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Friday, August 26, 2011

Hurricane Havoc: AKA: Everyone on the East Coast is Prepping for STORMAGEDDON

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So I am not an alarmist, personally I feel b/c everyone is getting OOBER prepared that the impending doomsday, Hurricane Irene will not be all that awful. Sure there will be wind and rain and such, but I'm not getting myself into any sort of panic.

I was more annoyed than alarmed by the announcement of the shutting down of public transportation. It was the announcement that Broadway shows are canceled for this weekend that made me take pause. I know, I know, I'm odd.

While I will be prepared, I have candles and bottled water and such, this whole end of the world thing seems a bit ridic to me. I feel it all creates more panic then good. I am more so annoyed by the fact that it means I may not get to go home till Monday or Tuesday of next week, doesn't Mother Nature know I'm running out of contacts here?

I shall be prepared and safe, but I refuse to cash in on all the hoopla. So I'm without power a couple of days, is that really so bad? People survived before electricity, it will be an annoyance yes, but survivable.

So really even if we have a ridiculous storm on our hands, people need to chill. So get home safely, pop open some booze, and stay safe, stay prepared and most importantly stay sane.

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