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Saturday, June 25, 2011

June 24th 2011: AKA: A Long Time Coming

I am by no means a political person. I'm the type of person who often gets annoyed when Presidential addresses are on because, um hello, they interrupt my tv shows. I know I know I am what is wrong with America. However there is one issue I feel very strongly about: Equality. More specifically Marriage Equality for Homosexuals.

Though I grew up in a pretty  sheltered little Long Island town, where I didn't know any (openly) gay people. Oh sure our drama teacher was gay, and his "Friend", often helped out with the productions, and there were a few students who ended up coming out years after graduation, but it wasn't something that was really all that out in the open. Maybe it was because I was a theater geek, and came from a family of theatre geeks,  that I am so accepting of it.

Over the years I've made a lot of gay friends, and developed a spot on gaydar...I love my gay friends and honestly believe every girl should have a LGBF (Little Gay Boyfriend). Honestly they are awesome, you can tell them anything, there's never any jealousy with a romantic partner (on either end) and they tend to be more fun to do events, (theatre, chick flicks, shopping) that your actual boyfriend would rather skip.

And it baffles me that although the country (for the most part) has seemed to embrace the homosexual in terms of entertainment, fashion, design industries, they wig out over the idea of them getting married.

Someone legit said to me that they had no problem with them getting the same benefits as heterosexual married couples, but it shouldn't be called marriage.Cut to me biting my tongue to the point where it almost bled. I'm sorry, but do we not remember the civil rights movement? How is that any different from separate drinking fountains for whites & colored? There's no such thing as separate but equal.

Marriage, is not a religious word, and any argument of gay marriage ruining the sanctity of the institution of marriage was long ended by the divorce rate and Celebrity quickie marriages. Maybe, it's because my mind has been warped Disney movies, tv shows and rom-coms but I have just never understood why two people who love each other shouldn't be able to stand up in front of their friends & loved ones and be married.

Anyway, the reason for this whole rant is the fact that last night, New York State FINALLY approved gay marriage. This is a historical event, that has been a long time coming. I  have never been more proud to be a New Yorker, and to have this occur during Pride weekend is amazing. Our world is changing, as it should be, and I am so glad to be witnessing it.

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