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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Franklin & Bash: AKA The Return of Zack & Travis into My Life

Last night marked a milestone for me... Last night became the first night that I purposely tuned in to TNT. Don't get me wrong, I have often been channel surfing & stayed on the cable channel after seeing that they were running some sort of Law & Order marathon or rerunning a show I watch, like Bones, but never before have I looked at the clock & demanded TNT be turned on.

What could cause this oddity to occur? The premiere of TNT's new original series Franklin & Bash, starring Mark Paul Gosselaar & Breckin Meyer, or as I had been calling it Zack Morris & Travis  Birkenstock's return to my life.

Because let's face it there is a whole generation of us out there who grew up on Saved By the Bell & can recite most of Clueless off the top of our heads. We all remember the episode "Jessie's Song", where Jessie becomes addicted to caffeine pills (I feel it is important to note that I knew the title of that ep off the top of my head) and can recite the confrontation scene between Zack & Jessie. ("I'm so excited, I'm so excited, I'm so I'm so scared...").

As for Clueless, seriously that movie WAS the teen movie of our youth. Inspiring a whole new lexicon for a generation, not to mention bringing Paul Rudd to our attention in a whole new way, oh Josh....but I digress...

I was giddy about a Gosselaar/Meyer show from the moment I found out it was in the works. In fact I may or may not have told clients coming in to audition that if they booked it the would HAVE to get me a set visit & introduce me to MPG & Breckin (I was only mostly kidding).

Then came the promos (on which only added to my excitement. Whoever was in charge of marketing on this one, major props! Instead of the normal, look at these clips from our show approach the add campaign decided to make mock lawyer adds. Seriously, aside from the info on when & where the show was airing at the end they looked like all those awfully cheesy local lawyer commercials you see all over tv, complete with awful fake hallways/walking graphics.

Combine the promos with all the talk MPG has been doing on his twitter, seriously the boy has been doing some hardcore promoting, I was beyond ready/excited for last night's premiere, even taking over the BIG tv in the living room, as opposed to retreating to the bedroom to watch.

The show did not disappoint. It was, as promised a slightly off the wall quirky comedy with a heart. I admit to the fact at one point laughing so hard I squeaked, much to the amusement of the boy who was watching with me. MPG & Breckin have amazing chemistry.

It was so great to see MPG in a role which showcased his comic ability. Considering my last memory of him was as a Porn Star on Law & Order: SVU, I skipped out on Raising the Bar, I just couldn't take the hair, but hey I watched Hyperion Bay & Commander in Chief, so that has to count for something. His Peter Bash is the perfect combination of smarts & smart ass. Speaking of asses, as shown in last night episode that boy has a toned one. Damn...

Breckin's Jared Franklin is spot on in his quirky sexy charm. I totally forgive him for Garfield. Despite being a little smarmy, you can't help but fall for his adorable antics. Dude, I'd totally sing karaoke in the office with him. Seriously you just wanna put him in your pocket & keep him around all the time to just hang out & be silly with.

I'm interested to see more of the supporting cast. Though another spot on casting move is Malcolm McDowell as Stanton Infeld. The slightly eccentric patriarch of the firm which hires Franklin & Bash on and let's face it the man plays eccentric to a tee.

Is Franklin & Bash ground breaking? Hardly, but all and all a cute & funny show, which I will def gladly be tuning in weekly. Do yourself a favor and make a date to watch Franklin & Bash on Wednesday nights at 9pm on TNT.

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