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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Revenge: AKA: Shouldn't This be a Movie?

 So it took me a little while to get to it, but I finally sat down to watch ABC's new show Revenge. I'll admit when I first heard about the show's premise I couldn't help but think that maybe this would make a better movie than a tv show, especially since the show opened with the death of what looks to be a major character's death.

The show opens with a voice over clearly telling us that this is NOT a show about forgiveness. Emily/Amanda has returned to the Hamptons to enact revenge upon the people who ruined her father, causing him to be convicted of treason. 

I didn't quite understand the whole her coming out of jail scene, seemed to be laying it on a bit thick. I do find it interesting that her father asked her to forgive. Emily tells us that she is doing this for her father, that everything she has become is to avenge her father's disgrace, and yet she is knowingly going against his dying wishes. So really, isn't she only doing this for herself, and using her father as a justification to her actions?

The scenery is quite beautiful, and I'll admit, being that I grew up on Long Island, I'm sort of a sucker for stories set there. The costumes were beautiful, really showcasing the wealth and elegance that is the Hamptons' elite. Let's also not forget to mention that the cast is made up of several gorgeous people.

I'm willing to give Revenge another shot, to see how/if they can carry this premise out for more than a few episodes before it gets stale, not to mention how they carry it out beyond a season.

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