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Monday, September 5, 2011

My Geeky Holiday Weekend

A long weekend is always a welcome thing. Usually, I spend them lazying about, sleeping in and getting sucked into the joy that is mindless tv, Bridezillas anyone? This weekend was a celebration of my geekdom, aside from my Friday night pass out the min I got home...lack of sleep leads to budding colds.

Most of Saturday was sucked away by a Ghost Whisperer marathon on WE. Not a big fan of the show, but it came on as I left the living room to go do dishes and the Boy left it on as one of his celebrity girlfriends is Jennifer Love Hewitt, and he left it on, some how a large portion of the day was spent watching Melinda work her magic.

We rallied after dark though, and FINALLY watched JJ Abram's Star Trek. We'd been meaning to watch it for forever, but as usual, if we miss seeing a movie opening weekend, we rarely see it in a timely manner. So we decided to use some of our free credits on Vudu to check it out. I really enjoyed it, I know there are plenty who would disagree, but not having a full grasp of the Star Trek cannon I didn't overly notice the discrepancies, let alone mind them. It was a fantastic cast, though, and discrepancies or not the story line was pretty good. I couldn't help be marvel at Leonard Nimoy, think about it the man created a character who decades later is still in demand. Sure others have/will played the role, but his is portrayal is still in demand. Over all it's a good movie, and I'd totally watch it again. Plus Chris Pine? Please and thank you.

We followed that up with Serenity, which was playing on SyFy. I ADORE that movie, though whenever it's on tv, they tend to chop out some of my favorite lines....but then again, that is what Blue-Rays were made for.I have to admit, JJ Abram's and Joss Whedon are my entertainment writing heroes. I can only hope to be able to create worlds/characters that have close to the amount of reaction that they get. Yes, I realize that Star Trek isn't original Abrams, but even still.

Sunday was Draft Day, aka the day every year where the boy drags me over to our friend's apt and they as well as 9 other guys draft fantasy football ALL DAY. I'm not a football girl, by any means. I try, I do, but the game just moves to slow for me and the fact that you NEED to watch every single game annoys me. So in order to appease me, I was given Smirnoff Tuscan Lemonade, a big comfy chair with a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle blanket and plenty of dvd time. I managed to watch both Goldfinger and Thunderball. Sean Connery as Bond is by far my favorite, with Peirce Brosnan as a close second. I just can't get behind Daniel Craig as Bond, in my opinion any actor who plays Bond, as Bond should make a woman want him to ravage her, Daniel Craig just doesn't do it for me. Sean Connery on the other hand, definitely swoon worthy.

After the mini Bond-fest, I switched to the 1st season of Swat Kats: The Radical Squadron. Anyone else remember that childhood joy? T-Bone, Razor and Calli Briggs? I used to LOVE that show growing up, plus the voice of Razor was also the voice of Donatello on the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon. What can I say I'm a sucker for '80's/'90's cartoons.

Once Draft Day had come to an end, the boy and I headed home and decided to watch Paul, which was another movie we'd been meaning to watch for awhile. Once again another good movie with a great cast. Despite the fact that he usually plays idiots or assholes, I love Jason Bateman. Of course, I am the idiot that giggled at the fact that Sigourney Weaver is in another alien movie. Also the nods to Comic Con that bookended the movie, made me all the more determined to attend San Diego next year.

Today is another football day for the boy, our living room has turned into Madden 2012 central, however I did manage to drag him away long enough for a trip to Bust Buy. I am now typing to you from Minxie, my brand new glorious Sony Vaio lap top! So I am fulfilling the last of my geeky weekend by downloading, customizing and installing all sorts of fun things to it.

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