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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Franklin & Bash "Big Fish": AKA Jason Alexander Makes a Good Jerk...

Ah, Thursday morning, that can only mean two things. 1) One day closer to the weekend (Huzzah!) and 2) Time to talk about last nights Franklin & Bash (Double Huzzah!!)

This week's episode was directed by Fred Savage (Aka Kevin Arnold of the Wonder Years, and more importantly The Grandson, yes that's the actual name of the role, in The Princess Bride!!)

Now for the Double Case Set Up:

Case 1 (Aka Franklin & Bash): Carter Lang, A rich Wall Street CEO (who paid himself $20 million as his company went bankrupt), finds out he has two months to live & so he puts Franklin & Bash on retainer while he "rights the wrongs" he has done.

Case 2 (Aka how Karp & Hanna earn their keep): Karp & Hanna have their sights set on snagging Abba Jia, the founder of Madeline Exports, a very wealthy, slightly crazy Indian woman as a client. Hannah, gets the brilliant, & let's face it obvious, choice to get Pindar, as their token Indian, to help.  Of course things don't go as planned (do they ever?) & despite loving Pindar at first, Abba is appalled/scared off by the "Proof" Peter has tapped to the fridge of Jared leaving his toe nail clippings about. It all works out for the best though,  & after some quick thinking by Carmine, Infeld & Daniels ends up winning her over.

But back to the boys, because let's be honest, that's why we watch, Carter is play beautifully by none other than Mr. Jason Alexander, best known for playing George Costanza on tv's hit Seinfeld. But let's face it folks, Jason Alexander has had many great roles, Philip Stuckey in Pretty Woman, Albert Peterson in the 1995 tv remake of Bye Bye Birdie, and my personal favorite, this little gem outta the 80's. (For those of you that have never seen that before now, You're Welcome.)

He starts to do some crazy (illegal) things, stealing & selling off a yacht, which belongs to his "protege" John Stills, breaking into his home to steal bare bonds & expensive wine, then disrobing in the wine cellar and taking a naked jog around the neighborhood.  Thinking he only has a few months to live, the prospect of being in jail for a bit doesn't seem to even phase him. That is until Peter & Jared talk to his doctor to get him to testify, in an attempt to get leniency from the judge & find out the truth. They visit Carter in jail & inform him there was a mix-up at the lab, and he is in fact NOT dying.

You can literally see the change happen, suddenly Carter is not so nonchalant about his situation. He turns on a dime, threatening to lie & say that Franklin & Bash had prior knowledge of his criminal acts, which of course would lead to jail time for them. The boys then find out that John Stills, that Carter was focusing his Robin Hooding on, is in fact the guy poised to "steal" Carter's job. Suddenly the whole rob from the rich to give to the poor attitude seems fishy.  The question now is what can they do about it? Sure he's a scumbag who deserves to go to jail, but he's still their client & it is their jobs to defend him.

There is actually a whole darts scene in where the two discuss what "the right thing to do is", Infeld even weighs in.

What follows is some VERY creative lawyering. The guys not only get Carter out of jail time (which I guess is essentially winning the case), BUT trick him into signing most of his money over to the people he has wronged and get him to agree to going to do volunteer work in Haiti for two years. SCORE!

We also got a brief glimpse into the relationship between the guys & Debbie, their adorable blond Infield & Daniels' secretary, as they offered her advise on the guy she'd been texting with.

Having a lot of the same issues with the show as before. Still not a fan of Hanna or Karp, nothing against the talented Garcelle Beauvais & Reed Diamond.  They just don't have much to work with and so their characters feel flat to me, in fact I think the fact that they went deeper into the bromance of Peter & Jared last week, makes the supporting cast of characters seem even flatter, only popping in & out of the stories when deemed necessary. The exception being Stanton Infeld, who seems to be the only character, I think at least, who's been steadily building since the show's beginning. Last night's episode showed his belief in doing "what's right", and his generosity, he mentions giving a portion of his salary to charity, add this to his want/need of understanding different cultures and the way he obviously cares about the people in his life, checking in on Jared about his father, employing his nephew ect, and you have a  great mentor for our boys.

Next week's episode pits Franklin against Bash which should be interesting. Also, it appears Janie Ross will be back in the courtroom with them. Interestingly enough I think she & her impending nuptials maybe mentioned/alluded to in ever episode, though to date she herself has had very little actual screen time. Maybe we'll FINALLY get to meet this fiance of hers. I'm still betting on it being Dawson.

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