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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Alphas "Rosetta": AKA: Ryan Cartwright is amazing!

Oh Syfy, you are by far one of my favorite networks. Bringing such gems as Hollywood Treasures, Face Off, Ghost Hunters and my new personal favorite, Alphas.

Ryan Cartwright as Gary Bell.

This weeks episode strayed from the typical Alpha of the week pattern, and took us deeper into the "Red Flag" story line. "Red Flag" is essentially a group of rogue Alphas, who much like Magneto's followers in X-Men, believe they are at war with Non-Alphas. They are basically presented to us at least as a terrorist group, willing to hurt and/or kill anything or anyone in their way.

In the beginning of last night's episode, Gary, while at home, rediscovers "THE SIGNAL". The one from the pilot episode, the one belong to that Alpha who sent the ghost to kill Rosen. The team, along with their new D.O.D. handler and a swat team, prepare to over take the house they tracked the signal down to, where Rachel heard "three heart beats" inside. One of which belongs to, Kosar, who Rosen believes is responsible for the attack on him, as well as being the head of "Red Flag".

Clearly they can not catch him in the first ten minutes, or it would be a pretty boring show, and so with the help of another Alpha who's is with him, who's power seems to be a sort of Spidy sense, where the hairs stand up on his arms when there is trouble afoot, Kosar escapes into the night.

The team soon discovers who the third heartbeat belonged to, Anna, a low-functioning autistic woman. Rosen leaves Gary and Nina with her while he and the rest of the team go in search of Kosar. But as Gary soon discovers, there is more to Anna then everyone sees. Although she can not sign or speak, she can understand ALL languages and has even created one of her own, which Gary is able to see in electromagnetic waves.  Dr. Rosen, believes she may be the key to discovering where Kosar, and "Red Flag" are planning.  Gary begins working with Anna to decode email messages left on a tablet left at the house.

I LOVED that this episode was focused on Ryan Cartwright's character of Gary Bell, partly because I started watching the series because of him, but mostly because it gave him a chance to truly shine. Watching him interact with Anna, someone who was like him, showed a whole other level to his personality and his way of thinking.

I admit to being the type of person who associates actors with certain characters, forever. A prime example being the amazing Maggie Smith. I have seen her in countless films, Hook, The Harry Potter series, The Secret Garden, just to name a few, and have loved her in all, however to me she will always be Mother Superior from Sister Act.  I love David Boreanaz on Bones, but he'll forever be Angel to me. It's not a criticism on how their acting it's just how my brain works. It likes connecting things, I think it may have something to do with working in the industry.

However, watching Ryan as Gary last night, there were no traces of Mr. Vincent Nigel-Murry in my mind, I was completely immersed in his character.  I forgot the outside world, and was completely focused on what he was going through, I was sitting there trying to read him and what his possible reaction to the situation might be.

At the end of the episode we were given a twist, which I will not spoil for those who have yet to watch, and the reveal that "Red Flag" is much bigger than we previously believed. The war is coming, and I'm waiting with bated breath to see where all this is headed.

Also, I have just stumbled upon the fact that an upcoming episode is entitled "Bill and Gary's Excellent Adventure", and am positively giddy about that.

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