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Monday, October 10, 2011

Homeland: AKA: Mandy's Back!

 So it may have taken me a little while to get to it, but this weekend I finally sat down to watch the pilot episode of Showtime's Homeland.  I have to admit that I was really looking forward to having Mandy Patinkin, back on my tv. The series is an interesting twist on post 9/11 America security. A solider comes home, after being kept as a P.O.W. for eight years. Claire Danes, who plays our flawed heroine, Carrie Anderson, has reason to believe that he has been turned, and begins on an obsessive quest to prove it. Mandy Patinkin plays her mentor/only friend.

Of course being on Showtime, there are a few moments of random "Look Nakedness!", but as long as that doesn't bother you, it's really is a great show. The characters are complex and interesting, and let's face it, the idea that one of our own can be turned is a very disconcerting one.

I'll defiantly be tuning into Homeland again, so far it's off to a very promising start.

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