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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ringer: AKA: Buffy is BACK!

Photo Credit: Art Streiber CW ©2011 The CW Network, LLC.

So as I sat on my bed, the couch having been commandeered by the boy and his brother who had gotten home before me (curses!!!) I couldn't help but notice all the small details that really seem to make this a more sophisticated show. Well, more sophisticated then other CW shows, which is not surprising as it was originally made for CBS.

They are really playing up the "mirror image" aspect of the show. From the very beginning when Bridget is asking Siobhan for forgiveness, the two are standing in front of what appears to be a hall of mirrors, which creates a really cool effect of further multiplying them. From there on, it's like every other scene seems to feature a shot showing a mirror, eventually ending with Siobhan in Paris touching a mirror next to her and creating the duel image of herself, which we've seen in all the promo ads. It definitely makes for some interesting/beautiful shots. It's finally happened, I've gone all film geek...le sigh.

So, I knew the pilot going in, one of the perks/curses of working in my industry...auditioning people, often creates giant spoilers. I have to say though, visually the show was beautiful. The costumes, sets and even the framing of the show is just breath taking. On a completely unrelated note, if anyone can tell me who the artist who did the cover of Chicago's "25 or 6 to 4" that played while Bridget was telling Malcolm how she took over her sister's life, will get my undying love and appreciation.

Props to Sarah Michelle Gellar for being able to create two clearly different character with the twins, not an easy task, but she makes it appear almost effortless. Also, I found it oddly fascinating watching her, a woman who I grew up with playing such a bad ass, playing roles where she ran from people. Siobhan, for reasons still unknown, picked up and ran away to Paris. Bridget ran away from Wyoming, then from her attacker in the loft. She definitely did a good job in picking an entirely new vehicle to return to the small screen in. These two women, while strong in their own rights, are no Buffy Summers.

As for the plot, I'm curious to see where they are going to go with this. Now that they've revealed that Siobhan wasn't as sweet and innocent as Bridget perceived her to be. There are several different paths they could go down. After all, we were introduced to a whole slew of characters tonight, not just Bridget and Siobhan but also her best friend Gemma, step-daughter Juliet and more importantly, the all the yummy men gracing the screen with them. Seriously if you ladies like eye candy, this show's a good one. Oh, Nestor your eyes are still divine, and I have missed them. Each and every person has there own stories and secrets waiting to be told.While the story is truly about Bridget and Siobhan, it would be foolish not to delve a bit deeper into the lives of the other characters.

While I'm still not entirely sure of whether or not this will be added to my permanent tv line up, I'll  definitely be tuning in next week for more. One things for sure, Ringer is starting out as a thrill ride, that promises twists and turns every step of the way.

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