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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Alphas "Never Let Me Go" : AKA: Your Love is My Drug...

So each week we seem to focus on a certain team member, allowing us to better get to know them. First it was Hicks, then Rosen and last week we got to see Gary. This week the focus was every one's favorite walking crime lab, Rachel.

The episode opens with Rachel coming back from a date. Side note: we get to see Nina's SWEET apartment, Best. Power. Ever. The date seems to have gone really well, and it looks like little Rachel is about to get some action...but apparently the kiss overwhelms her senses and she FREAKS, and kicks the poor confused guy out. Suddenly Rachel is feeling very Rogue-ish to me, the isolated I can't physically connect with anyone, without the whole sucking out other peoples lives/powers bit. I do wonder though, why she seems to have no problem with casual touch then?

Anyway, The team receives official badges from Agent Sullivan to aid them in their investigations, just in time too because there have been several mysterious deaths in the town of Fenton, PA. And so the hunt for this weeks Alpha begins....

Turns out all the internal melting is a symptom of withdrawal of the love of the mother of a boy, Chris Elkhart, who committed suicide after being picked on while trying to join the football team. Ms. Elkhart is now on the path to avenge her son's death, by addicting all those who knew about her son's bullying to her love, then pulling away, which causes the internal meltdown. Rachel, looking for someone to connect with, although she has brutally rebuffed the efforts of both Dr. Rosen and Nina to get her to open up, finds herself drawn to and ultimately becoming "addicted" to Ms. Elkhart, putting her in a very dangerous position.

For those of you who watch Warehouse 13, Lindsay Wagner reprised her role as Dr. Vanessa Calder, and managed to play a key role in figuring out the ailment effecting the town. Yeay for crossover.

As for the rest of our heroes. Hick, was his awesome Hicks-ie self, being the first, as usual to realize that Rachel was in danger. Gary's stealing of the bully's jacket and constant presenting of the badge made him his usual lovable self. Nina proved once again why she's better than a badge and Bill well, Bill ran fast.

This weeks alpha has the power to use there love as a drug to others, and of course now I can't get that Ke$ha song out of my head. While she used this power for evil, think of how AMAZING this power could be if used for good.  The withdrawal symptoms only occurred when the Alpha verbally assaulted the victim, claiming no longer to love them and often times wishing them dead. Yet even before becoming "addicted" Rachel seemed drawn to this Alpha, comforted by her. This was especially interesting seeing as Rachel has refused to open up to anyone on the team about what she is going through, including Dr. Rosen. Think of how useful a power like this could be in getting people to open up? If used for good of course.

It was nice to see a bit more of Rachel, and I'm hoping since her near death experience she'll open up a bit more.

Next up "Bill & Gary's Excellent Adventure." Words can not express how excited I am to see this episode. Plus looks like we're gonna get some Nina/Hicks action...yes please.

Lindsay Wagner guesting as Dr.Vanessa Calder

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