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Monday, November 21, 2011

American Horror Story: AKA: For the Love of Tate

Here we are again, with me starting to fall for another character I really shouldn't love. This time it's American Horror Story's Tate.


Yes, yes, I know, he's dead, and perhaps more importantly he wordlessly mass murdered a bunch of his classmates before becoming so, but bare with me on this. Despite all that he has managed, at least for now, to weasel his way into my heart.

Sure he started off as a creepy psych patient of her father's, but deep wasn't that what Violet wanted? Some as fucked up as she was, to confide in?

Aside from being dead and the whole mass murdering thing, Tate is a pretty awesome boyfriend for Violet. First off he is ALWAYS there for her. Both emotionally and as her protector. He's a sounding board for her to complain about bullies, her parents, really anything that is bothering her. As Ben and Vivian pretty much raise her with a slightly concerned neglect, and having uprooted her from her life and moved her cross country, Tate, at first was exactly what she so desperately needed, a friend. When Violet started to become terrified by the ghostly visions she was having, Tate appeared and told her how to handle them.

Every time Violet has been in harms way, Tate has come through to rescue her. From the very beginning, he helped her put a stop to the bully tormenting her at school. During the first home invasion, it was Tate who appeared to Violet, and told her how to get rid of the intruders, who practically chopped that crazy bitch in half who threatened Violet's life. When the victims of his massacre surfaced on Halloween and threatened his beloved he took off leading them away from her. More importantly, when Violet attempted to O.D. on sleeping pills, he dragged her to the bathroom, pulled her into the tub, turned the water on her, and forced her to throw up. The whole time he is clutching her, begging her to hold on and all and all doing everything in his power to revive her.

What really won me over to the Tate side though was his tearful confession of love to Violet. Telling her he's never felt this way about anyone, but if she wants him to leave her alone he will, because her happiness means more to him then his own feelings.

He just looked so lost and broken, if Tate is playing it's a damn good one.

According to Constance, Tate doesn't know he's dead. Now, I am willing to believe in some sort of paranormal PTSD, as a reason to why he doesn't remember the heinous murders he committed, or how he died, but I don't believe that he doesn't know he's dead. He is far to calm around the other ghosts, clearly he knows Constance, his mother, no longer lives in the house AND more importantly, he KNEW he couldn't leave the house unless it was Halloween. So either Falchuk and Murphy royally suck at continuity, or Tate knows more about his current state of being than Constance let's on.

I'm sure we are in for tons more twists and turns and who knows, in two weeks I may despise him, still, for now, I find myself feeling sorry for Tate, wanting him to get his happy ending.

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