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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Franklin & Bash "You Can't Take it with You": AKA Friends Forever...

Ladies & gentlemen, I would like to take a moment to give thanks & love to whomever invented the DVR. Thanks to this nifty little black box, which I FINALLY own, I was able to keep my regularly sched Wednesday night drinks appointment AND still come home to an all NEW Franklin & Bash episode. And skipping through commercials, HEAVEN! Honestly it's the little things in life that make me happiest. Please forgive the tangent, it's my new toy.

Once again we find our lovable Infield & Daniels' lawyers with two primary cases. One involving, Kirk Gibbson's lost home run ball from the game one of the 1988 world series, which we quickly learn is a passion of Jared's. The other "The Douchey Dad" case Hanna has been handed. The douchey dad being played by non other than Tom Arnold, as a man who feels reality tv has wrongly portrayed him & just wants out of his contract to do the show.

There is also a small story line of Karp needing to get a video of him "roughing up the suspect", as Pindar puts it, during a sleep study off the Infield Daniels' server. He fears that if it could have a negative effect him, when somewhere down the line he tries to become a judge. He's so desperate in fact, that he goes to the boys, who send him to Pindar. As I'm sure you've guessed it doesn't end well.

But back to baseball, the owner of the ball, a man in his 60's & his daughter, Eileen, not gonna lie hearing MPG say her name made me giggle gleefully, brought the ball to the boys because his sons were now suing him for custody of the ball. Since their sister had the ball authenticated for her father's birthday, the brothers, seeing a chance to sell it and get rich quick, and have started claiming the ball was theirs. After an initial meeting with brothers, (one of whom was played by Ian Reed Kesler, who, for those of you who watch Bones was in the Karaoke episode, "The Wannabe in the Weeds", as Chris Calbasa, or as the boy & I simply call him "the guy who got stuck singing Piano Man"), Jared sees their council is incompetent & therefore, despite Peter's warnings, becomes an adorable mixture of overconfident and a bit cocky, that they have the case locked up.

On a total side note, can we give some props to Pagano/Manwiller for awesome casting, yet again.

Anyway, since he feels the case is a lock, Jared has no problem when Hanna taps Peter to help her with her case. Of course it's never that easy, though, & when they go to trial, the brothers' new lawyer is revealed to be none other than Jared's father, Leonard Franklin, played by Beau Bridges.

So of course Hanna finds some sort of loop hole & she & Peter win their case, and even though things took a strange turn, Jared didn't lose his case, but honestly, none of that really matters.

Last night's episode, at least I thought, a really interesting insight to not only Jared's relationship with his father, but also the other people in his life. That despite all the quips & good natured teasing, Peter really cares for Jared. That he knows him in a way that only a best friend can. It was actually sweet to see how much he wanted to help Jared through what he knew was a really tough time for him, but still knew that ultimately he needed to do this for himself. Honestly, we should all be so lucky to have some one like that in our lives.

Even Infield seems concerned about Jared, and it's revealed, though we don't know how or why yet, that he knows Leonard, and there is some bad blood there. A mystery we'll get an answer to in a future episode I hope. Fingers crossed.

It's nice to see that even a summer replacement, "fluff" show can provide some depth to their characters. I'm not saying the show is Emmy worthy here, but the great thing is that in last night's episode, Peter and Jared's relationship moved beyond the quirky banter & "would you sleep with..." questions, to show a real bond, AND I still found myself laughing out loud during the show. Now, if we could just get the writers to give Hanna & Karp a little more character, I'd be a happy lil lady.

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