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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Community Benched?: AKA: Why I Have No Reason to watch NBC Now

I'm finally weighing in. This week NBC announced their new mid season line up...and something very important was missing...NBC had decided to "bench" Community. This lead to a rousing chorus of "WTF?" around the fandom.

I feel, Jeffrey Kirkpatrick, of TV Fanatic perhaps put it best when he stated, "Evidently, you are completely unaware of the power of the Communies. They're as crazy as Dan Harmon. They'll cut you." You can read his full article here.

Ok so that may be pretty strong but, still the out pouring of black beards, a reference to the dark timeline in episode, Remedial Chaos Theory, the petitions and just general outcry on the Internet is pretty amazing.

I admit that I got into Community later than most, but I still love this show, in fact with the exception of Grimm, which due to it's awful tome slot of 9pm on Fridays, I record and usually forget to watch for days, Community is the ONLY reason I tune into NBC at all. I remember the days of Must See Tv and making sure that I was home to watch Friends and Will and Grace, but lets face it it's been a LONG time since the glory days of the peacock. Even the Today Show got to annoying for my taste, with the addition of Meredith Vera and I switched over to the Early Show, for my morning needs.

It is a VERY rare occasion these days for any tv in my house to be tuned in to NBC, to be fair I tried returning to the channel this fall but none of their shows excited me all that much. I started off watching Playboy Club, and I, though I think I may be in the minority here, actually liked it. But with that gone, and Grimm stuck on Fridays, and therefore relegated to my DVR, I do have a life folks, Community was the one show NBC had to offer that I couldn't wait to see each week.

The new shows for the mid season unvailings aren't looking so great either. While SMASH sounds like it should be something right up my alley, I'm just not really feeling it, though I had every intention of watching, only because it employs so many people I know and love. However, it is slated for 10pm on Monday nights, which pits it up against CBS's Hawaii 5-0 and ABC's Castle, both well established shows, which, sorry SMASH take my allegiance over you. Also, and I realize that SMASH is NOT Glee, but one would think in order to get ratings up, you might want to at least try to tap into that Glee watching demographic, 10pm is  a little late for that.

I will admit to being IN LOVE with NBC's new series Awake, unfortunately they have stopped production due to some "pressing creative issues". Thus putting them behind and absent for the mid season schedule thus far.

NBC should take the time to realize that although they are not getting the ratings they desire, they are putting out shows that have rabid loyal fan bases, best not to anger the few loyal viewers you have. Until then, if all they have to offer is Whitney  and Are You There, Chelsea?  I think I'll pass.

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