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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Awkward: AKA: You Can Keep Your Matty McKibben, Why I Want a Jake Rosetti

Let me start by saying for the purpose of this post I am reverting to my teen self, it makes the fact that I am schoolgirl crushing on a fictional high school character a bit more bearable.

Matty McKibben (Photo Credit:
On MTV's Awkward, our star, little Jenna Hamilton is in love/lust/fantasy with popular jock Matty McKibben, and although it seems our dear Matty has a bit of a soft spot for Jenna, he like many boys of that age, is too insecure to grow some balls and take their relationship public. After (unknowingly) deflowering her he tells her, "You're the shit J-town, but no one can know I like you."

Um, ouch. I have to say, Jenna handles this a lot better than I would have. I probably would have cried my eyes out as soon as I had gotten home and away from everyone.

Although he then goes on a "Jenna-Bender", their relationship which consists almost entirely of meeting up and "bumping of uglies", he's still squeamish of being around her in public. When Sadie posts the picture of Jenna changing, Matty's response is to gather around it with the other kids and ask what the big deal is since they're so small.

Jenna & Matty at the bonfire (Photo Credit:
He explains later, that he was trying to be her hero, by deflecting attention from the picture. Still as a full fledged member of the itty bitty titty committee, let me say this guys, saying a girls boobs are small, or really anything less then fantastic, will not have us looking on you favorably.

As their "relationship" progresses, he invites her to a gathering at one of the popular girls house, once there he barely pays attention to her. Mostly out of fear of his so-called friends opinions.

 While the Bonfire moment, where he pulls her away from the hose and to the seclusion of behind the dumpster, um eeeew btw, is kinda cute, it is only the prelude to him telling her, he doesn't want to be in a relationship with her. Or rather he can't handle dating her because he can't handle what other people will think.

Of course, Jenna says she cool with it, even though she is sooo not. She can't help it, she's blinded by teenage puppy love. Can't say I blame her, hey if Billy Orlando had told me he liked me back in High School, I probably would have gone all fuzzy brained too. Admit it every school had a Matty McKibben, that perfect popular guy, who every liked, every guy wanted to be like and every girl wanted to be with.

Jake Rosati (Photo Credit:
But the problem with Jenna's Matty fuzzed up brain, is that it is causing her to miss the amazing guy that is Jake. Ok, ok, so Jake is technically with Lissa, but before you all jump down my throat on not wanting Jenna be a home wrecker, from the way the story seems to be heading, they're gonna break up soon with or without the help of our dear Jenna. Jake is clearly the superior choice here. He's cuter, what can I say I have a thing for blond haired blue eyed boys. He's Student Council President, so clearly well liked, or at least liked enough to be voted in, and not afraid to speak his mind or what other people think. In the very first episode he tells Lissa to go ahead without him so he can finish talking to Jenna.

He gives her a ride home when her mom forgets to pick her up, as well as goes on a small tirade on his anger on the "photo incident", passionately stating that whoever did it should be severely punished, unknowing that the offender was his own girlfriend. Now that's a stand up guy right there.

Let's also not forget at the party when Jenna is stranded after seeing Matty kissing someone else, that is Jake who comes to her rescue. He confides in her Lissa's hilarious attempt to quell his sexual appetite with the offering up of her B-Hyman, proving as Jenna, herself, points out, that he trusts her. The episode ends with the two of them laughing and driving off to go hang out for awhile.

Jake, Lissa & Jenna discussing the "Knocker Nightmare" (Photo Credit:
The following episode we don't get much Jenna/Jake interaction except when he stops her & tells her how much fun he had with her after they left the which point she is so focused on getting to Matty, she barely pays him any attention, stupid fuzzy brain.

Not gonna lie would LOVE to have seen even a little bit of them going out after the party. Clearly they didn't hook up, but seeing them bond would have been cute.

So yeah, Jenna may think Matty is the one, I mean he's not a bad guy, and he is trying, but he's just not secure enough to be/think for himself. Jake is adorably sweet on Jenna for who she is regardless of what anyone thinks, and a girl couldn't ask for anything more.

Jake & Matty (Photo Credit:

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