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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Platinum Hit: Rap Heros: AKA Will Someone Please Join Me in My Musical Reality Show

So 4 episodes in & I am publicly admitting I am watching Platinum Hit on Bravo (Monday nights at 10pm). It is my newest guilty pleasure. I admit I started watching because I had seen Johnny Marnell play in NYC last year & absolutely fell in love with his music. Seriously if you haven't DLed he's EP yet go do it NOW! It's ok, I'll wait....


Welcome back, toats worth the pause right? Anyways, so I started watching to get to hear more Johnny, & after the 1st episode was pretty sure I was only gonna watch till he got the boot. I have to say I am thoroughly impressed with that boy's versatility, I mean, Whoa, who knew the boy could rap like that? But as the show has progressed, I find myself more & more invested. Kara DioGuardi annoys me far less than she did on Idol, & Jewel seems to be warming up to the job, she has WAY more personality & her critics seem, at least to me, to be more thoughtful than the first couple of episodes.

I actually wanna see how long Jackie actually lasts, or if she completely cracks. Speaking of lasting, how long are Melissa & Brian gonna get carried through? Cause, at least from what I've seen I'm not too sure how/why they are both still there. Honestly I thought Brian should have been the first to go, though that might just be because I think keeping Nevin around would have been more entertaining, after as he told us, he spoke for the widow, he spoke for the orphan. Seriously people, I can't make shit like that up.

I wanna see what Scotty's got in him, oh & I am dying to see Nick the Douche get eliminated. I mean seriously if the only thing this contest accomplishes is to knock that boy's ego down a few pegs I feel it will have been a success.

Come the show has something for everyone, there's a  sass, a douche, a man who thinks he's the reincarnation of Elvis

So now I actually find myself anticipating & rushing home to catch each week's episode of a show I figured would just be some good fluff to fill the void left in my tv time by the season finale of Castle. There is only one problem...I don't know anyone else who's watching.

When of the best parts of tv shows (especially guilty pleasure tv shows) is having people to discuss them with. Like the early days of Project Runway, coming into work & discussing Vincent's basket hat, those of you who watched know exactly what I am talking about. Or coming in to discuss RHOBH and just how much of a delirious whack job Camile seemed to be.

The bond over people who are crazier than oneself is what fuels the reality tv craze. So come on now peeps let's get on this! I wanna have discussions!

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