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Friday, November 11, 2011

Queen Victoria: AKA: Revenge's Awsome Matriarch

It would be so be so easy to hate Victoria Grayson. After all the reigning Queen of the Hamptons seems to have it all, the big house, adoration of many, oh and a wardrobe I would KILL for. More importantly though, she is out to foil our dear sweet Emily. Ok, so maybe our little hell bent on revenge Emily isn't so sweet, but still, we love her. Victoria has done everything in her power to protect her beloved son Daniel.

In fact he was the reason she seems to have gone along with the framing of her beloved David Clarke in the first place. In the flashbacks of the time during and around his trial that we are privy to, every time Victoria tries to come clean her son, and her ability to be with him is threatened.

It would be so easy to paint Victoria Grayson, as an evil monarch. Even the imagery in the pilot, where she calls Emily, while watching her from her own balcony seems to recall evil fairy tale queens. She is able to take down her opponents in a single icy comment. At the Memorial day charity party on the yacht, Victoria made it perfectly clear she was not a woman to be trifled with when she banished Lydia upon learning of her affair with Conrad.

Which is why I find it very interesting that, at least thus far the only other person who's flashbacks we are show, are Victoria. The flashbacks make a point of showing how much she truly loved Amanda/Emily's father and her fear and guilt over what they had done to him. In fact it has gotten to the point where now, several episodes in, when it seems her entire family has turned against her, that I actually feel sorry for her.

Did she make the best choices? Hardly, but she did it out of fear, and the love for her child, which are both very powerful emotions, which Madeleine Stowe conveys beautifully. I honestly can't wait to see how her character will continue to develop.

Revenge surprises me each new episode, whether it be a new plot twist, or discovering that I care about a character I never thought I would, which is a testament to both the talented actors and amazing writers. I am so happy that I decided to watch this show despite my initial reaction to the pilot.

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