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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Platinum Hit: AKA I Not Gonna (B/c I Probably Shouldn't) Write You a Love Song

So last night was another episode of Platinum Hit & it was the Love Song Challenge. Which I was actually a bit surprised the contestants didn't do better at. I mean love songs are pretty much the bread & butter of any artist, are they not?

(Warning there may be some spoilers ahead)

Anyways the top hook winner was Sonyae, who I'm always a little skeptical of since she doesn't seem to have the ability to play any sort of musical instrument. Which I just find a bit odd/lazy seeing as this is what she wants to do with her life. In a really smart move she picked Scotty & Brian for her team, who both excel on the music writing & arrangement aspect of the competition. I'm kinda hoping she makes it to the top two, if for no other reason than I want to see what happens when there's no one else there to help her on the arrangements. Still gotta say though, her song, at least what they showed of it, was killer. I'm not even a big R&B fan, but I would totally listen to it.

Second place hook, went to Nick the Dick, who played the same 90's pop/punk melody he always plays. Honestly, I'm so curious as to if he's really that big of an asshole or if he's just edited to appear that way. Anyway, his team was made up of Jackie & Johnny. Which I thought would be way more entertaining since he's so anti-Jackie, well anti-everyone really, but mostly Jackie but alas a side from a few snarky comments during his confession sessions & a few dirty looks during the writing session, nada.

This left third place winner Jess, left with Melissa, & oh what a shit show that was. First off Jess was writing her song about her showmance with our very own Johnny Marnell. I'll admit it, I had high hopes for this one, I mean you couldn't ask for fresher inspiration right? I mean she spent the few episodes gushing over the boy, now go out and put that gushing to some good use! Unfortunately, Jess got ill during session day & well Melissa was Melissa & didn't pick up any of the slack, so the song, at least what we heard of it was pretty awful. The hook just sounded whiny & immature, sorta like a (not so good) love poem some teenage girl would plunk out in her diary. I understand she was going for simple but yeah....

Also I don't think it's fair that one team only had two members. They should have just had two teams of four, because of course Jess's song was gonna feel under developed, it was just her working on it, since you know apparently Melissa is useless. And even if Melissa had helped work on it that is still less attention than the other songs got, both having three people to collaborate on it.

Surprise, surprise Jess' song was this week's loser. Sonyae won & now has immunity for next week, which judging from previews is a VERY good thing for her. I have to say, this week's Loser Panel was INTENSE! There was crying, pleading, bus throwing & best of all Melissa copping some SERIOUS 'tude, most of which was directed at Kara. In the future Dear Melissa, snapping at the judges, after contributing nothing to a challenge, prob not the best way to stay in the game, just saying...

So Jess got REALLY lucky & we said goodbye to good old crazy Melissa this week, because honestly I think that if Melissa had contributed even a little, then Jess would have been packing her bags.

Next week the contestants have to perform their hooks for the masses, on what looks to be the Santa Monica Pier, maybe? I'm not gonna lie, I'm really interested to see how they handle that & who comes out on top.

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