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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Alphas "Cause and Effect": AKA: X-Men - The New Class

The second (aired) episode has the team moving offices, on account of The Ghost mind controlling Bill to attempt to kill Dr. Rosen. I know I only saw it in the pilot episode, but I really liked their last headquarters, their new offices? Not so much.

The opening scenes provide a little more insight into Rachel's life, her controlling parents and of course ramps up the sexual tension between Nina and Hicks.

But more importantly this week we got a glimpse into the good doctor's past. We are introduced to Marcus Ayers, who has the ability to predict and manipulate cause and effect. Pretty cool as far as powers go, still think Nina's is still better though, but it causes him to be a bit paranoid as he doesn't understand how others don't see this causes & effects that he does.

Marcus makes his entrance by escaping an ambulance with an elaborate accident, while being transported somewhere. At this point, we have no idea to where as we soon learn neither does Dr. Rosen.

We come to learn that the "compound" to which Alphas who are a danger to themselves & others are being sent is no longer trying to help the Alphas control their abilities, but now attempting to suppress them. That's right the compound doctor was sending Marcus out for the R.P. McMurphy treatment.

It is human nature to fear that which we do not understand. The idea of humans with superpowers, because let's face it that's what the Alphas' abilities are, any comic reader will tell you that. However, accepting that superpowers are fact and not just fiction (in real life) is a bit hard to swallow. A little fear is completely understandable, however as history has shown us, when humans feel threatened we tend to react with violence.

Marcus tells Dr. Rosen, he has come to warn him, a war is coming and the doctor is the only one who can stop it. Anyone else having X-Men flash backs?

Glaringly obvious X-Men connections aside,"Cause and Effect"  raises an important point, can humans and Alpha humans coexist peacefully? Looks like we are in for an interesting season.

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