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Friday, November 18, 2011

Revenge: "Treachery" : AKA: The Plot Thickens

 After watching this week's episode I have finally figured out my team situation. We know Daniel is gonna die, which absolutely pains me, but they pretty much showed us that in the pilot, so for now Emily can totally be with him. When he is no longer around then she can be comforted by Jack. Tada problem solved Team Both forever!

But back to the issues at hand, it appears Amanda, or rather Kira now, will not just go quietly into the night. She's gonna be sticking around for a while, and from the look of previews for next week make in the moves on Jack. I am SO not ok with that. She murdered someone! While our Emily is no saint herself, she's never, at least to our knowledge, killed anyone. She's more of a life ruiner than a murder. Plus, Kira seems move than a little obsessed with Emily. It's a little too Talented Mr. Ripley, for my taste. As I mentioned before I HATE that movie, and would appreciate it if the writers would stop drawing from it, ok thanks.

 Jack and Nolan made up, which makes me giddy. Nolan having friends makes me happy, plus I think some of my favorite scenes involve the camaraderie between Nolan, Jack and Declan. They have such great chemistry together. Also, I want to be a part of the Porter family, marrying would be best option, but honestly I would totally settle for being their sister.

Speaking of Declan, I'm still in love with him and Charlotte being together. He's just so sweet to her. The was so adorably nervous about making every thing perfect for their date, assuring her there was no pressure with him when she came in looking upset. Then the way he put his arm around her and kissed the top of her head to comfort her while she was freaking out about her dad moving out warmed my heart. Seriously, I was a bit mushy over that scene.

As for the Grayson family troubles, I found it interesting that when Conrad was comforting Charlotte about him moving out he told her, she could get through this because "You are a Grayson". Seems a strange thing to say, and I am chalking it up as groundwork to make it even more shocking when they reveal the Charlotte is Victoria's love child with David Clarke. I know, I know it may just be me projecting, but come on, you know it would be an awesome kink in the story.

Lydia is awake and Victoria has her recouping in the Grayson summer home, she apparently doesn't remember anything leading up to her fall, which is lucky news for our Emily, and Victoria as well.

Side bar, I am completely OBSESSED with Victoria's red dress in this episode. It was amazing, I want it!

Then of course in classic soap opera style she over hears Victoria and Conrad arguing about their involvements in her accident. Oh Revenge, just when I forget you are a soap, you always find a way to remind me.

Tyler has some what successfully attempted to poison Ashley against Emily. Um, hello where did that come from? Ashley, are you so blinded by a pretty, yet psychopathic, boy that you would agree with nasty remarks about one of your best friends? Forgive me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Ashley the one who introduced Emily to the Graysons? And, at least as far as Ashley knows, hasn't Emily always been a good supportive friend to her? I don't know about any of you, but while I may not dump a guy just because my friend may not like him, I would most certainly not allow him to make nasty remarks about them to me. Chicks before dicks, Ashley, chicks before dicks.

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