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Monday, November 28, 2011

American Horror Story "Rubber Man" : AKA: Um, Yuck!


Ok, so one week after professing my love of Tate, I now find myself shrieking in disgust. Um...he's the S&M guy? Eeewww, he impregnated his girlfriend's mother? Ok, that's just too creepy. I figured that S&M guy was probably one of the ghosts we'd seen, and not a separate entity for a while now, since they showed Tate in the costume in the basement, but I have continued to hold out hope that it wasn't him. I was kind of hoping it would be Constance's dead sex crazed hubby, or maybe even Charles Montgomery in a quest to give his grieving wife a new baby. Seriously, anyone else would have been ok with me, just not Tate.

Icky-ness aside, I have to admit I'm starting to loose a little faith in the Murphy/Falchuk ability to deal with a plot this complex. There have been several small details that have bothered me, things that just don't make sense. Not just in a WTF was that sense, but legit, little things that just don't seem to add up.
  • Tate "not knowing" he's dead, but knowing all about the ghosts and how he could only leave the house on Halloween.
  • Why if Constance moved next door, is her deformed son still living in the attic of the murder house when Larry is living there with his family? 
  • Why did the goth chick say that Tate asked her if she believed in God before he shot her, though when we saw his killing spree he was completely wordless? 
  • Why after installing what was supposed to be a top of the line security system is everyone and their mother still able to just waltz in and out of the house as they please? You can go by the theory that Moira let's them in, but I doubt very much she would let Constance in, given how much she despises her. 
  • What ever happened to those voices Ben was hearing? 
  • Why does it matter that Moira's bones are buried on the property, I guarantee Tate's aren't, so why does it make difference?
  • Finally, why if the whole purpose of getting Vivian pregnant was for Nora, and now Haley, to get the babies, do they get her carted of to a psych ward? Seeing as the spirits can't leave the house, isn't that a little counter productive?

The Boy swears there must be good reason for them to want to have Vivian carted off, he clearly has more faith in the creators/writers than I do. I just hate to think that the creatives have merely chosen to go for the scare, than to actually invest in the stories of these characters.  It's a very complicated story to take on, and I have to wonder if they've bitten off just a little more than they can chew.

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