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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Awkward "No Doubt" : AKA: Matty is Finally Starting to Win Me Over...Just Not Completely

Seriously MTV, enough of this 11:30pm crap, don't you realize some of your Awkward Addicts have to get up for work in the morning?

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Last night was the last episode before the one hour season finale of Awkward, and honestly, I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to do without my Tuesday night entertainment.

 Thankfully, Jenna and Tamara made up, because I just couldn't take it anymore. Even better, Ming got to help patch them up, yeay Ming! I will admit I'm kinda disappointment that T's "I wrote the letter" confession was a total misdirect, having Tamara as the author was an interesting twist.

Jake finally told Lissa about The Kiss. Personally, I think the fact that he told her, when he clearly didn't have to, show just what a sweetheart he is. I know, it sounds weird calling a guy a sweetheart when he's admitting the fact that he cheated, but you get what I mean. He stepped up and took responsibility for his actions. Of course this wasn't taken well and culminated in Lissa publicly slapping Jenna across the face, but what made this moment so great is that she crossed herself and muttered a prayer before doing it, which perfectly illustrates how Awkward is able to walk the fine line between being pure comedy and pure drama.

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I have to admit, I actually feel a little bad for her. She's not really a bad person, just too easily lead by Saddie. She was basically willing to forgive Jake and in a truly Christian move wanted to turn the other cheek. It is only because of Saddie's pushing that she goes along with "testing" Jake and ultimately giving him the letter to read to Jenna. If not for Saddie, Jake and Lissa would probably still be together, at least for a little while longer.

This further illustrates just how much of a bitch Saddie is. Not only is she cruel and manipulative to others, but also to her "friends". Lissa seems to be Saddie's only "real" friend, given as she the only person we ever see her hang out with, aside from Jake and Matty, but I doubt she's really confiding in either of them.

Speaking of Matty, how adorable was he last night? Still all about Team Jake, but so feeling the Matty love lately. Seriously couldn't stop smiling when he actually asked her out. It was perhaps the most adorable interaction they ever had, the kinda moment that makes you wish you were, if only for that moment, Jenna Hamilton.

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 You really get the sense that family is really important to Matty, first with by how embarrassed he was by his brother, then by the fact that of all places to take Jenna to dinner he chose his Uncle's restaurant. His confession about how he never ever took a girl on a real date, coupled with how great he was with Ming & Tamara totally score him major points. It's nice to see Matty being more comfortable with who he is. And seriously Jenna needs to STOP over analyzing his every word/action. Ok, no she doesn't, because that's what you actually do when you have a crush, and  what makes the show so perfect is that it's so real.

But back to Jake, because it just wouldn't be right if I didn't throw in some Rosati love. He scored major points this week for not reading Jenna the letter, which was just another example of how he is to confident to be manipulated into doing something he feels is wrong. While he felt awful about cheating on Lissa, and was going above and beyond to make it up to her in an effort to not hurt her further, there were just somethings he refused to do. Unfortunately, under the guidance of Saddie, Lissa had found the one line she shouldn't cross.

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His impromptu apology was adorablely awkward and at the same time completely sincere. Making his breakup with Lissa all the more perfect. He really let her have it, poor thing didn't even realize what was happening. Grabbing his keys and leaving her and Saddie sitting in that beautiful car as he stormed off was just awesome.

I would like to point out the fact that Jenna didn't tell Matty that it was Jake at the door gives my little Jake/Jenna heart hope. If he really meant nothing more to her than a friend, then why wouldn't she tell Matty he had stopped by? It's not as though anything happened, and as they are friends there's no reason why he shouldn't stop by. Am I over analyzing? Probably, but I am refusing to give up the Jake/Jenna dream.

Next week we get the special one hour season finale, in which, unless Lauren Iungerich was lying to TV Line, we find out who wrote the letter AND who Jenna chooses. Words can not truly do justice to how giddy with anticipation I am!

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