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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Person of Interest "Pilot": AKA: Some People were just Born to Play Creepy

So when CBS announced they were doing a new show created by JJ Abrams and Jonathon Nolan, which would star Michael Emerson, I couldn't be happier. Seriously the amount of genius in that sentence is just crazy.
Person of Interest debut last Thursday on CBS at 9pm. Michael Emerson, better known as Ben Linus of Lost, plays a mysterious billionaire who hires Jim Caviezel, better known as Jesus of The Passion of the Christ, a down on his luck ex-CIA man, whom everyone, government included, believes is dead to help him on a mysterious mission. It seems that mysterious billionaire has created a machine that can predict violent crimes. However all he has to go on is a social security number. He doesn't know if the person who's SS# he has is the victim or the perpetrator, all he knows is that they are involved.

Perhaps the most unnerving thing about this premiere/show is the use technology as surveillance. The grainy black and white surveillance footage, from cameras all over the city, add in the pairing of her cell phone which allows Reese, aka Jesus, to listen in on her conversations, and it's enough  to make anyone paranoid. Big Brother is definitely watching, and the scene of Resse discovering about September 11th while in Mexico with his girlfriend, is a subtle reminder of why.

We live in a post September 11th world, where so many freedoms have given away to constant surveillance in the name of safety. As Emerson's, Finch explains, "The public wanted to be protected, they just didn't want to know how they were being protected." It has become something we are so used to that most of us don't even notice/realize it anymore.

All and all Person of Interest is a very interesting premise, and with JJ Abrams and Johnathan Nolan at the helm, I'm very excited to see where they go with it.

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