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Friday, October 14, 2011

Community "Remedial Chaos Therapy": AKA: Creating Six Alternate Time Lines

Tonight's episode of Community is a perfect example of just awesome this show is. It takes a random event such as a house warming for our beloved Troy and Abed, and turn it into something that resembled the ending of Clue.

Let's take a quick moment to discuss just how awesome Troy and Abed apartment really is, the Andy Warhol-esq painting of them, the pictures of their various shenanigans hanging upon the wall, the freakin replica of the Indiana Jones bolder scene? It's truly a place you'd want to hang out. I totally echo Annie's sentiment of loving their apartment, does that mean I can come live there too, Abed? Please?

I found it really interesting that there are some things that remain the same in all time lines. Jeff always hits his head on the fan, and Pierce always mentions his airplane bathroom hook up.

Every possible role of the die creates a different timeline, some darker than others. The "correct time" line  however occurs when Abed stops the rolling of the die and it is Jeff goes to get the pizza. It seems that this is also the time that the group is happiest, goofing off and dancing. Once again we are reminded that these people have come together as a family, who need each other.

Last night's episode proves that even in its third season Community is still as fresh as ever. Dan Harmon proves time and time again that a half hour comedy can still be smart and funny.

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