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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Franklin & Bash "Go Tell it on the Mountain": AKA: Saying Goodbye...

Last night I heard a phrase that made me sadder than I have in a long time, regarding pop culture at least, "Look for all new episodes of Franklin & Bash next summer."

NEXT SUMMER?!? I was perfectly aware that last night was their season finale, but when you put it that was it just seems so far away. It left me with a void in my life, whatever will I do till then? How will I survive a full year with out the plucky antics of Franklin & Bash, or more importantly without a weekly dose of Zack and Travis? Honestly, is there a support group for this kinda thing? Ok, enough mellow dramatics, on to the show.

So as we were shown in last week's teaser, Stanton is arrested for the murder of his best friend Gibson Hawk, who "disappeared" on a summit climb of Mt. McKinley.

Peter and Bash are meeting with Ultimo, a wrestler of a luchador league and his daughter, Amelia about a case. Jarred obviously has a thing for Amelia.  The owners of the league claim Ultimo is too old and they want him to throw a fight and be damasked on television. He refuses, claiming the mask and the character are part of who he is.

The boys are summoned to the office, where they meet New York partner Brett Cayman, who informs them all that Stanton is in jail for murder. Of course, Peter and Jarred are on the case, with the addition of Karp.

Thankfully everything gets resolved, because honestly, if I had to wait a whole year to find out what happens I would have been pissed. So here we have it the first ever season finally of Franklin & Bash. The show is still silly irreverent, innuendo laced fun. The fact that they've done a complete 180 on Karp and the boys' relationship was evident in this final episode more than others. Peter was quick to defend Karp's skill to the evil Brett (who has some ulterior motives for helping out), and Karp has no complaints as to Peter and Jarred  handling his uncle's case.

Hanna was finally back this week, and she and Infield had a heartwarming chat near the end of the episode, about how he wants her to be his successor, if and when he decides to step down.  Even though she asked him to explain why, I'm not really sure the reason, but you know good for Hanna.

Jarred finally got some action, huzzah! I mean we got a taste of him getting it on with Hanna, but that was in the first episode, Peter has gotten far more loving in that time. Also Jarred getting action employs short girls!!! As a short girl myself this makes me giddy.

The casting over this season has been spectacular, and last night was no exception. Tricia Helfer was awesome as power hungry Brett, and Danny Trejo as the Spanish wrestler made my night. I may or may have cried out "Predator Meat!" at the sight of him...only those of you who have seen Predators will fully understand that.

Over the past few months the show has become one of my favorites. Definitely classified as must see for me. The chemistry and timing is perfect, and with all the doom and gloom on tv lately, don't get me wrong I adore shows like NCIS and Criminal Minds, but it's nice to have a silly fun show you can laugh at on the air. Plus any show that allows us to see grown up versions of Zack and Travis is fantastic in my book.

Honestly I can not wait til it returns....

Karp and Infield

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