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Friday, November 11, 2011

Revenge: AKA: Catching Up and Sorting Out

I know I saw this every time I talk about the show, but seriously, this is my new obsession. I'm not really one for soapy shows, and let's be honest, at it's core that is what Revenge is, but somehow the show is done with a fresh twist that doesn't make it feel that way.

A LOT has gone down since I last discussed the goings on out in the Hamptons. First off, let's take a mo-mo to talk about Fourth of July. Jack's confession. It was beautiful, honest and I my heart honestly ached for him when Emily turned him down. It's a really difficult thing to lay your heart on the line like that, terrifying even. We do it because the potential rewards are so amazing. However, the blow back from rejection can be devastating.

Poor Jack. Naturally he gets pissed at Nolan for making him believe he even had a shot with Emily, and once again our poor little Nolan is friendless.

Charlotte and Victoria are still fighting. Which is understandable, I mean if my mother told the world, however inadvertently it was, that she wished I was never born I too would be pissed. There's a mini power struggle between the two, Victoria is willing to do almost anything to have Charlotte forgive her, including doing giving her the ridiculously expensive car Conrad bought for her as an apology for being a bastard. Charlotte is meanwhile, growing closer with Declan and occasionally using that relationship to piss off her mom.

Sidebar, I love that coupling. Mostly because I don't have to think about. I like them together. I don't have to weigh the merits of which boy is better for Charlotte there's just Declan, and he's perfect for her.

I think my biggest problem with Revenge is it is the first show/movie/book where I have not been able to pick a side in a love triangle. I like both Jack and Daniel and feel they both would be good for her. Not at the same time, but both guys have their pros and cons, and both are delicious looking...hell the whole cast is..if you haven't seen the Revenge bloody pillow fight shoot done by Tyler Sheilds yet, then see it here You're welcome.

Emily finally sleeps with Daniel, after by far one of the worst lines I have ever heard, "Right now, all I'm serious about is taking you to the bedroom." Personally I would have laughed in his face, but Emily is more focused then I, or perhaps I too, could have overlooked the cheesiness of it if I were staring into those gorgeous eyes.

Lydia causes quite a stir, threatening to reveal the truth about David Clarke, at a benefit in the Grayson's honor, unless Victoria, welcomes her "back into the fold" with open arms. Does anyone else think its not a good idea to threaten people capable of things such as a major terrorist involvement cover up? Then again, maybe she felt she had nothing to loose.  To keep her quiet on their involvement, Victoria "forgives" Lydia. However after her speech, Victoria draws the line and tells her, "Understand something, Lydia. Every time I smile at you across a room, or we run into each other at a luncheon or I welcome you into my home, let that smile be a reminder of just how much I despise you. And that every time I hug you, the warmth you feel is my hatred burning through you", which is bar far the best "F* You" speech I have ever heard.

Anyway, as all this is going down, Lydia stumbles upon a path to discovering Emily's plans. Which clearly delights her since she has made it her mission to get Emily out of her house.  Lucky for Emily, she's set up accidental surveillance on Lydia and Nolan is able to discover her plan before she can set it into motion. Oh, and in his own protective way Frank throws her off her roof, in perhaps one of the worst shot scenes in the serious. So ridiculously fake looking. No worries though, she's not dead just in a coma, apparently the cab she landed on, "broke her fall".

Frank creeps the hell out of me, that man totally has a way too creepy affection for Victoria. I seriously thought he may try to rape her when he surprised her late night in the kitchen after he'd been "let go". Again no one seems to be thinking clearly, you really shouldn't fire a man who a) can ruin you and b) you know is capable of murder. Frank, of course, discovers it was Nolan who sent to footage of what actually happened in Lydia's apartment that night to Conrad, and beats the crap out of him. I think it should be acknowledged that Nolan took the beating like a champ. His sarcastic retorts, proves as a kid he more than likely had more than his fair share of beat downs.

Understandably, Nolan is freaked, he hires a body guard and tells Emily he'd like a less hands on role in all of this. That is until Emily asks him to "take care of" Tyler, while she deals with Frank.

Oh Tyler. I never liked him, but now he makes my skin crawl. He's storyline has become WAY too Talented Mr. Ripley for my liking. For the record, I HATED that movie, mostly because the guy I watched it with in college, who I was seeing at the time, actually believed that all homosexual men were like Tom Ripley. It was after watching that movie that I knew we'd never work out, though the fact that he was a conservative Republican probably should have tipped me off sooner.

But I digress, Tyler, as we learn is a gay hustler, who, when confronted by Nolan about it, decides his best coarse of action is to seduce our beloved geek. Oh, Nolan hunny, you can do so much better.  To be honest though, I was more disappointed with ABC then Nolan's poor choice of partner. They cut away right before the two men kissed, you know if this were a heterosexual couple we would have gotten to see a kiss, at the very least. Our we really still, as a country, so homophobic that one little same sex kiss would cause an uproar? If the answer is yes, well then I am deeply saddened by the state of our country.

Nolan, being the resourceful little scamp that he is ,videos their "encounter", I'm assuming to save for a rainy day. Which makes me wonder if Nolan just has thousands of mini consoled cameras around his home.

In an attempt to cover her track Emily calls upon "The Warden" of what I can only assume is the Juvie Center where Emanda was when she was younger. The warden complains that she thought she "taught" Emily better. Ok what? So who is this warden and why did/is she helping our lovely lady?

The warden does her best to squash Frank's investigation, however he presses on and discovers a file on the REAL Emily Thorn, who is a stripper who now goes by the name Amanda Clarke...and the plot thickens. However, before Frank is able to tell Victoria, the stripper murders him by tire iron, before showing up on our dear Emily's door step. Uh oh.

So now that we have managed to rehash a fraction of what has been going on in the last three weeks, it is time to theorize.

The Warden
Who is she really? Why is she helping Emily? It is possible that she's someone Emily has payed off? Or is there more to it? Does the warden know the truth about what was done to Amanda/Emily and her father? Did she have a relative on that doomed airplane? Does she have a grudge against the Graysons for another reason? And further more why didn't the warden take more precautions against Frank breaking in?

So basically in all the flash backs the only child of Victoria's ever mentioned is Daniel, which makes sense because of Charlotte's age. While it is clear that Victoria does love her daughter, there is something that holds her back, and why she would ever say that she never should have had her. My theory on that would be that Charlotte is Emily's half sister. It makes sense when you think about it, Victoria was sleeping with David and Charlotte is about the right age for that. Plus what better reason for Victoria's aversion to her daughter than the fact that she is a constant reminder of the man she loved and betrayed?

Who Killed Daniel?
 I am just as sad as anyone, in knowing as it is shown in the pilot episode, Daniel is Shot, and presumably killed, at the engagement party. Right now, my money's on Tyler. I know, I know, it's such the obvious choice, but, let's face it we never saw where he was at the party that night. Frank's dead, otherwise I'd say it could be some sort of twisted revenge against the Graysons on his part. I know they'll set it up to look like it was Jack, but we all know that no matter how jealous he maybe Jack would never do anything that would hurt Emily.

Any thoughts?

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