenna opens the door to see Jake and Matty standing there. Which sidebar, although I can buy Sadie not going, how the hell did Jake make it there without Lissa? She seems to me like the kinda girl who'd want to know where her b/f is at all times AND with her jealousy over Jenna, I don't care how much she hates her, there would be NO WAY in hell Lissa'd let Jake go to her party without her.

So after a blurry shot of Jenna "greeting" Jake & Matty, we cut to Jenna waking up the next morning, groggy with almost no memory of what happened the night before. A very hung over Ally informs her she attacked some guy with her tongue, causing Jenna to freak, since Ally has no idea who the boy was, and Jenna can't remember if it was Jake or Matty. Was anyone else ridiculously rooting for it to have been Jake? And for some reason Tamara isn't picking up her phone.

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A pissed off Lacey comes in & informs the two the have 5hrs to clean before Jenna's dad gets home so they need to hop to it. I have to say, though it was nice to see Lacey step it up for once and act like a "real" parent. She completely reams Ally out for having given Jenna the pill. For all her kooky antic/suggestions, throwing a rager, suggesting Jenna get breast implants, she really does want her daughter to have a better life. Plus her moment in the car with Jenna, reassuring her was great. Maybe she isn't as self absorbed as she seems, ok that may be a stretch, but you get the idea.

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Okay, I just wanna throw it out there that drunken recall does not work like that, especially not drugged-up drunken recall, no one sees an item and the has a perfectly clear remembrance of what occurred, however for the purpose of tv exposition I am willing to let that slide.  However I am getting more and more annoyed that in reality we never really SEE much of what happens between Jake and Jenna, we are only told about it later. Examples being, the time spent together the party where they first truly bonded, of course Jake told us in the next episode, he had a really great time and it was the best party of the night, but we never really found out what went on. Then there was the phone call where the discussed the kiss, it's mentioned in the episode that "everything was cool" when they talked, but what exactly was said? Now we add in the "lecture" she supposedly gave him. Listen, I understand, it's a tv show, and a half hour one at that, so clearly we are not going to see everything, I get it, however she had TOTAL recall of her Matty convo, couldn't we at least get a snippet of her supposed lecture of Jake. I mean honestly how do we know she even gave him a lecture? The only part we actually got to see was her telling Jake he's like the nicest guy she's ever I think Jake would lie to her? Not really, and I don't think they hooked up, but he seemed a little too collected to have been lectured, just saying...maybe there is more to this...

Speaking of the Matty total recall...I personally think he's being a bit of a baby.  Ok, so maybe the things Jenna said were a little harsh, but lets be honest, it was all true. Or if not completely true in his intentions, it's what he's actions seem to be saying. So while, I'm sure it stung, sometimes the truth hurts...grow a pair Matty.

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So now that we've established Jenna made out with neither Matty nor Jake, who could it be? And here is where the real shit starts to hit the's none other than Ricky Schwartz, Tamara's obsession...erm I mean crush/date/whatever. I feel it is important to note that in the picture Ricky has Jenna against the wall and she isn't touching him, well with anything other than her lips. My theory is he made the move not her, and she was in too much of a drunk/drugged-up stupor to stop herself.

Obvi Jenna feels AWFUL, and tries, by going to visit her with a box of doughnuts, to apologise to Tamara for what happened, but T ain't buying it. She claims Jenna thinks she better than everyone now. I get the fact that she's hurt and she has every right to be upset, however the claim that Jenna, by her new associations, thinks she's too good for anyone is just ludicrous.

Photo Credit:
Tamara has been the one pushing Jenna into this new social group, she made her go to Lissa's gathering, which Jenna brought her with by the way, has been fully fueling the Matty/Jenna relationship, telling her to go for it and not to DTR too soon. She was the one begging for Jenna to throw the party when Jenna originally resisted. As far as we have been lead to believe there was one incidents, the lunch with Olivia and Matty, that Jenna chose anyone over Tamara in any sort of social setting, so really the "too good for" claim is unfounded and therefore in my mind makes T's argument invalid. But then she dropped the MOTHER LOAD... "I'm so glad I wrote you that letter."

Seriously I don't think i fully processed anything that happened after Tamara's confession. I just wanna point out that I TOTALLY called it like 3 weeks ago. Honestly though, I screamed "WHAT?" out loud at my tv, which is what good tv does to you.

Next week it's Jenna's birthday, and things appear to be well awkward with Matty, Jake AND Tamara, add in Val's rapping cake presentation and this promises to be a birthday Jenna won't soon forget.