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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Franklin & Bash "Bro-Bono": AKA Zack & Travis Leave Me With Questions

So I get home last night to a classy dinner of a PB&J sandwich & flop down onto the couch for an all new Franklin & Bash.

At the start of the episode, Jared brings up the (for lack of a better word) competition he & Karp seem to be in for Hanna's affections, & he seems to be surprised at Karp's ability to play guitar. Does anyone else find this a little weird since just last week they won a beautiful/very expensive guitar off of him? I don't know, the whole Karp/Hanna/Jared triangle thing they've been trying to do, is the one thing about the show that's just not working for me.

As per usual there were two cases, one about a couple going through arbitration since the husband had "cheated". Originally Hannah & Karp were the only two on the case (repping the wife) until Jared inadvertently impresses her with his candor during a chance encounter & she requests he join her team.

Meanwhile Peter & Jared take on a DWI case for an old high school buddy, who for some reason not explained til later in the episode, Jared hates. Btdubs, totally had a moment of happy because I'm pretty sure that  "Double D" was being played by Michael Weaver who played Local Officer Smy, in one of my all time fave movies, Super Troopers. Seriously this show is just a gem of random actors from shows/films I love.

Anyway having rushed to the defense of a friend in a golf cart, since he's living with his grandmother in her retirement community, Double D, then gets into a bar brawl & ends up accidentally punching a plain clothed police officer. Unable to charge him on the brawl, without appearing to be singling him out, so he is charged with DWI for driving the golf cart across a public street, which is a total of 30 something feet.

Of course (somewhat controlled) mayhem ensues. Highlights include Pindar falling for a 74 year old hooker, & Jared shotgunning a couple of beers in court & giving a drunken closing argument.

Hanna admits to having had sex with Jared, & apparently it was so good she had "19 orgasms & saw flying unicorns". Once again, I'm not entirely sure I believe it. I mean, am I the only one who doesn't really see any sexual chemistry between those two? Sure, Jared seems to be turned on by Hanna, but for some reason, I just don't buy it being a mutual thing.

Once again, the show was filled with witty dialogue, ("You better be, Jared" "You better be Peter"), and the chemistry between MPG & Breckin Meyers is undeniable. Made even more adorable by Breckin's twitter confession of:

From: @breckinmeyer
Sent: Jun 23, 2011 1:00a

Franklin & Bash Full Disclosure: @MP_Gosselaar had to teach me how to shotgun a beer. Had never done it before. #I'veNeverTrulyLived.

sent via TwitBird

I find this fact a little shocking as come on the boy was in Road Trip! But then again that explains his shaky execution of the task. Hey, I hung out with Fraternity guys in college, I may not shotgun myself, I def know how too.

For the first time, I left for this episode not only eager to see next week's episode, for amusement purposes, but also to get some questions answered. Seriously when do we get to see [insert character name here]'s fiancee? I mean, we hear about him enough, & when we do actually get to meet him is he gonna be James Van Der Beek? Come on, we know he's gonna be on the show at some point...

Also & this may just be me being...well over analytical, but I really want to know what was in that box! During the resolve of the divorce case Infeld is walking around carrying a small box, which all though he never opens, plays around with. He turns it over a few times & even holds it up to his ear & shakes it. So now I'm deeply curious to find out what was in it. Though for all I know it could just be illustrating the fact that Stanton Infield is a bit quirky.

Either way we'll have to wait till next week to find out. And now I leave you with this gem from Reed Diamond, as a thank you to those who watch...

Thank You Dance

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