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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

MTV's Awkward: AKA: My [Not So] Secret Shame

I admit it...I'm mildly in love with MTV's new show Awkward. My first introduction to the show was while it was casting, and still called That Girl, we had a few clients come in to read for it. I thought the sides were pretty funny, and ferreted out the full script to take a look at. Written in the vein as Easy A, and Mean Girls, both of which I adore I was actually amused by it.

The show is about Jenna Hamilton, a overlooked high schooler who on the last day of camp, looses her V-Card to popular Jock, Matty McKibben, who only after their "passionate bumping of uglies" tells her no one can know he likes her. Ouch. This and a very nasty "Care-frontation" letter that Jenna receives as she gets home, leads her to type (a little dramatically) in her blog Invisible Girl Daily (yep the blog is real-ish) that "Sometimes being a teenager makes you want to die." She then has a very Final Destination type accident, which leads everyone to believe she tried to commit suicide. The show follows Jenna's awkward rise to recognition, as narrated by her blog.

To be honest though, I had forgotten all about it, till the day after the first episode aired and I came across a random review of it. Recognizing the storyline I quickly went over to to check it out. For those of you who haven't seen it yet go: MTV's Awkward.

They make some interesting choices, popular girl Sadie, who is also Jenna's  arch nemeses, is a larger girl. It's nice to see that not all bitches are skinny, it's also interesting to have the show's "Queen Bee" not be comfortable in her own skin, in nearly ever episode there is some reference to Sadie being uncomfortable at her present weight.

Nikki DeLoach as Jenna's mom, makes me giggle, oh Angela Malloy, how far you've come from Emerald Cove.

The show airs Tuesday nights at 11pm, but each episode is also up on MTV's website by the next day. Each episode is 22 mins, which makes it a quick and easy watch.  Somehow, I have found myself completely drawn in. I literally look forward to each new episode. I have formulate strong opinions about the characters, the largest of which is: Why the hell hasn't Jenna stopped obsessing over Matty long enough to see that Jake is the real catch?! If you don't know what the hell I'm talking about, watch the episodes and then come back and tell me you don't can't....


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