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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Awkward "The Aventures of Aunt Ally and the Lil' Bitch" AKA: The Bomb Gets Dropped

So I'll admit I wasn't 100% in love with last night's episode till the big reveal.

I am warning you now if you haven't yet watched last night's episode, GO DO IT NOW, spoilers ahead.

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So Jenna's dad goes out of town and her mother's best friend, and possibly the world's worst influence, Ally comes to visit. In order to spice things up, Lacey and Ally decide to help Jenna throw an EPIC party, which she initially resists, even after Tamara's urging, that is until Matty calls asking what time he should be there.

Pre-party, Ally and Lacey give a make-over, and Ally slips Jenna a "beta-blocker" to loosen her up. A little wary at first as she'd already started drinking, Jenna is quickly convinced to just take the pill. I'm sure you all know this is not gonna end well.

The party seems to be in full swing, when Jenna opens the door to see Jake and Matty standing there. Which sidebar, although I can buy Sadie not going, how the hell did Jake make it there without Lissa? She seems to me like the kinda girl who'd want to know where her b/f is at all times AND with her jealousy over Jenna, I don't care how much she hates her, there would be NO WAY in hell Lissa'd let Jake go to her party without her.

So after a blurry shot of Jenna "greeting" Jake & Matty, we cut to Jenna waking up the next morning, groggy with almost no memory of what happened the night before. A very hung over Ally informs her she attacked some guy with her tongue, causing Jenna to freak, since Ally has no idea who the boy was, and Jenna can't remember if it was Jake or Matty. Was anyone else ridiculously rooting for it to have been Jake? And for some reason Tamara isn't picking up her phone.

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A pissed off Lacey comes in & informs the two the have 5hrs to clean before Jenna's dad gets home so they need to hop to it. I have to say, though it was nice to see Lacey step it up for once and act like a "real" parent. She completely reams Ally out for having given Jenna the pill. For all her kooky antic/suggestions, throwing a rager, suggesting Jenna get breast implants, she really does want her daughter to have a better life. Plus her moment in the car with Jenna, reassuring her was great. Maybe she isn't as self absorbed as she seems, ok that may be a stretch, but you get the idea.

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Okay, I just wanna throw it out there that drunken recall does not work like that, especially not drugged-up drunken recall, no one sees an item and the has a perfectly clear remembrance of what occurred, however for the purpose of tv exposition I am willing to let that slide.  However I am getting more and more annoyed that in reality we never really SEE much of what happens between Jake and Jenna, we are only told about it later. Examples being, the time spent together the party where they first truly bonded, of course Jake told us in the next episode, he had a really great time and it was the best party of the night, but we never really found out what went on. Then there was the phone call where the discussed the kiss, it's mentioned in the episode that "everything was cool" when they talked, but what exactly was said? Now we add in the "lecture" she supposedly gave him. Listen, I understand, it's a tv show, and a half hour one at that, so clearly we are not going to see everything, I get it, however she had TOTAL recall of her Matty convo, couldn't we at least get a snippet of her supposed lecture of Jake. I mean honestly how do we know she even gave him a lecture? The only part we actually got to see was her telling Jake he's like the nicest guy she's ever I think Jake would lie to her? Not really, and I don't think they hooked up, but he seemed a little too collected to have been lectured, just saying...maybe there is more to this...

Speaking of the Matty total recall...I personally think he's being a bit of a baby.  Ok, so maybe the things Jenna said were a little harsh, but lets be honest, it was all true. Or if not completely true in his intentions, it's what he's actions seem to be saying. So while, I'm sure it stung, sometimes the truth hurts...grow a pair Matty.

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So now that we've established Jenna made out with neither Matty nor Jake, who could it be? And here is where the real shit starts to hit the's none other than Ricky Schwartz, Tamara's obsession...erm I mean crush/date/whatever. I feel it is important to note that in the picture Ricky has Jenna against the wall and she isn't touching him, well with anything other than her lips. My theory is he made the move not her, and she was in too much of a drunk/drugged-up stupor to stop herself.

Obvi Jenna feels AWFUL, and tries, by going to visit her with a box of doughnuts, to apologise to Tamara for what happened, but T ain't buying it. She claims Jenna thinks she better than everyone now. I get the fact that she's hurt and she has every right to be upset, however the claim that Jenna, by her new associations, thinks she's too good for anyone is just ludicrous.

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Tamara has been the one pushing Jenna into this new social group, she made her go to Lissa's gathering, which Jenna brought her with by the way, has been fully fueling the Matty/Jenna relationship, telling her to go for it and not to DTR too soon. She was the one begging for Jenna to throw the party when Jenna originally resisted. As far as we have been lead to believe there was one incidents, the lunch with Olivia and Matty, that Jenna chose anyone over Tamara in any sort of social setting, so really the "too good for" claim is unfounded and therefore in my mind makes T's argument invalid. But then she dropped the MOTHER LOAD... "I'm so glad I wrote you that letter."

Seriously I don't think i fully processed anything that happened after Tamara's confession. I just wanna point out that I TOTALLY called it like 3 weeks ago. Honestly though, I screamed "WHAT?" out loud at my tv, which is what good tv does to you.

Next week it's Jenna's birthday, and things appear to be well awkward with Matty, Jake AND Tamara, add in Val's rapping cake presentation and this promises to be a birthday Jenna won't soon forget.

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