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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Awkward "Over My Dead Body" AKA: Shit's Getting Real...

So last night's Awkward gave Jenna, and us, a lot to processes. Jenna's epic performance as "Dead Stacy", her standing up to Matty, Jake's crash side confession, seriously things are going down.

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First off there was the whole "Matty shunned me in front of his brother" episode. This may be the first and last time I ever say this but, she needs to give him a break. At least as far as this incident is concerned. His brother was clearly bombed, and thus acting a bit creepy to boot. It was easy to see how embarrassed, and slightly horrified even, Matty was of his brother's behavior. While his reaction wasn't the ideal way of handling the situation, it is completely understandable. Jenna needs to cut him a little slack on this one. Oh and if that is how older McKibben acts all the time, then Olivia deserves SO much better...just saying.

Ok, it has to be said how amazingly, cringe worthy awkward was the convo between Jake and Jenna about Dead Stacy outside of Val's office? A perfect reminder of how gut wrenchingly awkward it is to be a teenager in "like like".

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Plus Valerie was hysterical, though she's a total scatter brain, her heart is always in the right place and her protective side over Jenna and her well being is mega endearing. Sidebar, where the hell did Val think she was getting a "Zima" from. As far as I know they discontinued it due to low sales, I think they still make it Japan though...

Jake's confession that he thinks he "like likes" her to Jenna during CRASH'D made me to squee out loud and happy clap. While I admit I think it might have been more fun if they hadn't opened this door so quickly. Lissa's outrageous reactions to Jenna and Jake's interactions were WAY funnier when the were completely unfounded.

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And even though I am SO Team Jake, I can't help but start to feel bad for Lissa. I mean think about it, her current boyfriend, luckily unbeknownst to her, just told another girl he thinks he has feelings for them. That just sucks, especially since her only crime is being a ditz who is easily manipulated by the queen of mean, Ms. Sadie Saxton. But enough of the Lissa pity party, back to what really matters.

Team Jake! Although, he didn't exactly pick the best moment to reveal it, Jake finally did it. He told Jenna, "I think I like like you". Honestly it's the most adorable of word vomit I have ever seen. He was seriously almost spazzing before the show, and when he finally couldn't take it anymore, he laid it all on the line. Of course, I would have LOVE to see him do this at a more appropriate time, you know where Jenna could have given him an actual response, that would not have served the story as well, because, honestly, what is more awkward than an unanswered declaration of "like like"? Which by the way was the perfect choice of words for Jake to use, kudos to the writers for that one.

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And although in that moment before the curtain rises, Jenna seems to contemplate her feelings for Jake, of course once the play is ended with a show stopping  kiss between Jenna and Tamara, Jenna is all about Matty again, and the attention he is giving her. Stupid girl.

Next weeks promo promises that Jenna either makes out with Matty or Jake while in a boozy haze...I find it interesting that the "drunk party" episode is airing the week after the "drinking awareness" episode. More importantly there are only five more episodes people! Five, until we, supposedly, learn who Jenna picks...[Just remember Jenna the correct answer is Jake].

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