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Monday, July 18, 2011

Platinum Hit: AKA: A Platinum Miss

Ok, so I've tried, legitimately tried to get into this show, I was even excited at the start of it, and I stuck with the lack luster show down to the final 5, but now...I'm done.

So no secret I started watching the show because of Johnny Marnell. I had seen him play in NYC before, fell in love with his EP, and let's face it the boy's kinda a hottie. So despite there being some serious format issues, and time slot issues, seriously, you moved it to 8pm on Fridays, clearly even the powers that be at Bravo realize how crappy the show is, I held on, and attempted to convince myself that the show wasn't really that bad.

So as I sat on my couch on Saturday, because now that it is on Fridays at 8pm, live viewing is not an option, and settled in for, what I now know, was my last episode of Platinum Hit. Now before I go into what was wrong with show on a whole, let's explain why I finally threw the towel in.

Teams are picked from a hat, the results are, Jes and Scotty, Sonyae and Brian and finally Johnny and Nick. Clearly there will be drama with the last pair. So even though it was literally right after last week's judgement session, they were shooed off to the studios to come up with as many hooks as possible.

The next day they are told they are gonna go to pitch meeting where they need to pitch their hooks. Jes and Scotty are told their hook would be good for Bieber, Sonyae and Brian are told Beyonce and Johnny and Nick are told Gavin DeGraw...well, actually Gavin is AT their meeting & they are TOLD to pitch for him. Did anyone else find it strange that they were the only ones with an artist present in the room who had to pitch for that artist? Everyone else got to pitch for a genre and were then told an artist that song seemed right for...

Anyways, the teams now have to go back to the studio to write their songs. Ok so I will flat out say it, despite my love of Johnny, as well as my dislike for Nick the Dick, I'll admit to the fact that Johnny just wasn't being receptive to Nick's ideas. However, Nick was being a douchebag as usual so it's a toss up really as to who was truly at fault for the epic failure that occurred.

Sonyae and Brian's Beyonce song won, which honestly was the song I liked least out of the three, but hey what do I know, I'm only the consumer.

Ok, now that's out of the way, on to the epic meltdown that was Johnny and Nick's judging session. Oh was it ugly, blame flying back and forth, Nick the Dick accusing Johnny of throwing the competition to get him kicked off. Johnny pointing out that Nick pouted the whole session and then WALKED OUT with 10mins left...the judges finally, as this goes on for some time, claimed to be appalled with both of them and sent them away claiming to seriously not know who they are going to send home.

I feel the need to say here that Johnny has won SEVERAL hook competitions as well as several full songs with everything from pop to reggae. Dude the little white boy even won the rap competition. Nick on the other hand JUST had one of the judges tell him that he been waiting for him to prove himself and is starting to feel like Nick is just talk. And then the judges send JOHNNY home? Are you kidding me?!?! You tell someone they need to step it up, they respond by walking out of a session and that's the one you KEEP?!?

Of course the other 5 competitors are shocked, I included Nick in that count because even HE seemed shocked he was staying, which just firmly solidifies to me that he was kept only because he causes drama which the producers hoped would elevate ratings, and not because he has shown any type of skill worthy of keeping on the show.

It was at that moment, that I decided I was done with Platinum Hit. Clearly the producers/creators/powers that be cared more about possible ratings then talent and that just doesn't sit right with me. As I canceled the record series function on my DVR, I realized all the other little things that I had been making myself over look in order to watch the show.

Things that need to change if they ever hope to attempt to have a season 2:

1) The Hosts: I'm sure Jewel is a very nice person, but her on camera skills suck. She seems plastic, and sometimes like she's reading cue cards or reciting whatever speech the producers gave her to memorize. Sorry Jewel some people just aren't supposed to be tv personalities. As for Kara? She no better.

2) The Judges deliberations: SHOW THEM! Plain and simple, I don't want to have to Shazam stuff to see what should be part of the show anyway. It's not EXTRA content, it's what makes the decision of who stays and who goes make sense.

3) The Performances: Show the whole song. The whole show is based on these songs. They are what the contestants have been working towards the whole episode. They are what decides who stays and who goes and you decide not to show the whole thing? Seriously how long are these songs that you can't show the whole song?

As a bit of a music junkie, especially for less popular new songs, I found the concept of Platinum Hit really exciting, unfortunately the execution was awful. On the plus side I don't have to worry about trying to catch a show that airs at 8pm on a Friday night.

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