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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Awkward "Jenna Lives" AND "Queen Bee-atches" : AKA: Shit goes down!

So I stayed up WAY too late last night. Having been on vaca last week and nomading at the parental where family time is expected I am about 2 weeks behind on my TV. I know I know, I too am ashamed of myself.

So last night, I decided to catch up on MTV's Awkward, seeing as MTV decided to be evil and temporarily take eps down off their web site, I scurried to watch last week's ep on demand, Fios is a beautiful thing people, and the pulled out the lap top to watch this week's offering.

First up was last weeks, "Jenna Lives", and shit goes down. Jenna sees Matty walking into school with some girl and assumes that this is his new girlfriend. She starts to worry that her suicide stigma is following her around and that maybe THAT is the reason Matty is reluctant to be with her. Which leads her into so crazy awkward behavior. Her attempt to tell Matty that she's "normal" in the lunch like was cringe worthy brilliant.

She has a freak out scene over Kyle, who she believes is a her stalker due to fact that she sees him EVERYWHERE, and he's sporting a "Jenna Lives" t-shirt. He attempts to explain it away, claiming that "Jenna Lives" is the name of his band and  that he is always around because he is an office aide. Her "attacking" of another student lands her in detention with Jake and Matty's mystery gal. Turns out Olivia is really nice, and despite her heartbreak over Matty, Jenna actually likes her.

In Jenna's moment of inner torment,who is there with a cold drink and an attempt to comfort her? Why Jake, of course. She confides in him about the boy she likes, who has a girlfriend and doesn't want to be with her, and refuses to tell him who it is. Clearly this is going to lead to trouble, delicious trouble.

So after detention, Jake approaches Jenna again, telling her he's thought about it and any guy would be lucky to date her, and that he's sure if this guy didn't have a girlfriend he'd be all over her. Gee, wonder who he is talking about...Jenna appreciates the encouragement, and they seal it with an awkward hug. That's when it happens. JAKE LAYS ONE ON HER! Now I know I am not the only lady who sqwee-ed with joy here, and let us not forget, though she didn't address it and basically bolted, Jenna DID kiss him back.

YES! (Photo Credit: MTV.Com)

Anyway at the end of the episode Jenna discovers that Olivia is actually dating Matty's older brother. Guess that means McKibben boys suck at dating, it's also a little weird that the brothers are seeing girls who look similar...also in a fun twist, although Jenna is wrong about Matty, she was spot on with Kyle, who really is stalking her...though she doesn't know it.

So now on to episode six, "Queen Bee-atches". We open with Jenna and her mom attempting to join, the Knick Knackers, which is some oober snobby charity group. Jenna of course wants no part in it, but for her mother it means the chance to be popular, so she goes along with it. Jenna soon realizes the event is being held in the lair of her arch enemy, Sadie, who's mother is the Knick Knacker President. Jenna comes into possession of Sadie's Food Journal, and decides, though she sympathizes with her issues to take back the power!

I really liked that they actually addressed Sadie's struggle with her weight. They're really trying to add more and more layers to each character effectively making them "real". It's nice to see that dispite being popular and feared by all Sadie's life isn't perfect, and the reason she's so mean is because she is so unhappy.

While serving cocktails at the event, Jake spazzs when he sees Jenna, still a reeling form the smooch. Matty notices and Jake confesses to his friend what happened...of course Matty doesn't like this at all.  In an attempt to down play the situation, since technically he's still dating Lissa, Jake keeps the details vague...further sending Matty into a panic that maybe Jenna has dismissed him....which she basically should. He made it perfectly clear that he doesn't want a relationship with her, why shouldn't she go for someone who might? Team Jake!

Matty's response to Jake's confession was priceless, coming up with all sorts of reasons why Jake shouldn't talk to Jenna about it, and then the mad scramble to text her first.

The race is on! (Photo credit:

But having dealt with Sadie, Jenna finally understands the brilliance of having the power, and isn't gonna let Matty get it back that easily. Way to go Jenna.

Once again I finished the episode craving more, mad props to MTV for an inventive relatable scripted show. I am SO excited they were already picked up for a second season. Also series creator Lauren Iungerichtold TvLine that by the end of the season, the infamous letter writer will be current votes are for Kyle or in a surprise twist either Ming or Tamara. Also she promises by episode 12 we will know who Jenna ends up with....let the count down begin...

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