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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Franklin & Bash "Jennifer of Troy": AKA Zack & Travis Examine Beauty

Ok, I know I know I am a week behind, thus the problem with living in a DVR/internet-less home, it forces you to choose between having a life & watching the shows you love. But fear not, as of this Friday this shall be resolved! I can not begin to express my utter joy at getting back the SyFy & WE channels, as well as getting Phineas & Ferb on demand!

But I digress, having had some down time today, ok on my lunch, I decided to sit down at my comp, headphones in left ear, come on I gotta retain some air of work-dom, & watch last weeks episode of Franklin & Bash, entitled "Jennifer of Troy". As we've come to expect, the show involved two case. On a woman (Jennifer) who is claiming to have been fired from her job at a prestigious men's magazine because she was "too pretty". Our boy's not only take the case but bet their "double wide" office against [insert character name here]'s sweet guitar, that they'll win. I have to say I fully enjoy Infield's gleeful reaction to this competitive spirit with in the company.

Well of course you know it's not gonna be that easy, when the boy's meet Jennifer, she's more of an adorable chubby (but movie/tv/mag opinion at least) little cherub of sunshine. They're screwed, or so they think.

Lacking the cruelty, and well the balls to tell this girl she is not the fierce, sexy beauty she thinks she is, the boys accept the case & set out to prove beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

The second case? When Pindar crashes "the grid" in the cave, the boys call in the only guy who can fix it, Gene Troy, who informs them he has been wrongfully accused of a crime in China town & therefore is being black balled & has to move, thus making him unable to finish the job. The boys are heartbroken over their friend's misfortune....ok, ok, the clearly have their own selfish interests in keeping him around, but that is not the point. They resolve to get Gene's name cleared. Of course, unaware of how China town works the boys f* it up and in a slight surprise move Infield decides to take on the cause.

What followed of course, was me sitting captivated at my desk, trying to keep my giggling out loud to a minimum. And the immense jealousy I had when Peter kissed Jennifer on the stand. If going to court is all it takes to get to make out with MPG, well then I'm gonna have to find someone to sue FAST!

Ok, sorry, locking the 8 year old me away again. I was once again happy to see Malcolm McDowell being utilized again makes me happy & it's nice to see them try to include Hanna more, and give her some sense of character. Though I'm still not really sure if I actually like her yet. Currently, I find her character kinda boring. She seems only to exist to create competition between Karp & Jared for her affection, & it's seeming a bit forced.

I have to admit I was sorta worried the show wasn't going to be as entertaining once the luster of yeay-MPG-and-Breckin-Meyer-
have-found-employment had dulled, but here we are 3 episodes in & I am eager to watch tonight's new episode.

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