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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Franklin & Bash "Bachelor Party": AKA: Zack, Travis AND Dawson, My Little '90's Pop Culture Lovin' Heart Be Still

Last night was the episode we'd all been waiting for, or at least I was, the episode guest starring the one and only Dawson, I mean James Van Der Beek. As skillfully predicted, by moi, ok, ok it was pretty obvious, he played Janie's fiance, Nathan.

Case One: Nathan, has been arrested for solicitation, during his bachelor party, and has come to Peter for representation. In order to prove he is fully over Peter agrees to take the case.

Case Two: Jarred takes on a wrongful termination case of a teacher from his old high school. Apparently the guy she met over the summer, took her for drinks and then ended up sleeping with her, was in her class that fall. Ooops.

Also, as a couple of  side stories, Karp was being interviewed by a law magazine and the body of Infield's old law partner was fount on Mount Kilimanjaro.

The question, and the really the reason to watch, was not to find out whether or not they'd win their cases, but seeing how it all played out. In case any of you are wondering, yes they did win.

Although he never really went away, I feel like James Van Der Beek has just recently launched a come back. Mostly because as of late he's been popping up in things I actually pay attention to. First on Mercy, then Ke$ha's Blow video, don't ask..., taking over the role that was written for Lance Bass in the upcoming ABC series Apartment 23, I'm still a little bitter about that, and now on Franklin & Bash.

He was the perfect choice for this role of course, Dawson Leery was tame, predictable and maybe even a bit boring when compared to the legendary Zack Morris. Plus they have similar physical characteristics so it's easy to believe Janie could fall for both of them. As Jarred beautifully pointed out in an imaginary conversation between Peter and Nathan. Though, if her and Peter have only been broken up for a year, and she and Nathan are already engaged...she must have started dating Nathan pretty quickly after breaking it off with our Bash.

It should definitely be noted that Breckin Meyer was on his game last night. There were several instances where I burst out laughing out loud over his line delivery.

It was nice to see a little more of the Infield/Karp relationship. How Karp isn't just with the firm because he is Infield's nephew. That Infield respects him as a lawyer as well.

I find it interesting that in the pilot they totally painted Karp out to be the bad guy, willing to do anything, even sacrifice the little guy, to win a case. He is portrayed as some one who is going to make our boys miserable, yet throughout the rest of the series, they seem to have done everything they can to make him a sympathetic character. Ambitious, and driven, yes, but with many insecurities that make him as he is. The fact that he tries to impress the interview by wearing denim and flannel is evidence of that. Awe, flannel being worn in the Dawson episode? Well done!

Since, ultimately Peter, in a classy move, convinces Nathan to go through with the wedding, I can't help but think they're going to have to bring in some fresh blood for next season. Clearly once she's married Peter will have to stop going after Janie. Well, I suppose he COULD still attempt to break them up and win her back, but it would be weird and smarmy. Jarred and Hanna's relationship seems dead in the water, by the way where was Hannah this past episode? Was she still visiting family? How long was it between episodes?

Anyway, I have a feeling just hitting on a random girl each episode may wear thin, so they are gonna have to bring someone new in for either Peter or Jarred, or both. I nominate myself. Sorry, that's the 8 year old me talking again. I would totally do it, though.

Over all, it was a great episode, despite the obvious set ups for next week's episode, maybe the best one thus far. There is only one thing that bothered me, no girl in their right mind would leave Zack for Dawson.

Sadly, next week is the season finale, though we can all rejoice in the fact that they have been picked up for a second season. Huzzah! Infield is arrested for murder and it looks like it is up to our boys to get him off.

I have a tiny issue with the fact that Dawson is the only shirtless one, aside from that this is an epic shot.

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