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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Franklin & Bash "Franklin vs. Bash": AKA Seriously? I Can't Choose

"95% of what I did is 100% legal" - Jared Franklin

Last night's episode featured, strippers and kayaks and jewel thefts, oh my!

Two case set up: Franklin and Bash take on a case of two entrepreneurs, Amber and Simone, who have a company called "Rock & Pole" where they teach pole dance parties, who have been accused of drugging the rich socialites at there last party and robbing thousands of dollars worth of jewelery.  However since their client can't stop bickering in the courtroom, they decide to try a "Chinese Wall" defense strategy, meaning they each rep one of the girls. Separate lawyers same courtroom. Oh you know this is gonna turn ugly.

Hannah and Karp are given the case of a 13 year old boy who wants to be they youngest person ever to solo kayak the Amazon River, only problem, his dad is contesting it. As can be expected, the teen develops a crush on Hannah.

Side bar: Garcella Beauvais is very pretty, but I'm starting to find it a little far fetched that EVERYONE seems to fall for her. Also, why have she and Jared not hooked up again? I'm just saying if I had mind blowing unicorn hallucination inducing orgasms with someone, I would want go back for more.

Hannah and Karp end up winning the case after proving that not only is their client completely competent, but his father's reasons for not letting him go had more to do with not wanting to be left alone, than what was best for his son. At first I wondered how a 13 year old boy could afford Infield & Daniels as his lawyers, yeah I know of all things THAT was the part that didn't make sense to me, but then seeing as Infield seemed so impressed with the boy as he talked to Hannah & Karp about taking his case, I figured maybe it was a probono job.

Well, now that we've cleared all that up, back to "Stripper-gate 2011". As Pindar has claimed to be helping Hannah and Karp with their case, though we never actually see him do anything, and Carmine claims she's busy on another case, again which we don't see any work being done on, the boys are on their own. War is declared when Jaine, who's prosecuting the case, offers a deal, first client to talk walks, the other gets 10 years. With the stakes raised the boys go at each other hardcore, with all sorts of childish, yet highly entertaining, courtroom antics. Peter puts locks on Jared's satchel, because sorry I just can't call that a briefcase, so he is unable to open and remove documents from it in court. I fully admit to laughing out loud as he tried and ended up falling to the ground in the attempt. Of course there is retaliation, Jared removes the screws from Peter's chair. After some brilliant "move stealing" and all out feuding, were Peter takes a hit WAY below the belt as Jarred asks him how come if "The Bash" is so great why does Janie not want him?

Peter ends up at the diner, where Jared comes to apologize, bearing a David Bowie mix. The two realize they work far better as a team, and decide to reunite the case.

Ok, wait, there is a diner on this show where bonding occurs and problems get resolved? I will here by be referring to said diner as "The Max V. 2.0". Embrace that.

Putting their heads together with their clients and Carmine and Pindar, who are apparently able to help now, they realize that the host of the party was going bankrupt. They put together that she was the one who stole her own jewelry and framed our lovely ladies.  Peter and Jared bring this to the court and ask for a warrant to search her safety deposit box, where they believe she has stowed the "stolen" necklace. But the damage has been done and their previous antics have left a bad taste in the judge's mouth, he has lost his patients with them, and will not make it that easy. He denies the warrant request.

But fear not after some quick thinking, and a bit of clever deception, the boys pull it off and win their case, was there ever any doubt? And the day is saved for pole dance instructors everywhere. Huzzah!

The moral of today's story, as Infield so nicely pointed out after the trial, is that sometimes you don't know what a good thing you have till it's gone...cue Peter casting a longing look at Janie as she leaves the courtroom, and applying it to their relationship as well.

Once again the fiancee is mentioned & yet not revealed. Pretty sure they've made some sort of reference to in EVERY episode, and yet we've never met him.

Next week's episode has the boys under house arrest, & apparently the only person who can save them from jail is Pindar...looks like things are gonna get interesting...

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