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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Alphas "Anger Management": AKA: The Worst Power Ever...

So last night's episode further illustrated how dangerous some Alphas can actually be.  Sure Marcus could do some pretty crazy shit, but he could also, if he so chose, used his power for good. Or at the very least for not evil. Although he did kill a series of people, he did it as a means of survival. The people killed were going to hurt him, and while I'm not entirely sure why that made it better in my mind, it did.

But Matthew Hurley? He makes me think maybe facilities such as Binghamton are necessary. Yes, I realize how awful and inhumane that sounds, but seriously, the kid shoots pheromones out of his finger tips which cause people to get ridiculously angry/violent and attack/potentially kill people. It's not an involuntary action either, not like he gets scared or angry and oh no, he's leaking pheromones. No, he releases them deliberately and controlled. We get to witness just how bad it could get with what happened to Don Wilson, furthermore think of how awful it must be to be the DOD Agent who did it to him? Imagine having to live out the rest of your life knowing you brutally took another person's life, and worst of all, you didn't for no reason of your own.

The way the "riot" in the Alphas office was shot was amazing. The scene was choreographed beautifully, the lighting, the music, all combined made for a truly terrifying sense of chaos and lack of control.

While I don't believe in them locking up Alphas for being Alphas, I look at Matthew as the equivalent to someone, without special abilities who has killed. It's a little easier to swallow him being locked away then.

Other developments of this episode, Rachel, while under the influence of the pheromones, explodes during a phone call with her mother & claims she is moving out. Nina offers her a place to stay, since she lives in a 3 bedroom loft in SoHo, rent free. Again, can we say coolest power ever?

Hicks seems to be honing his abilities. They've given him what I like to call "Shawn Spencer Psych Vision". If you watch the show Psych, you know exactly that I'm talking about, where the camera zooms in on what he's focusing on, and whatever it is is highlighted.

Also, we can see that he's beginning to actually care about the team members, evidenced beautifully by the fact that he is the only one to help Gary with his buzzing problem.

I think last night's episode did the important job of illustrating that not all Alphas are good & made the necessity for Binghamton Special Research Facility more apparent. This is not your typical good vs. evil super hero story. Things are not simple black and white, just like in real life, there are many shades of grey. I'm curious to see where the show is heading next, and how the characters deal with what is being thrown at them.

Malik Yoba as Bill Harken & Warren Christie as Cameron Hicks in Alphas Ep 3 "Anger Management"

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