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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Franklin & Bash "Bangover": AKA: The Sexy Episode

Last night I turn on my tv to find our dear sweet Franklin & Bash engaged in a light saber duel. Seems only fitting since yesterday was the star of San Diego Comic-Con 2011, which my geeky little heart weeps at not being there for by the way. The judge however, played by Kathy Najimy, was not so amused. Apparently, Sister Mary Patrick has lost her sense of humor. She decides to hold then in contempt for 72 hours, and so they can not use this as a business opportunity they are on house arrest.

In true Franklin & Bash style they decide to alleviate the boredom of being stuck at home by throwing a killer party. Seriously, how do I get to go to one of these parties? They look awesome. During the party Infield's niece Lily shows up, having skipped her flight back to London in order to see our boys, well in order to see Peter. The girl clearly wants him, who doesn't though, and is coming on strong. To his credit, and with some friendly reminding by Jarred about what happened the last time he banged a family member of his boss, Peter resists.

Meanwhile, Carmen has gone to her room to discover Dante her ex/current boyfriend waiting for her. She mumbles some feeble protests about how him being here violates both their paroles and how the last time was a mistake and how he needs to go, and then they go at it like wild animals. Apparently, as she later explains to our boys, she's addicted to the sex with Dante.

Moments later the cops show up, and they have a dog with them, why they have a dog with them, not really sure.  Apparently one of the boys tracking devices has gone off, and adorable Jarred explains he took some trash cans to the curb. The cops want to search the place, but Jarred reminds them they need a warrant. No matter, it all becomes a mute point when the dog starts barking and dashes off to find a large stash of marijuana in a bag, which we learn belongs to Lily. That's right folks, we just found our first case of our two case formula.

Upon hearing the police on hearing the sirens Dante bolts, promising Carmen he will come back for her.

Cut to the next morning where our boys are frantically trying to get a hold of Karp to go get Lily out of jail, where she has been being held since last night. We find out that Karp was the one who was supposed to drive her to the airport, but he got caught up working on a case and so he put her in a cab. Also, there seems to be a temp bustling around the cave cleaning. Already she annoys me. Carmen joins the boys and Pindar in a daze, which the boys think is a hangover, but the rando temp correctly diagnoses as a "bangover".

Lily, who is studying to be a lawyer now finds herself in court, the judge being none other that Tommy Chong, once again demonstrating the awesomeness that is Pagano/Manwiller casting. For those of you who don't get the joke, a) shame on you, b) Tommy Chong was one of the stars of the Cheech & Chong movies, basically its the equivalent to having Kumar, of the Harold & Kumar series, presiding over the case.  Oh look, the DA is Janie, what a coincidence.

Lily is forced to turn in her passport and released on bail.  Karp wants her to come stay with him while she's here, but she insists that she would die of boredom there and gives Franklin and Bash's address as where she will be staying. Janie seems more then a little disturbed by that.

Back at the Franklin & Bash Cave, we learn Lily has a friend back in London, who is going through chemo, which is why she had the pot on her, since California pot is much more potent than London pot. Carmen finds a backpack full of money left in her room by her booty call boy, and Infield stops by to get some advise on a video game case he is working on from Jarred.

The boys, Carmen and Pindar scramble to hide the money and Peter takes Lily to his room to hide. Obviously the end up sleeping together, despite Peter's initial protests. Once again, I regress to a gushing preteen, over the hotness that is Zack Morris all grown up, as a sexy, sexy lawyer. Mmmm.

At some point, after Infield leaves, the cops show up, yet again, and in bigger numbers, this time for Carmen. Having proof that she violated parole by calling/texting Dante they take her in.

Side bar, I'm happy they are employing more actors, but was it really necessary to have that many cops show up to take Carmen in? I mean seriously, it wasn't like she did something violent to violate parole, don't you think two would have sufficed?

Jarred goes to get Peter who comes out of his room wearing only boxers & his guitar...yes that's right ladies, after sex he was playing guitar for her. Um...yes please.

Carmen is taken away, we now finally have our case two! Huzzah!

Apparently all the Infield Daniels lawyers are busy and there is no one able to take Carmen's case. No one but Pindar that is...

Janie stops by the cave with muffins for Peter, and susses out that he slept with Lily and gets upset/pissed. Ok, wait a minute there, she broke up with him & has basically been gloating/throwing it in his face, in every episode of the series thus far, that she is engaged to another man, and now she's upset about him sleeping with someone else? Nope, sorry Hunny, it doesn't work like that. You were stupid for dumping him, but what did you seriously expect him to remain single & celibate forever? Yeah, no.

Clearly, after some Franklin & Bash style trickery and schemeing both cases get won. I mean it wouldn't be Franklin & Bash if they lost. The episode ends with the boys at The Max Version 2.0, playing another game of would you rather, as all good things should.

What's more important as that we got a glimpse into some characters backgrounds. We finally got to learn a little more about Carmen, that she met her boyfriend through a con. Ok it's not much but it's a start. Pindar, in extreme cases can get it together enough to leave the nest. And we learn that Janie still has feelings for Peter, strong ones considering she was willing to drop a drug charge in exchange for [insert character's name here] to be banned from returning to the US for 10 years, just to keep her away from him. I mean, come on, that alone speaks volumes about her character.

Furthermore I am practically giddy over next weeks episode. We finally meet Janie's fiancee, who as I predicted is being played by James Van Der Beek, who apparently has hired Peter to get him off of a solicitation charge. This my friends, has the potential to be deliciously awkward...

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