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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Family Vaca 2011.....

I know I'm about a weeks behind on Alphas and Awkward, but thankfully they have been DVR-ed and so I will be partaking in those later tonight. The reason I'm so far behind would be for the first time, since I was a teenager, I participated in a Family Vacation.

It's been a few years since I've taken an actual vacation, even longer than since I've had a family vaca. The boy was of course invited to come along, but being as he is spending this week in Las Vegas with his boys, getting two weeks off in a row was not an option.

Further proof that I am ruined by pop culture, I have always thought that working at a beach resort for the summer must be. Part of me thinks this comes from watching WAY too much Saved By The Bell as a child. I mean come on, didn't we all want to work at The Malibu Sands? Speaking of which..I am DEVASTATED that Busted Tees discontinued this:

Please bring it back...
Seriously though, has anyone ever worked at a summer resort? Is it fantastic fun, I mean I know not everyone is nice, and happy but there must be some sort of comeradery among the staff, right? Please let me know if I'm wrong here....

Anyway, I guess I've always romaticized, the idea, though I have come to the sad realization that I am too old for any sort of thing. Too old (and unavailable for that matter) to have a summer romance, a la Grease or Dirty Dancing. More examples of how pop culture has warped my little mind. I'm lucky enough to have the type of face that doesn't age all that much, in fact how old people think I am depends on who I'm with. When I am out with my parents I often get mistakened for late teens, on my own I usually get about 23, and with my niece, well I don't want to think about how old people think I am with her, as I am often mistaken for her mother.

I spent most of the week with my niece trailing at my heels, since I've moved off LI and she doesn't get to see me as often, she decided to spend as much time as she possibly could with me. An adorable concept and I do adore her, but it served as further proof that I am not at a point in my life where I want to have my own at this point in my life. Still, the impromptu Phineas & Ferb sing-a-longs did make me smile.

This week reminded me how important it is to actually take vacations. I very rarely do, and that's a mistake. It was so nice to just relax, well as much as one can relax with children around. I managed to get a bit of a tan, well not tan for normal people, but for me. I'm at least 3 shades less Casper then normal. I also got a bunch of shopping done...not good for my wallet, but good for the soul. 

Tonight I am catching up on what's been going on while I'm away, then hopefully catch up on some of my tv, before going to bed. Exciting I know.

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